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Social Stylist (Social Media, YouTube, Online Video, Digital Communications)
Teaching social skills to the digitally disadvantaged.
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Online Marketing Expert and New Media Strategist -- Social Video, Video SEO, Writer, Author, Speaker, Influencer, and Best Practices Advocate
Online video marketing specialist and web video coach. Also expert in Video search engine optimization (SEO), usability, social media, analytics, web video production, and talent. Trained fortune 500 companies in web video strategies and actual development. Speaker at web marketing conferences, podcast show host and video blog talent for
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I've bested Noam Chomsky in an online video about free speech rights.
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I designed the Elgin Area Chamber website back in 2003 after the previous agency was furious with the Chamber and quit, even mailing everyone on the board how unprofessional and extremely difficult they were to work with. I eventually found out why and took this job at a loss. Chambers are a scam and only serve the biggest companies, and are incredibly behind the times. Do not be a member unless you want to waste your money, your time, and your business.
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Even though I stopped going to CHASE back and switched to a credit union in 2011, I found the customer service from Natalia Barysevich and Rudy Euceda to be very friendly and professional. They went out of their way to help me close my accounts and give me the documents I needed for my accountant and the IRS.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
"Sushivana" - Best Sushi Value in the Northwest Chicago Burbs! (So Why Does Their Marketing Suck?) We went to this place last night based on the glowing reviews we read on here, along with a friend's referral. Sushigasm? Try "SushiOrgy" or "Sushivana." (Hey, I like "Sushivana" as a name for a restaurant :) We ordered all of the specialis, shared a bottle of house (hot) sake, and an asparagus beef roll. Everything was wonderful, but what stood out from the pack was the red dragon roll - made with red rice (well, really red-brown, but perfect for the fish), along with tuna and masago. These are really great portions for the price, which like one other reviewer said, comparable to what you pay for at a supermarket but much MUCH better quality. We came late around 8:30 pm on a Friday night, without any reservations, yet managed to be seated in the best place in the restaurant. I love the canopy setting for what I call 'casual romance." We only waited a few minutes for a spot, and enjoyed the leather couches in their lobby area, with a good assortment of recent magazines for men and women. The service was impeccable from beginning to end. I didn't expect everything to be timed so perfectly with delivery of all dishes to the removal of each one while another was made room for. And yes, the manager personally delivered some of our dishes like it was a movie premiere. I hear a lot about how people miss this place when they drive by. That certainly makes sense because nothing on the outside decor really stands out, and you just don't expect a sushi restaurant next to a bike shop in an unimpressive small strip-mall right on the highway to be anything to go out of your way for. Well, this is definitely the place you should go out of your way for, without question. We are going to be going back again, and again, and again, and... Like I said, "Sushivana." These guys would benefit so much from have even a basic website, not to mention a facebook page. But their only business weakness is that they seem very naive to how to market or advertise their restaurant. (Not to mention they really don't appear to have a clue about the Web or social media, or search. How many other similarly-named restaurants show up when you Google them?) The photos on here from other patrons really help us with choosing what we wanted off the menu, but I really would have liked to gotten something from them in advance on what their specials were so we could have planned ahead. (Although we did end up ordering every single special, and I got my spouse to try seaweed salad for the first time - and she enjoyed it!)
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Excellent
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reviewed 2 years ago
The people here really know their stuff and what to fit you with, and they really care about all their customers. Even though the phrase "we're like family" sounds hokey, here you can really tell its true. For fun, you will definitely want to check out their "Celebrity Wall of Frames" along their office wall. These are custom frames of eyewear by all types of movie and television stars, present and past, plus historical figures. The Crystal Store has Barbara Streissand, Paul Neuman, Ray Romano, Phyllis Diller, Celine Dion, Betty White, Anne Rice, Ray Charles, Loni Andeson, Gracie Allen & George Burns, Florence Henderson, Raquel Welch, Buzz Aldrin, Fred Savage, Andrew Bocelli, Angelica Houston, and "that gal" from Laugh-In (the crazy dark haired one). Didn't expect to have a fun time at an eyecare and eyewear facility, but I did. Plus they are a full care vision center, so you can save yourself a lot of time from going to another facility, since they have long-experienced optometrists here. Here's what I didn't care about the place. The transexual that worked there hit on me several times on different occasions. Also one of the owners of the place (a gay couple in a domestic partnership) hit on me once as well. I consider myself a very open person, but that's not a license for people in certain lifestyles to make sexual advances on customers or colleagues. Seriously.
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I had the good fortune to hire Donna as my professional organizational consultant in 2009, when I had to go through a major de-cluttering of my entire house and home office. She was a great coach to me and helped me tremendously with staying focused on the tasks at hand, and her personality really put me at ease. So many people really need an understanding coach who can help them set goals and achieve them, and Donna did just that for me. Even though I tend to be much more of a digital guy, it was crucial for me to start with the physical stuff, room by room. If you're in the Algonquin-Crystal Lake area (and parts nearby) I would highly recommend seeing Donna for a your own consultation. If you hire her, I promise you it will be money well spent.
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NOT RECOMMENDED -- I CANCELLED MY MEMBERSHIP! THE OTHER REVIEW IS A FAKE! I used to give this gym a favorable rating, but with how incredibly poorly I was treated, I've downgraded this place to the lowest star rating and am going to another gym. Here's an updated version of my original review: POSITIVES -- Very clean gym. -- New cardio and weightlifting equipment (from 2008-2010). -- Not overcrowded -- Decent location (right in the Wheeling Park District) -- Cost is reasonable if you sign up for a year plan, either as a full payment or monthly payments. (Residents are only charged $31/month for the base price.) -- Good building facility with lots of parking. -- WiFi access -- Excellent front desk help. (Very nice people) -- Rave reviews about some of the trainers. -- Not the stuffiness and impersonal nature you get with franchise gyms. NEGATIVES -- Hours are VERY limited. Only open until 5 pm on Sunday, and 6 pm on Saturday! -- No jacuzzi or sauna -- No group fitness classes included. (Those are all extra cost. However this can make sense if you don't want to pay extra for that. And they do offer single punch card payments as well as a for everything. So that can be a plus.) -- You have to walk out of the gym and through a building hallway to get to the regular locker rooms. (Their "private" locker rooms are an extra cost.) -- Top management is extremely poor on guest feedback and customer service. I was encourage to submit my suggestions, which I did via both the suggestion box and emails over the 15 months I was there. All I ever received for my suggestions and questions about using social media and online video was a form response from the Park Director, Matt Wehby. (The standard "we'll take that into consideration," which is really a complete blow-off. When I asked again if I could have a reason why they weren't getting involved more with social media, he refused to give any answer.) An important lesson: Don't ask your members for feedback if you aren't actually willing to be genuinely responsive. -- Very restrictive on doing any social media. Park District Director Matt Wehby is an extremely rude individual when you ask him about this topic. He was actually clueless that the Park District has it's own Facebook page (albeit just for trivia). He won't allow staff to connect with members via social media, or do how-to videos, or testimonials -- even though commercial competitors are doing it. FINAL REVIEW It's way too expensive for all limitations compared with what other options are available, and the top management is not responsive to customers. Even by the standards of a being part of a community center, they're really not as much into the "community" portion as they should be. I can only recommend this for the person who lives really close by and doesn't want to go a couple extra miles to another gym, doesn't care to work out at home, and only wants a small clean gym with no interest in group classes. But even then, I'm seeing a decrease in staff and classes, so this gym may go through further cutbacks due to the Park District Director's fear of progress. My spouse and I have since joined the Buffalo Grove Fitness center, and I would encourage other Wheeling residents to strongly consider that place instead of the Wheeling Park District Fitness Center.
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reviewed 2 years ago
FUN FOR ONE-TIME, BUT PORTILLO'S HAS BETTER FOOD AND VALUE My spouse and I tried this place out for the first time, which may have been long overdue considering we've already lived for several years in Wheeling. Now we can say it's off our list of the book, "100 Things to Do Before You Die." Sometimes not all of the experiences are great ones or even good ones, but it's a fairly memorable one. First it's only fair to Superdawg to qualify my review by saying that we are likely not their target market. This would likely be more enjoyable for a family with kids. But on the other end, we try to avoid fast food places that would probably make a good sequel to Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me!" On the plus side, the place clearly has a fun exterior and interior design, and everything was very clean. We ordered inside and got a Superdawg, a Supersteak sandwich, two orders of Superveggies, and a chocolate shake. (The sandwiches come with fries and they don't allow for substitutes, which was a disappointment to us.) OUR BETTER EXPERIENCES... Our most pleasant experiences actually turned out to be the side items and condiments. This was the first time I had been served a wedge of green tomato with a sandwich, and I liked it. (It was also one of the few things that hadn't been fried!) Our Superveggies were deep fried, which was no surprise to us, but it was the first time we both had deep-fried battered creamed corn, and it was tasty as well. THE OK EXPEREINCES... My steak sandwich was alright to me, nothing spectacular, and my spouse seemed to enjoy it more than I did. The Superdawg tasted good but nothing spectacular, and was flowing with the artificially-colored green relish. (I love Chicago hot dogs, but that's my one peeve.) THE BIG DISAPPOINTMENTS The fries were mostly overcooked and small, which is probably why they wouldn't allow for substitutes since they appeared to be the easiest thing to fit into the cardboard boxes we were served with our sandwiches. Also the so-called "Supershake" we paid $3.95 plus tax came in just a 12-ounce cup. Seriously, you can't call your fountain beverage "super" if it comes in a size that would pass for the smallest beverage serving anywhere else! Perhaps if we didn't have Portillo's around, or even other local-style places right in a half-mile from us, we might give it a better review than 2 stars. But if you're in either Wheeling or Chicago, all I can say is after you've had the one-time experience, you can certainly do better. But hey, after driving past it for years now, we can have the assurance of a memorable experience, and it does look cool on the outside!
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