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Web Developer at The Drum
Web Developer at The Drum

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Took this photo of Zach the other day. So #cute!


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WordPress Infographic 2016 – Best CMS with Surprising Statistics:

Take a look our analysis on #wordpress journey for Year 2016 – Great achievement of wordpress team.

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Styling broken images: - handy tips. Seems like a useful pattern for dealing with offline / poor connectivity cases.

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Come learn to #code with me on @treehouse and get 50% off your first month!  #webdev

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I really should learn more #javascript  . Looks as though Stack Overflow would be a great place to ask if I get stuck. 

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It's a shame this package hasn't been updated for the release of atom 1.0 but it show's you the potential fun you can have with an editor that makes use of web technologies. 
UBUNTU editors of excellence, fully customizable!

This animation is no joke! It is only possible, when IDE and code are running in the same, (multithreaded) interpreter, you're writing, running and debugging your code in. Everything then is a 'first-class object', accessible from 'both sides'!

Your editor suddenly becomes 'playable'! Amazing, isn't it?

Try yourself on your phone / tablet!

Biggest advantage: You have full access to all variables, that allows you to do something, that is called 'live coding' and 'live debugging' No compile times - running faster than C!

Best editor / language pairings on Linux so far: - free JS IDE
Eric IDE - free Python IDE
ZeroBrane - free Lua (LuaJIT) IDE, blazingly fast! -

How elegant 'live coding' works, see here:

You're editing, debugging code while it is running in your IDE. That is unbeatable comfort, tremendously speeding up software development times!!! That has a psychological implication - it's pure fun!

With free ZeroBrane Studio you can develop for UBUNTU, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Nintendo, XBox, PS3, PS4, Android, iOS. Since it's written in LuaJIT, ZeroBraine itself runs on any platform, any CPU type, of course! #Angry birds, e.g., is written in #LuaJIT. One code, all platforms!

LuaJIT compiler also runs in Linux kernel itself, as Kernel Module ( $sudo insmod luajit.ko ), e.g for packet filtering:

Compare to $6999 #VisualStudio and other closed source crap!

Have fun!
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