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Graham Smith

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"The Usual Browsers"
 via @brilliant_ads
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Sunset curving up a wave, England by

Just stunningly beautiful photograph taken by Jake Moore down on the West Coast. Go over to the Reddit thread and give it some love.
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Graham Smith

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A reddit user shared a link with you from reddit (

"This is how I proposed to my girlfriend - she said yes!"

there's also a discussion going on here:

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<nerdy> What's the typeface based on? I'm luvin' the 'Y'? </nerdy>
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@EarthPix: Behind the scenes of National Geographic
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Graham Smith

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hi, it`s amazing
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Giving The Logo Design Clinic another go, but on #Reddit:

Let’s see what trail of chaos and destruction this leaves.

_The Logo Design Clinic is where you can ask me questions relating to logo and brand identity design, and I'll try my best to give useful answers/feedback.

Topics could cover: layout, typography, style, budget, client woes, finances/accounting, working from home, finding work etc.

This isn't the place to seek logo critiques as it's a massive pain in the back-side, and I also can't help you with actually finding an idea for a logo! That's your job.

So fire away, and let's see what happens._

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How I have Defined and Set My Logo & Brand Identity Design Prices

I've came across quite a number from people asking for advice/help etc on how to price up there logo design work. There's no one universal solution, so that's one of the more frustrating aspects, especially when you are just starting out. Knowing how much to charge can seem like an almost impossible task.*

A little background
I have roughly 25 years experience in design, print, advertising etc, but have only spent the last 6 working for myself as a logo designer.

When I started I had no portfolio, no reputation, no nothing to use as leverage, obviously other than my accumulated years of experience, but they can seem nest to useless when you have a blank portfolio, and no way to prove to clients you're worth hiring.

Cutting a really long story, the last 6 years or so, down to a few paragraphs

At the beginning, I started selling my logo design services for around £150-£200, and found clients through Twitter and word-of-mouth. Each client you have, that trusts their money to you, is something to feel proud about and to hang onto that privilege like it's Gold.

From here on in, it's basically a slow and steady slog building up your own confidence and reputation. 

Every 3-6 months I would look back at my portfolio, and increase my lowest end price as well as increasing my high end price, initially by £100's or so.

As an example, I clearly remember 6 months in, raising my prices from the £150-£200 range, to £200-£400. It's a big increase in one respect, and it's one that you have to feel you deserve if the work you have previously done is of a standard where you genuinely feel your logo design prices are now in need of revision.

With each client, and each passing month, your work does improve, so does your reputation (hopefully), as does your own reach in terms of Google, Twitter and general word-of-mouth.

There is a fine line between not charging enough whilst giving the impression you don't much care about being paid for the quality work you provide, or the flip-side of charging just a little too much because you are greedy, and/or just inpatient. More fool you if your work really doesn't live up to the price structures you have put in place.

Someone mentioned to me, after I chatted about this on Twitter, that the way I continually raised my prices in line with my portfolio over this period of 5-6 years, was called Budget Creep, and I guess that's quite a good term.

It's about being patient, understanding when your work is worthy of charging more, and having an understanding about supply and demand. 

When I first started I remember thinking that hitting the £500 would be such a thrill. When that happened, I then thought how awesome would it be if clients liked my work enough that I could put a £1000 budget up. They did, and I did. A year or so after that it went from £1000 to £2000.

Three or so years ago, I would have never dreamt that I would be able to charge £4000 for a logo and identity project, now I'm able to confidently have a £15,000 budget option. This could be just for a logo design, or for a more complete logo and identity project. Never underestimate how much some clients are prepared to invest in their logo and brand identity, if they like what they see.

If you put the work in, are super patient, and keep to an overall long-term goal, then what can seem impossible now, really can become a reality. 

Supply and Demand
When the demand drops off, then I lower my prices a bit. When the demand is too much for me to cope, and I'm having to turn work away, then I raise my prices for a short period. My logo design prices are rarely fixed, but I do adjust them every few months as needed, but with the overall aim of raising the bar over the long-term.

My Logo Design Price Guide
I'm working on a revised Logo Design Price guide for my clients, so feel free to check it out:

Need any advice?
I'll happily answer any questions you might have on this, as I do know how overwhelming it can be.
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Advice for Clients: Looking to Hire a Logo Designer on Google?
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Graham Smith

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So, to summarize the state of SSL in 2014, it's mostly all like...
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Graham Smith

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Everyone loves a fast loading speed and so do search engines. Serving static content through a subdomain could easily boost your website loading speed.
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Logo and Brand Identity Designer
Logo Design, Brand Identity Design, Type Design, Marketing, Advertising
  • The Logo Smith
    Logo & Brand Identity Designer, 2009 - present
    Designing and developing logo and brand identities for clients the world over.
  • Gemini Press Limited
    Studio/Technical Manager, 2000 - 2007
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The Logo Smith - Logo Design, Brand Identity & Graphic Design Studio

I’m Graham Smith, top (and only) dog at The Logo Smith: a Logo Design & Graphic Design Studio, providing professionally forged & designed: Brand Identities; Icons; Logo Design; Secure WordPress Installations, Theme Customisation & Hosting.

A whopping 25 years of industry experience, includes: graphic & illustrative design, logo & brand identity design, typography, typesetting, commercial print, reprographics, photography, marketing and advertising.

If you’re asking yourself, “I need a logo designed! Where can I find a logo designer to hire?”, then you’re in luck.

You need a logo design? Let’s start right here: Logo Design Portfolio, a few Client Testimonials, some FAQ’s, info on Prices, fill-in the Logo Design Brief, understand myLogo Design Process, and logo design specifications.Finally, one could make some general work Enquiries, or simply make Contact if you just want to say Hi!

Elsewhere: backing, showing off on iconify, spreading wisdom on Svbtle, frantically tumbling on Tumblr, keeping Twitter fed and updated, seizing stylish Tweets on, circling the prey on Google+ & Google+ Page, avoiding Facebook where ever possible, posting snaps to Instagram and Flickr, linking up on LinkedIn, sometimes Dribbbling and bookmarking items of delight on Pinterest, FFFFound and Designspiration.

Graham also keeps a few other web projects ticking over, and include: Brand LegendsLogo Stack, Brand Reversions8-bit Brands and Unevolved Brands.

You can view Graham's logo design portfolio over on the The Logo Smith's website, or on Behance.

The Logo Smith's Google+ Business Page

Bragging rights
Over 300 bungee jumps to my name. Also the 4th person, in the UK, to do the first 1000ft bungee jump from land based crane along the docks on the Thames.
  • Seaford County Primary, Seaford Head Lower, Seaford Head Upper, Eastbourne College of Arts & Technology
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