Hi All,  I have made some good progress with my non-contact epileptic #seizuredetector  that uses a Microsoft #kinect  sensor depth camera.   I have got it to a working prototype that uses #raspberrypi  computers to provide the user interface to monitors.   The image processing uses #opencv .   
It is on soak test now to make sure it doesn't raise too many spurious alarms before I make it generate an audible alarm.
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outstanding!  are you going to contact the nearest children hospital for evaluation and marketing?
+Randolph Garrison Thank you!   I'm not interested in commercial development of this, but I know of a residential school that specialises in pupils with epilepsy, and once I have something that I think works, I'll see if they are interested.  
One of the main difficulties I will have is tuning it -  because Benjamin has seizures so infrequently, I don't have any data on a real seizure to test it on, so I could do with someone who has regular seizures helping with development.
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