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In a week's time, I'll be in Philadelphia and will stay there for the month of April.

Do get in touch if you'd like a quiet dinner or something, especially if we've collaborated or met before.
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Have fun! That is a very fun city to visit. There is lots to see and do.
I hope they've repaired that bell.
No, but they have beefed up security. You may want to check out a website called (may have been rolled into the main Philadelphia Tourist website). It does a really good job of consolidating tons of interesting things to do in the Philadelphia area.
Last Friday we went past the place where they made the bell. It's great that it's still there. Have a great time in Philly and don't eat too much cheese.
I'll be in Finland for the first half of April but I'd love to see you some time in the second half.
Maybe the weekend of 28-29? Is that too late for you?
That's the weekend I leave, so probably, yes.
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