+Mike Hills perhaps you could get +Jared Hills to distract +Mary Hills long enough to pull it off.
+CyanogenMod 10 Unofficial Alpha 1 for the Verizon Galaxy S3

A lot of unofficial builds for the d2vzw have been floating around, so I felt as a CM maintainer I should at least post one of the builds I've been using as my daily driver for a few days now. This is an unsupported alpha build but it is quite stable for daily use. Regardless don't file bugs against this build (standard alpha practice. yadda yadda yadda)

MMS is not working and LTE is unstable. Other than that I haven't noticed any huge problems with this.

d2vzw: http://goo.gl/j0wYU (md5: 0e33857edc2b4a325358551912df6221)

You need to have a recovery that supports kexec for this to function properly. I recommend the CWM that I am currently using:

cwm: http://goo.gl/uWB7t (md5: 682d7fcd9f2febc64778e0f5e6383dbd)
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I have a bridge i will sell +Graham Merrill really cheap
Sweet.  I like bridges.  I need some more to go with my ocean side property in Nevada.  Bridges are cool.
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