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Great quote from Clay Shirky: "MOOCs are a lightning strike on a rotten tree". I tend to agree. What do you think?
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Definitely a game changer but invariably a franchise. 
It is great quote - not sure I agree though :)

In the US and Australia, I think that's totally true. Our unis are offering less and less for more and more $$$. In my native Switzerland, unis are still going strong and free. It is, however, difficult to get in and only few people do. We also have way too many uni graduates for whom a degree does not mean employment. 

So: Increase funding for higher ed but make it more difficult to get in. Most people don't need degrees for their jobs. Am I dreaming?
Really salient points Guido. If something clicked with you then I'd better get +Leigh Blackall involved here. I'm about to go to Finland where things are sweet but I hear your points on Switzerland. In Australia we fall prey to many US based initiatives and I'm hoping that the whole MOOC concept runs it course pardon the pun. Thats said I can see good things happening where once it was a shut shop on anybody saying anything except for low number narrow margin courseware. Perhaps the LMS has had it's day entirely.
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