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Looking to get a #PlayStation4  ( #PS4 )? You might want to purchase a #PlayStation3  ( #PS3 ) instead.
Graham, proud owner of the PlayStation 3, gives us six reasons why he won't be upgrading to the PlayStation 4 anytime soon.
I finally have my first Fighting Fantasy gamebook novels! :D
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I've started keeping track of my #CampNaNoWriMo progress. This includes prep leading up to day 1. 
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I wrote a small piece about the fear of writing. Ironic, right?
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Graham van der Made (GrahamZA)

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Cool idea and glad you're enjoying it! I'm also taking part (GrahamZA on Twitter).
I finally finished reading Doom 3: Book 1 - Worlds on Fire, by Matthew Costello. A fun read, excellent characters, but I found the action scenes a little hard to follow. Will I be reading the second book in the series? That is a resounding yes!
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I review volume 20 of Marvel's Mightiest Graphic Novels Collection, Iron Man. This collection features Cyclops: Odyssey and X-Men Origins: Cyclops.
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I post about comics, writing, horror, fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, and food. I swear & grumble a lot. Writer for Memeburn. Views are my own.

Phew – well what can I really say here? It’s always difficult talking about one’s self, right? Let’s see if I can at least give this a shot.

Hi. My name is Graham. I've been both a geek and nerd since a young age. I’m quite fond of reading comics and novels when I have the time, playing video games. I have a passion for writing stories, but my schedule doesn't always allow for it. I do try participate in Friday Flash when I have the time.

Besides reading and writing (and I guess by extension breathing, eating, and sleeping) I’m usually involved in different eCommerce projects – I’m not fond of E-commerce as the alternative. It’s an industry I love and have been involved with for just over a decade. This involved starting several companies on my own, as well as helping others with their own stores.

So, yea, that’s pretty much me. You’re welcome to checkout one of the links below to follow me. I must request you only follow me digitally; I have enough people hiding in the bushes outside of my window.

Bragging rights
I'm able to grow an epic beard in a short amount of time!
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