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You can instantly scroll to the top of any page in Google+ with one click?

Just click anywhere in the grey area on the scrolling navigation bar and you will be instantly rocketed to the top of your current page. The image below shows the clickable area highlighted in red.

This really helps when you've been scrolling through your stream for an hour and a half, and don't want to sprain your scrolling finger to get back to the top of the page.

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I keep trying this on facebook and it never works...
+Logan Cate true story... you'd think since they copied the "floating navigation" feature, they'd add this one along with it... maybe they just don't know about it yet, and will soon steal the idea once they read about it. ;)
(+Dustin W. Stout )
You could always use the scrollbar xD But yes, this is quite handy indeed
De Vuk
or just press / and it will get you to the start of page
Great tip, was very frustrated to scroll all the way up
In the LATEST GOOGLE BAR this could be done by clicking on the Google+ Logo.
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