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Graham Clark
Just a photographer who loves to travel.
Just a photographer who loves to travel.

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I just published a Canon 16-35 F4 Review video on YouTube. If you're a landscape or travel photographer check it out!

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In this upcoming live webinar I'll share a number of Lightroom techniques and post-processing strategies for getting the most out of your landscape photography photographs with the lowest amount of post-processing possible.

What's going to happen?
- I'll post-process 5x of my favorite photographs, and provide you with the original RAW files so you can follow along
- Essential keyboard shortcuts for increasing your workflow speed and efficiency
- The 7 essential post-processing tools you need to understand, and in what order to apply them, including the GND tool for getting great tonality, using the brush tool for balancing exposure in a non-destructive way, a technique for nailing white balance and a lot more.

To RSVP and download the RAW files go to:

Just click the button and follow the instructions to RSVP, and then download the RAW files (136MB).

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I just published my Canon 16-35mm F4 IS Review vs. 17-40 Shootout:

In the review I present sharpness results and comparisons between the Canon 16-35mm F4 IS vs. the Canon 17-40.

I've also uploaded 32GB of RAW, TIFF and 1080p video files captured with the Canon 16-35mm F4 IS, so you can download them and see the quality for yourself!

Hope you find this useful!

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Hey everyone, visit the workshop page to download the 5 image files we'll be working with:

Also, I have changed this event date +1 day by popular demand. The iPhone 6 is launching tomorrow and Saturday's work best, that's what I've been getting by email. 

Please RE-RSVP to confirm that you'll be able to make it on Saturday instead of tomorrow, and be sure to download the files, which happens after you've completed the RSVP.

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Golden Gate Sunrise with Sony A7R + new Canon 16-35mm F4 IS. Download the full-size images below to see the incredible sharpness on this one! (but not the corners because I messed up the MFD + F18)

230s  -  F18  -  ISO 64  -  16mm

Click here to download TIFF16BIT & RAW files:

This morning was a meetup shoot with Landscape Photography SF:

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Added photos to Episode #34 Time Lapse Photography with David Marx.

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Imogen's photographs have long since been an inspiration for me. In honor of her birthday I'll be doing a limited run of free archival 5x7 prints for one week, until April 17th.

1. Navigate to
2. Checkout with a 5x7 print
3. Enter the coupon code IC131-g+
4. That's it!

Imogen Cunningham was a photographer born 131 years ago April 14th in 1883 in Portland. She studied at the University of Washington, then she moved to San Francisco, quickly becoming one of the true masters of photography.

She was a contemporary of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz, Minor White and and many others. She's famous for her street photography, industrialization and her photographs of botanical subjects has long been considered prime examples of compositional study.

Cunningham continued to take photographs until shortly before her death at age ninety-three on June 24, 1976, in San Francisco, California.

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Added photos to Landscape Photography Show #30 Leading lines and Light with Ray Bilcliff..

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Exposure is everything when it comes to getting excellent color, contrast, dynamic range and a whole lot more.

Very few successful photographs have poor exposure. Getting correct exposure is essential, yet it's also one of the more difficult aspects of photography.

My top three most successful strategies for getting the best exposure possible in-camera are in there.

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Sunrise in Death Valley National Park, California

0.8s  -  F16  -  ISO 50  -  200mm

On this cold morning at 6,000ft. in Death Valley the sky was full of color for less than 3 minutes.

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