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Thanks for the feedback Hannah Vogtner Dawson. And you are very welcome. If you have any questions or concerns about the new set up to Windows 10. Please feel free to give us a call.

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Windows 10

High Memory/RAM Usage
The new OS from Microsoft was expected to be lighter, faster and utilize a much simpler UI. It has received checks on all those fronts but not for all. Some users have taken to forums to complain about Windows 10 utilizing outrageous amounts of RAM.

It does not have to do with the amount of RAM users have installed on their machines. Users having 4GB of RAM haven’t had complaints and yet there seem to be certain users with 8GB and even 16GB of RAM installed on their machines and experiencing high RAM usage problems by Windows 10, so it has nothing to do with the amount of RAM installed.

How To Fix It
Step 1: First step is to download the Windows WDK from Microsoft’s official website. Once downloaded, install it and this will install the Windows Driver Kit for your computer.

Step 2: Bring up Command Prompt and make sure you start CMD as an administrator. Once WDK is installed, navigate to the installation folder and click on poolman.exe to start it up. Once poolman starts, you need to sort it with after pool type, press ‘P’ for that. Next, press ‘B’ to sort it with bytes. Now this might all be confusing but by exactly following the above procedure you will be presented with the tag that is consuming the most memory.

Step 3: In the CMD window that you had open, type ‘cd drivers’, without the quotes and then type ‘findstr /s xxx .’ The xxx is the tag that you will get from poolman. For example, if the tag is abd then the command will be ‘findstr /s abd .’. Hit enter and you will be presented with a system file.

Step 4: Head towards the system file labeled as abd.sys (an example), and check the properties to find the driver manufacturer and version.

Step 5: Once you have identified the driver, head towards the manufacturer’s website and download the driver relevant to Windows 10. Install and reboot your PC to see if the RAM problem is resolved or not.

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The Best Security Suites for 2015

Let your search engine work for you.

If you use Google all the time like I do, you can understand my frustration that stems from clicking the Next button to go to the next page of search results. What makes it worse is that Google’s default number of results per page is only 10. In no time at all you’re at the bottom of the page clicking Next again. The good news: you can bypass this limitation by using Google’s advanced search feature and increasing the number of results per page (you can choose between 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 results per page). You can easily cut your search time in half by implementing this quick, easy technique. But if you clear your browser cache, expect to reconfigure the feature all over again. You’ll save at least two minutes per day using this tip.

Make the Windows 10 Start menu more personal with these tips and tricks

Though Windows 10 puts an increased emphasis on the classic desktop experience, it does carry over some elements of the Metro UI, which debuted with Windows 8 in 2012.They include the ability to add, remove, and pin shortcuts to Metro apps, folders, and other files and programs directly to the new Start menu, much the way you’re able to do in the Windows 8 Start screen.

You may not be completely pleased with the default Start menu setup in Windows 10, and we realize that you might want to change things up and swap out what’s in there for the apps and files that you want easy access to. That’s why we’re putting together this guide to show you how easy it is to customize multiple aspects the Start menu.

How to personalize the Windows 10 Start menu
Customizing the contents of the Start menu mostly consists of getting familiar with the right-click sub menu. For instance, if you want to add something to Start menu, just seek it out by searching or scrolling for it in “All Apps,” right-click on it, and hit “Pin to Start.”

Voila! A shortcut to that item should now reside in the Start menu. Of course, if you want to remove that shortcut, or anything else, just right-click, and hit “Unpin from Start.”

You can resize tiles and shortcuts in the Start menu by right-clicking on them on as well.


Windows 10 is here. After nine months of public beta testing, the final version is rolling out to machines across the world. You can now upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on your existing PC. While not every single machine will get the upgrade instantly, Microsoft is rolling out the install to millions of devices. All you have to do is register for the upgrade from the task bar, and Microsoft will alert you once it's ready to be installed.

If you upgrade today you'll get a shiny new Start menu, built-in Xbox app with Xbox One game streaming, Cortana integration, a new Microsoft Edge browser, and a host of new built-in apps. Should you upgrade to Windows 10 or wait a little while?

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