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Grahame Thomson

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Grahame Thomson

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It's a shame this package hasn't been updated for the release of atom 1.0 but it show's you the potential fun you can have with an editor that makes use of web technologies. 
UBUNTU editors of excellence, fully customizable!

This animation is no joke! It is only possible, when IDE and code are running in the same, (multithreaded) interpreter, you're writing, running and debugging your code in. Everything then is a 'first-class object', accessible from 'both sides'!

Your editor suddenly becomes 'playable'! Amazing, isn't it?

Try yourself on your phone / tablet!

Biggest advantage: You have full access to all variables, that allows you to do something, that is called 'live coding' and 'live debugging' No compile times - running faster than C!

Best editor / language pairings on Linux so far: - free JS IDE
Eric IDE - free Python IDE
ZeroBrane - free Lua (LuaJIT) IDE, blazingly fast! -

How elegant 'live coding' works, see here:

You're editing, debugging code while it is running in your IDE. That is unbeatable comfort, tremendously speeding up software development times!!! That has a psychological implication - it's pure fun!

With free ZeroBrane Studio you can develop for UBUNTU, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Nintendo, XBox, PS3, PS4, Android, iOS. Since it's written in LuaJIT, ZeroBraine itself runs on any platform, any CPU type, of course! #Angry birds, e.g., is written in #LuaJIT. One code, all platforms!

LuaJIT compiler also runs in Linux kernel itself, as Kernel Module ( $sudo insmod luajit.ko ), e.g for packet filtering:

Compare to $6999 #VisualStudio and other closed source crap!

Have fun!
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Grahame Thomson

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#Google Planning to Devalue Content Behind Interstitials

>> long overdue!

via +The SEM Post  
We have known for a couple of months that Google was planning to add interstitials as a negative ranking factor in an upcoming mobile friendly algo, but it appears that the same will be coming to the regular search results too. Maile Ohye from Google warned webmasters at SMX Advanced that they will also be …
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Grahame Thomson

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Please share. Seems to be a bit of a media blackout on this at the moment. 
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Grahame Thomson

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Please share

Why capitalism in its current form doesn't work. Let's educate ourselves and change the system. Let's beat them at their own game. Let's do it one thing at a time. One person at a time.

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Grahame Thomson

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Great collection. 
Font Awesome, Weather Icons, Mono Social Icons Font and many more Font icons available for free! Checkout the best font icons of 2014.
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Grahame Thomson

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Come learn to #code with me on @treehouse and get 50% off your first month!  #webdev
Learn how to build websites & apps, write code or start a business.
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Grahame Thomson

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I really should learn more #javascript  . Looks as though Stack Overflow would be a great place to ask if I get stuck. 
StackOverflow survey shows JavaScript most popular technology. 25% users use Sublime Text & 34% Notepad++
Where do developers live? How much do developers earn? Vim or Emacs? Tabs or spaces? This is the most comprehensive software developer survey on earth.
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Are you offering yourself? 
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Grahame Thomson

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I've made the switch from Sublime Text to Atom (by +GitHub  ) almost instantly. #webdev  

There are a lot of similarities between Atom and Sublime; such as default key bindings (to open new files, create new files, etc.) and user interface. 

Atom integrates package management, themes and settings into a more user friendly graphical user interface. For instance, I can find a package, view how many downloads it has, read the FAQ's for a package and read installation instructions. And this can all be done without leaving the editor. 

It also includes dictation. For coders who suffer from chronic pain or another form of disability this will be a big advantage over other IDEs or text editors.

Because atom is implemented using web technologies it's highly customisable. Probably more so than Sublime Text as you can create themes just using css and javascript.

I've had a quick look at snippets. They look as easy to create as Sublime Text Snippets (possibly easier). Which is great. I had just started creating snippets in Sublime Text to improve my productivity. 

Lastly, the documentation for Atom so far has been fantastic. The website has been well designed. Sublime Text has at least two websites I can think of (one for downloading Sublime and another for packages).

Atom has one website where you can download atom and find packages & themes. My first impression from the atom website is that is that has been well considered design and that it has an active community behind it.

That's good web design.

It also makes me think that if they have spent time and effort in designing their site they have probably done the same with their editor.

Unfortunately Sublime Text doesn't have the same "wow" factor. I appreciate that open source projects sometimes don't have the resources to invest heavily in a website but it can give a good impression. 
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Grahame Thomson

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Dev Tips Daily: #DevTools: Live Edit CSS in Sources and increment values easily

More :
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Grahame Thomson

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Announcing Dev Tips: A developer tip, in the form of a gif, in your inbox 5 days a week.
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hey have you ever used pyqt in python i have problems oop 
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My #work desk @ +Summit Web Solutions​. 
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