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Granite Run Luxury Apartments
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7414 Brixworth Ct, Baltimore, MD 21244
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7414 Brixworth Ct Baltimore, MD 21244
7414 Brixworth CtUSMarylandBaltimore21244
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Apartment Building
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At Granite Run Apartments in Baltimore, Maryland you'll live in a private community surrounded by scenic rolling hills. Call for details on how to rent!
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"Great apartment complex."
"Granite Run Apartments are the worst!"
"They love to tout their gated community, but that is a load of crap."
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Nicole Jackson's profile photo
Nicole Jackson
2 weeks ago
Absolutely horrible! Do not move here! Granite Run Apartments are the worst!!! A gated community with a gate that never works. A gym with equipment that is often broken. You are charged for garbage disposal that only occurs once a week leaving overflowing garbage throughout the week with nasty debris flying all over the complex. Police are often called to the property for ongoing concerns. Maintenance requests go unanswered or unserviced for over a week. And last but not least a staff that has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of concern for resident needs. Rent costs increase every year...with absolutely no upgrades and requests for improvement ignored! The cost to live here is not at all worth the headache for these so called "luxury" apartments. By far my most expensive and unfortunately my worst renting experience. I like another one of the former residents do not believe the few positive comments to be credible. It is my belief that they were written by Granite Run staff which would explain what they are so busy doing when they are NOT helping residents!
• • •
Shaking my head Do not move here
4 months ago
I would not recommend these apartments. The doors are always broke, they're supposed to b secure but they're not. There's no security at all. All of the doors have the same code which again is not secure because anybody can just come in other buildings as they please. There are kids all over the place, running into day I caught a little boy writing on someone's car, that was my que to get out of here. they put notices on my door saying I didn't pay my rent, so I'll have to continuously go down there and show them my receipts to show that I paid my rent. They are very lazy here. I DO NOT recommend these apartments. The staff are very polite I must say, but everything else is horrible. All they want is your money. Summer time the pool was barely open. The gym is trash everything is always broke in the gym & the gates are always broke, they actually almost slammed into my car. We are paying for things that do not even work!!!! I have just recently moved away from there. And I'm so glad they will never b able to get another dime from me!!!!!
• • •
Jesalyn Gordon's profile photo
Jesalyn Gordon
6 months ago
As I wait for my apartment walk through, I have time to reflect on my lease with Granite Run. I have plenty of time, you see, because even though I scheduled an appointment to be present at the walkthrough three weeks ago, when I arrived, I was told I'd be met at the apartment a half hour later. It's been almost an hour and I'm still waiting. This is indicative of the caliber of customer service you can expect at Granite Run. Any time you send an email, you can expect that it will not get a response. When payment options for rent change, you can expect to find out only when you attempt to pay rent. When you contact emergency maintenance, you can expect not to hear back for a few hours--I could go on. The grounds are disgusting with trash everywhere. They need to reconsider how to deal with garbage, because the multiple idle threats about charging people for garbage not correctly disposed of clearly does not work. They are also very concerned about picking up after pets, yet they have never been concerned about the feral cats that dig through the dumpsters and clearly don't pick up their own leavings. If you want security, look elsewhere. They love to tout their gated community, but that is a load of crap. The gate is always broken. Every once in awhile, they will actually close it, which only means that lines back up in both directions: no one remembers the code to enter, and the gates to exit won't open, trapping you inside. In addition, the locks on the outside of the building do not function, a problem they seem reluctant to fix. I say this because I have told them several times about it and nothing has been done. Other problems that we have encountered: no water for days in winter when pipes froze. The handle to our bulding broken and not repaired for at least a week. A pack of teenagers that not only catcall, but that vandalize (for instance, pulling off pet waste baskets and throwing them) and scream obscenities at each other late into the night. Let's say this: I'm incredibly relieved that our time is up at this horrible apartment. If I have saved just one person from moving here, I'll consider that a win.
• • •
Eric Bridgeforth's profile photo
Eric Bridgeforth
3 years ago
I've lived here for 1 year exactly; When I moved in it was winter, the place seemed quiet; Windows and\or walls are a little thin; when kids played in the hallway it seemed like they were in my aparment, if if they were outside I could hear everything so clearly and it almost seems like they have no where to play because they were always in the street playing ball or riding there bikes, its really kind of dangerous because they kind of just pop in and out from between cars. BUT KIDS WILL BE KIDS... I'm pretty sure I've done this myself at that age. That's my only complaint besides that, I always felt safe, car was safe (even though some people can't park straight to save there life.), community was kept clean. I only called for service 3 times and each time they took care of me right of way. I'd recommend it if you get a good price, probably one of the best places in that area. I got it on special; but REGULAR prices are kinda high.
• • •
B Flinch
2 months ago
Granite Run Apartments is by far the worst property I've ever lived in (total of about 10 apartments in three cities). They allow drug users/dealers to live here and pollute the buildings with pot smoke. The gates haven't worked in years. The front door to our building has a broken lock and hasn't been fixed in months. Now my car was ransacked while parked 10 feet in front of my 1st floor apartment sliding door. $4000 worth of golf equipment and a watch was stolen right out of my vehicle in broad daylight. Police were called and said that there's little that can be done in a community with no cameras, a gate that doesn't work, etc. Also said that considering the location (end of a cul de sac), it's no doubt someone who lives here and was watching the parking lot. They get lots of calls apparently due to kids roaming the parking lots checking for a door that didnt get locked. Don't move here unless you enjoy feeling unsafe and violated. On the flip side, if you have no credit, no job, and enjoy doing drugs, this might be just your place to live. Just stopped by the leasing office and saw Shawnta. Explained to her what happened, that the community isn't safe, that the gate hasn't worked in years, that our front door doesn't lock, that there are many drug dealers/users that live in our building, and that thousands of dollars were just stolen from my vehicle in broad daylight. You would think that the sole employee working today, listening to this story would have an empathetic reaction, but not a single word expressing any type of emotion from her.
• • •
Kelsy Long's profile photo
Kelsy Long
6 months ago
I'm honestly shocked by the reviews that I'm reading here. Living here was a terrible experience, and I'm so incredibly glad to not be living here anymore. In all seriousness, I think the positive reviews here were probably written by Granite Run employees or friends-I don't see why anyone who's lived there would ever want to defend the place so adamantly. My largest problem was the blatant lack of integrity. I've lived in apartments that had their fair share of problems, but they were upfront about it, and the rent was fair. It is not fair to charge well over a thousand dollars a month in rent for a two bedroom apartment and then have all the problems that we had. Among others: -water that literally took at least a full 2-3 minutes to get anywhere close to warm. During the winter, it sometimes came out so cold that it hurt. -soft spots in the floor that we were told just weren't a problem -constant plumbing issues with both toilets in the apartment -an entrance gate that was working perhaps 5% of the time that I was living there -walls so thin that by the time I moved out, I could easily tell you what floor someone was walking to and sometimes who that person was based solely on the amount of noise I could hear from the stairwell through my bedroom wall -a group of teenagers that would shout such lovely phrases as "b****" "n*****" and "c***" at each other loudly across the parking lot, regardless of the time of day or night. (Yes, as mentioned, there were also a bunch of kids who would play in the parking lot. Yes, that is dangerous and not the best choice their parents could have made. But overall, they weren't a problem, and were actually quite adorable. The teenage group was a completely different story.) -an office staff that goes to lunch at weird hours, doesn't return when they say that they will, and then seems immensely bothered to help with anything-even things as simple as taking rent payments. And finally, my two all time favorite stories from while we were living here... Story #1: When a maintenance worker let himself into the apartment while we were gone for unscheduled and unannounced maintenance, became scared of our sleeping dog, locked himself into my bedroom (again, without my knowledge or consent), called my roommate and chewed him out for letting the dog stay in the living room, and then refused to leave my room until another maintenance worker came to rescue him. Story #2: When a stranger made his way up to our third floor apartment at 11:30 at night, repeatedly banged on the door, left the building, came back in and all the way up to our door again, banged some more, and then left. This wouldn't have been an issue if the gate or front door lock were working...ever. Please, please, please save yourself. This place is not a good choice.
• • •
Obdulio Oden's profile photo
Obdulio Oden
a year ago
Great apartment complex. Space is adequate for my family's needs. Had a trash issue but, once the management was notified, it was resolved quickly! If we can get fellow residents to clean up after themselves, the area would be perfect. No place is perfect but, at home you need peace of mind! I have that!!! Kids will be kids...enough said.
Danielle Kellogg's profile photo
Danielle Kellogg
4 years ago
An hour after moving in, we discovered that there is no security on the door to our building and opened the door to our apartment to find a couple having sex in the building hallway right outside our unit! We can't live this way. Security is a major issue here, it seems no buildings have it. Trash is all over the grass and parking area. Kids seem to be all over playing in the parking lot, running into parked cars. You can hear noise all the time from the unit above you, the stairs and outside. There are holes in the walls in the hallway, and the hallways smell of urine. We wanted to break our lease immediately after moving in, and management could care less about people having sex in the hallway outside your unit. They don't respond to phone calls, and put you off. All they want is your money. I do NOT recommend moving here at all. Security, peace of mind, clean grounds...Are we asking too much? I don't think so!
• • •