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If you were to pick a winner, who would you say won the recent announcements? In Motos case picking the most premium model of course

(Also, let's hear why)
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Motorola (Moto X Style)
Oneplus (Two)

I absolutely love this app. If there was a suggestion I could make it would be calendar integration. I want to be able to set workouts for specific days and have them show up as a calendar in my google calendar.

I also noticed that notifications for the set timers are a bit inconsistent and I still check my phone as I feel I can't trust them.

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Yes please! Awesome speaker 

Thanks for nothing +Google Play . Apparently it is ok to offer free Nexus 5 replacements to Americans but to ignore Canadians.

Do I expect a free phone when mine has damage? No. But when you are offering it to someone two hours south of me, it is pretty insulting to tell me I am not eligible for a replacement just because I am Canadian

So apparently +Google Play thinks that Canadians matter less than Americans. US residents are eligible for a one time replacement on damaged Nexus 5's sold through the play store. Google will send them a refurbished model. However, Canadians who purchased the device in the exact same way, from the exact same place, are apparently not eligible for the same treatment. The Google representative even confirmed that they do this for US residents.

I wouldn't even care about this if it wasn't being offered to people two hours south of me. I just don't like being treated like Canadians matter less.

Thanks for nothing +Google Play 

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#Googlefail   #secondclasscitizens   #bullshit  

Really wish the chromecast had some way to support wireless headphones. I am about to try a workaround, just waiting for the parts.

I ordered an RCA to 3mm AUX cable which I'm going to plug the RCA end into the TV. The other end I am going to plug into a bluetooth transmitter. Pairing is done automatically. If it works, I should be able to use my bluetooth headphones with the chromecast.

If anyone is interested I'll let you know how it goes. Hell of a lot cheaper than a receiver in the bedroom lol 

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This is an incredibly good idea and a non obtrusive way to aid in people's safety 

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This just about sums it up... 

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