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Oreo Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake


Celebrated my son, Matt's 20th birthday at the beginning of the month. His favourite cake is #DQ ice cream cake so I thought I would create my version of #DairyQueen 's Oreo Blizzard Cake.

I was very happy with the results but I really wish I had a fully automatic ice cream maker, freezing the bowl in between was a bit of a pain. 

Do you have one? Any recommendations? It's definitely going on my Christmas wish list.

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This looks amazing!
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Kale, Mushroom & Sun Dried Tomato Lasagna Rolls

It's been so hot and sticky here that I've refrained from using the oven but I would definitely turn it on for this dish +Dara Michalski - great tip for keeping it low cal!

#pastarecipes   #lasagnarecipes   #vegetarian   #vegetarianrecipe  
These vegetarian Kale, Mushroom & Sun-Dried Tomato Lasagna Rollsuse my favorite baked pasta trick to keep them low cal and delicious.

#vegetarian    #pastarecipes   #lasagnarecipes  
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Tinkerbell Cake from the talented +Manuela Zangara Wish you lived close by so you could teach me the art of working with fondant Manu.

#cakes   #decoratingcakes   #cakedecorating   #fondantcake  
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#Cronuts  the new doughnut craze - Here's my version of Croissant Doughnuts

Dipped in #Honey  and filled with Vanilla Bean #pastrycream  


Three-day preparations - definitely worth it!

#doughnuts   #donuts   #cronut   #cronutcraze   #gracessweetlife   #foodies   #foodporn  
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Grace's Sweet Life

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Neapolitan Mousse Cakes Extra special treat for Mother's Day
Neapolitan Mousse Cakes

Happy Weekend Plussers!

#Recipe  -

It was so nice to get back into the kitchen yesterday, it seems like forever since I made a sweet treat. I've been missing my pops like crazy lately so I made these #neapolitan #moussecakes  to celebrate his favourite flavours and ice cream. Growing up, a box of neapolitan ice cream could always be found in the freezer.

I started the layering with a Chocolate Almond Cake, the browned butter and almonds added a wonderful richness of flavour. The cake is slightly crispy on the outside but super moist on the inside.

Layer #2 - Vanilla Mousse - I steeped the vanilla in the cream for a good thirty minutes but also added seeds in the whipped cream.

Layer #3 - I used frozen strawberries for maximum flavour since it will be a while yet before strawberries are in season here in Ontario.

And of course, I'm sure you all know by now I am a chocoholic, had to add a pool of chocolate ganache to satisfy my craving but I opted for extra dark chocolate. I topped the cakes simply with fresh strawberries.

If you're hosting a #dinnerparty  any time soon - these cakes are the perfect way to impress your guests.

#foodfriday  curated by +D. DeMonteverde +Jenn Oliver +Natty Netsuwan 

#chocolatecake   #recipes   #desserts   #dessertstodiefor   #food   #foodies   #foodporn   #gracessweetlife  
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beautiful !!!
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Grace's Sweet Life

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Rice Pudding is one of my favourite desserts +Javelin Warrior 
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It's been a long time since I've had rice pudding, +Grace's Sweet Life but I do enjoy it...
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Have them in circles
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You need to stop tempting me +Elizabeth LaBau Sweet and Salty - yum!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Fudge

#fudge   #peanutbuttercups  
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Fudge. Smooth, creamy, salty, sweet, and super-duper easy. It'll have you saying, "Oh fudge!" all day!

#gsweetscommunity   #peanutbutt   #chocolat   #fudge   #candy  #recipe
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Fruit BBQ What a great idea +Jens Graikowski thanks for sharing +Jake Croston Awesome way to end a summer barbecue!

#barbecuerecipes   #barbecue   #entertaining  
Fruit BBQ ...
This is not one of my typical topics I post about, but I liked it so much that I thought it might interest you guys too.

I love barbecues. I have them at my place all the time. Sometimes I even get invited to one. I believe though, that people don't really invite me, but my famous home made sauces, because that is what I usually bring to a BBQ. Next time I'll make this instead.

+Jens Graikowski 

#BBQ   #fruitsalad   #foodpresentation   #barbecue   #fruitcarving   #watermelon   #jgfood  
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Jett W
Very cute!
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Mississippi Mud Pie aka Muddy Mississippi Cake

#ChocolateLovers  This one is for you, this cake/pie is all about the chocolate - chocolate #cookiecrust , #flourlesschocolatecake , smooth and creamy #chocolatepudding  topped with freshly whipped cream.


#chocolatecake   #chocolatepie   #chocolatedesserts   #chocolaterecipes   #gracessweetlife  
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Morning Brkfast
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Chocolate Cake with Caramel-Milk Chocolate Frosting

The frosting on this cake is amazing, smooth and creamy with flavours reminiscent of a #Cadbury  Caramilk #chocolatebar

I can never say no to #chocolate  and #caramel  - can you?

#chocolaterecipes   #chocolatecravings   #cakerecipes   #chocolatecake   #baking  
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il a l'air........ excellent !
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Grace's Sweet Life

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Deep Dish Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Time for Lunch +Marly McMillen Beelman 
There's no better way to celebrate Earth Day than with Deep Dish Vegan Pepperoni Pizza. It's so vegan cheesy, you should eat it with a fork!

#veganrecipe   #pizza   #healthyrecipes   #yum   #food  
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hummmmmmmm  il like il !
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Grace's Sweet Life

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Wow +Elizabeth LaBau these look amazing!
Something to start Monday off right: Snickers Cupcakes! Chocolate cake stuffed with peanuts and caramel, topped with peanut-marshmallow frosting and lots of chocolate sauce and candy bars. Eat if you dare!

#gsweets   #gsweetscommunity   #cupcakes   #chocolate  #caramel #peanuts #candybars  
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Oh my goood !!! Divino ^+^ congratulations 
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