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Graham Porter
I know how to get things done..
I know how to get things done..

Graham's posts was built as a mobile marketing, messaging and media platform for smaller businesses.

Our mission is to support small and startup businesses with an easy to use and access web platform to be integrated with their social media channels, and provide outbound message services to support the conversations.

Our marketing philosophy is based on four foundational principles:

Promote advocacy

Engage - current customers, open honest conversations..
What are we doing right, what wrong; what should we do more of, what less? What do you need? How can we make it easier to get what you want?

Retain - current customers; do more right, less wrong.. Actively right the wrongs, honestly make good where bad.. Meet needs, remove friction.

Promote Advocacy- create easy ways for customers to share your business and it's offers, refer you to peers, social groups.. You are looking for consumer advocates. Encourage good story telling about your business, respond and reward when it happens..

Acquire - new customers from the referrals, engage immediately, work to retain, open conversations, listen, react, reward..

If permission marketing is/was honest engagement emphasising relevancy and context; relationship marketing requires additional respect, proper conversations involving active listening, the understanding that for mutual benefit, saying the right things is not enough..

You need to be accountable to your customers, just like in a real relationship.. It's tougher, slower and more expensive, but the alternatives no longer work.

Everyday shows me how more important this is today than yesterday..

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Love the basic simplicity of this..
Especially point 5! 
I try not to live with regret but there are things that I've learned over the years that I'd tell a younger 'me' if I could. Of course I can't so I tell myself these things every day instead. Here are my top five realisations in case they are of value to you:

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Have you gone quiet yet?

This post by Brad McCarty showed up on feedly last week, just as I was preparing apps and config to move from my GNex to a new Note II..

As I was reading I was thinking about this and realised that the one config item I no longer worry about is a ringtone, in fact, the first thing I do with a new device is disable all sounds with silent selections. I switch between vibrate and completely quiet, and all notifications are disabled besides for my gmail and WhatsApp. I will scan my notifications tray for anything Google Now hasn't advised me of every so often, but the point for me is to to be in control of the distraction factor myself.

As side note, I'm seriously looking forward to the Note II, I had the original for about 3 months, but the battery life just wasn't enough for me.. Clearly that issue has been sorted, thanks Samsung!

What do you think about push notifications, with or without sound? Love the buzz, or prefer to fetch?

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Seems the overtaking of the mighty SMS maybe a premature declaration? Amazing resilience..

"Free mobile messaging apps will be the death of SMS. Eventually. Just not yet." 

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The mighty SMS dethroned? Informa says so..
Disruption, the only constant in mobile.. 

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For a long time, I have wanted to create a mobile powered marketing service, utilising a mixture of mobile web presence and simple direct sms text messaging, to enable a conversation between a business and it's customers.. that business launches this week.

So many marketing interactions alienate customers today, so much sms and email spam, so little attention paid to relevancy and interests of customers.. broadcasting at them, hoping for a break in the noise, a split second of attention from them, so many clever tricks to try to engage..

Every successful business I frequent engages me in direct conversation, physically or socially; how long could a conversation last if you were constantly attempting to engage a different topic? In the social context, that's just so rude, people would walk away..

Mobile is so personal, you could almost argue intimate, that the social context for a conversation and it's etiquette rules must apply to a conversation we start or hold with our customers. the new labels for this are out there, native advertising is the latest to get some serious airtime and actually this one's not new, Mike Masnick wrote about it again this week, (a theme of his since 2008), but I would argue these are all variations of the solid rules for permission marketing provided by Seth Godin's book from 1999.

So, we have built a mobile marketing business on based on permission principles, to enable a direct conversation between business and customer (with messaging replies included), referencing a mobile optimised web presence, with full marketing campaign support. double opt in for all subscribing customers is the standard, and full data protection with automatic unsubscribe at any time to ensure peace of mind..

A lot of interesting lessons learned over the past 2 years, and I will write about them here over the next few weeks, as well as progress we are making, and challenges we are facing, going forward..

Happy Birthday!

Hey Joy, looks like an awesome party you had..
Hope today is just as cool..

After more than a week with my Galaxy Note now, I am still amazed at the convergence capabilities of this device. I have not used my Tab more than a couple of times, and the Note is now comfortable in my front pocket all the time, even when on the bike.

Taking shots with its camera took a bit of getting used to, but photo quality (in good lighting conditions), is awesome. All other functionality has been amazing, and just as easy and intuitive as my previous phones, including making calls, something a lot of folks have been concerned about as a size issue.

Messaging is just amazing, this thing is a message demon, and the screen is the best for social media, feeds and web, of any device I havehad previously..

I used the S note functionality for the first time this morning, (to give directions on a google maps screenshot), which I mailed and whatsapp'ed out.

Just love it.

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