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How often should you be posting to social media?
There’s been a lot of interesting data out there about how often to post to social media.

Some of the factors that might impact your specific sharing frequency may include your industry, your reach, your resources, and the quality of your updates.

The social network you’re using will have its own best practices, too.If people love your updates, you can typically always get away with posting more.

For a specific number, here’re some guidelines we’ve put together based on some really helpful research into how often to post to social media."

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When to Use Dark Web Designs

When it comes to designing a website, you have to keep your site visitors in mind. Do they have vision issues that make it difficult for them to read text on your site? If they do, you'll want to stick to the traditional light background with dark text design scheme.

However, if you're developing a website that uses images more than text, you might consider a web design with a dark background.

Dark web designs are perfect for websites with simple or modern layouts, e-commerce websites, and photography blogs. Why? Well, all are websites that rely on strong visuals.

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Storing Youth Soccer Equipment

Whether you’re managing a soccer team yourself or have several small players in your home, the sport can require a lot of gear and sizable equipment that may not fit in your garage. 

"For a coach to have an effective training session, they need to have a ball bag (with at least 10 balls), cones, jerseys, flags, and other materials pertinent to that session," says youth soccer coach Stacy Bartels.

Investing in a storage unit can be a great solution for keeping all of this gear out of your home. You can even rent a 24-hour accessible unit in case there are early morning or late night practices and games. Though you may not realize it, climate-controlled storage may also be a worthy investment for proper sports equipment storage in order to keep balls inflated and intact.

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You'll Never Believe What Can Fit Into a Storage Unit

If you've ever looked for a storage unit, you know that trying to find the right size for your storage needs is difficult. On one hand, you don't want to rent a storage locker that's too small because you might not be able to fit all of your stuff inside. On the other hand, getting a unit that's too large means you're paying more for space you don't need.

Part of the problem comes from being unable to visualize the amount of space you would have with each unit size (Seriously, what does a 10x15 even look like?).

That's why we've created an infographic to help you visualize storage space with common objects. Okay, so you might not ever store 300,000 cookies in your mini storage unit—and if you do, we won't judge because that sounds pretty awesome. But it's surprising to see just how much space self storage actually offers.

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