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Grace Judson
Tell the real story of the power of your work.
Tell the real story of the power of your work.

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Hmm. Sometimes there are tough decisions to make.  And sometimes the reasons need to be shared.

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Visibility. Boundaries. Privacy. Exposure. And being the "face" of your business. Yay for choices and intentionality!

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When it's a calling, it can feel too BIG for who you are...but that's because you're looking at it from the wrong perspective.

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Privacy versus visibility?  Not really the issue - and yet, it can seem like a big question when one is the "face" of one's business.

Does anyone else find themselves gleeful when the process they know works ... works yet again?  Ha.

My clients don't always believe me when I say that by answering my questions and writing emails to me with their answers, they'll have at least 65% (usually MUCH MORE) of their page (blog post, sales page, About page, whatever) written, and that all that will be left is the editing.

But it WORKS - and it works beautifully!  ::happydancing again::

#wordfinding  #wordseeking

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Just discovered Michael Meade via this video. FASCINATING - ten minutes packed with so much about human existence/human experience.

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Dreaming about creating a new service offering for your clients?

Dreading writing the sales page?  

There's help for that - help finding your own words (I promise you have them!) to create a powerful offering and a compelling sales page that will resonate with your best clients.

Happy to say that ... the call I just led on Service Offers that Sell went really well.   #yayme  - and yay to my audience, too!

When your work is a calling, it can be hard to manage the feelings of "who am I to be doing this?"  Water, pipes, work, and you: 

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I'm excited to be talking with +Sherry Nouraini this morning about testimonials!  Join me?
Word of mouth is a business owner's most effective weapon for business growth, but it is not always easy to get good testimonials, don't you think?

Here is a link for mobile viewers:  Reputation Management: The Art and Science of Testimonials by Grace Judson

Like everything else in life, getting good and timely testimonials requires strategy, and our speaker this month +Grace Judson will show us how to do just that.  I had the privilege of sitting in one of Grace's workshops which  transformed the way I ask for testimonials!  You know me, when I find something awesome, I don't keep it to myself, so I asked Grace to be a speaker at #opensm  

What Grace will cover

• What’s the real purpose of testimonials?
• How should we ask for a testimonial?
• What if someone asks us to write the testimonial for them?
• Does it matter where the testimonials are placed on the website?

Who is Grace
Grace Judson is on a mission to empower every small business owner to write their own website content.  She believes the most powerful words are the words we find for ourselves.  She knows that, even if we don’t think we do, we all have the words – meaningful, heartfelt words – to tell the real story of the power of our work. And she’s seen, over and over again, the ways in which finding our own words creates confidence as well as cash flow.

Please share this event with anyone who might like a better process to up their game in getting testimonials and enhancing their reputation

#Testimonials   #reputationmanagement   #reputationmarketing   #businesstips   #opensm  
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