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Google+ Opens It's Doors To Teenagers And Teen-targeted Brands

This is an exciting #googleplusupdate if you haven't yet heard! Google is now allowing teens to sign up for the social network. Alongside this they have set up some protective measures to ensure the safest possible environment for online sharing.

If you know of any teenagers, be sure to share our Beginner's Guide ( with them so that they can get a great start to using Google+!
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May be exciting for them but not for me, stay away kids!
LOL, no Dustin, they are not all that bad, I birthed four of them myself! Maybe only the more mature ones will find it worth their time to look at the intellectual aspects here and engage in meaningful exchanges, not drag it to the FB level which is why I hang here and not there! :)
Thanks! My kids are 32,24,22,20. I don't recommend waiting eight years between #1 and #2 though, it's kind of like starting all over again!
+Computer Camp for Kids Serbia I have seen some extremely graphic pornography. There seems to be a little underworld cliques happening where no one reports (because they're all into it). Before anyone asks, of course I brought it to the attention of Google employees.

No response from any of them.

I do not see where there are any meaningful controls, of course young children will be curious and want to look, and of course any sickos will immediately start preying on them.

It's a worry.
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