Couldn't agree more with the sentiment here - Freeing Analytics from Your Digital Agency’s Closet (#SEW)
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Its a fantastic article. As I opined on the blog as well: 

Analytics is science unlike creative work and writing. Which is why many people struggle to understand the data and get meaningful insights from it. My observations after talking to over 30 CMOs in India is:  
- CMOs love to get Multi-Channel (Search, Facebook, Display) visibility.  
- Today data is not the problem. Lack of Insights from data is the problem. 
- Even if marketers have access to Google Analytics, they don't use it because they can't understand.  
I founded a company, that focusses on solving this problem - Bringing multi-channel (Adwords, Facebook Ads and Display Ads) marketing analytics (Spend vs ROI) and insights to even an average Joe marketer. Hopefully we can contribute to making the digital media more efficient by making data more readable.
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