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Helping you to get the most from Google+
Helping you to get the most from Google+


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New Social Media Platform Alert! Is Baaz a Game-Changer?
This new sharing and discovery platform could shake things up... [sponsored]

This new discovery and sharing platform that is going to redefine how you use social media to find trending topics and news. It’s called Baaz.

I’ve recently come across that is different from the others. How is it different?

You can connect all your most important social channels into one feed—your Twitter and YouTube feeds in one, unified, sortable, filterable stream.

As a social media manager, my eyes literally almost popped out of my head when I saw this.

For the full overview, and a look inside this new sharing and discovery platform, click the link below.

What are your initial thoughts about Baaz?

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How to Do a Yearly Blog Review
Understand how your blog has grown and the fruits of your blogging labor.

Do you have a yearly review process for your blog? If not, you can start with this workflow for measuring how your last year’s worth of blogging has paid off.

#success #blogging
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Top 11 Things That Are Killing Your Pinterest Success
These are exactly what you shouldn't be doing if you want to harness the power of Pinterest.

Pinterest has massive traffic potential for bloggers. These top tips are exactly what you should not be doing if you want to harness the power of Pinterest for your blog.

#socialmedia #pinterest
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Tap Into Facebook's Vast Data About Your Audience
You had no idea it was this easy!

Many bloggers are severely underutilizing the vast amounts of data that Facebook has about their audience. Sure, maybe you can get some info using Facebook's page analytics, but what if you could get the data specifically about the people sharing your blog content?

Well, that's where Facebook's App Analytics come in, and it's WAY easier to set up than you think. Creating your own Facebook app is simple and thanks to +Social Warfare you can integrate it into your website in a snap!

I walk you through the entire process in this article on the Warfare Plugins blog!

#blogging   #socialmedia   #facebook   #marketing   #analytics  
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An essential part of Better Blogging is having the right metrics in place. That means setting up Google Analytics and configuring goals like a boss as +Dustin W. Stout says.
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Drive More Landing Page Traffic with This Super Simple Strategy!
Strategically placed sharing buttons = hands-off momentum!

If you have landing pages where you want people to convert to your email list, webinar, course, or product of some sort-- this is a MUST read! I walk you through how to set up strategic sharing buttons for your "Thank You" pages that will help continually drive more traffic to your key pages!

Utilizing +Social Warfare's shortcode features makes this super easy. Combine that with the plugins Analytics tracking features, and you've got a fantastic strategy in place.

Great linked articles about further landing page conversion optimization from +Unbounce, +Wishpond and Quicksprout.

#contentmarketing   #cro  
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How to Host a Great Twitter Chat for Business

What if there was a simple way your business could host a gathering of people who were highly interested in what you have to offer?

Twitter chats are a great, low cost, low investment way of building community and driving brand awareness. When done right, and with consistency, they can be a powerful marketing tool to add to your efforts.

Have you ever considered the potential for Twitter Chats for business?

#socialmedia #marketing
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The Ultimate Google Plus Cover Photo Template [Free Download]

Create an optimal cover photo for your Google+ page with this simple template!

Your Google+ profile will often be the first place people go to find out more information about who you are. As such, your cover photo is your first opportunity to make an impression. Use this template and guide to make it count!

Have you updated your Google+ Cover Photo for the new layout?

#googleplustips #socialmedia
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Don't Just Boost Social Media Engagement, Scale It

It’s not just about optimizing your posts for highest engagement, that doesn't scale. Once you understand all the tips and tricks to increase the amount of engagement you get, you need to then move to grow that effort beyond you.

In business, they call this growing at "scale". This post shows you how to get the exponential growth you're looking for by implementing a number of tactics, including:

- Creating click-to-tweet quotes
- Creating custom Pinterest pins
- Utilizing embedded social posts

So what are you waiting for? Read the full post, and leave a comment with the first tactic you are going to implement today!

#socialmedia #marketing #contentmarketing
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Twitter Lists are a HUGE Help for Getting the Most Out of Your Time

If you were invited to the biggest cocktail party in the world, would you be walking around shouting out headlines to every random person in shouting distance? No, you likely would not. Unless you've had a bit too much cocktail during this cocktail party.

But because of the fast and highly cluttered nature of the Twitter feed, you need to take advantage of lists in order to be effective.

The post below gives all 7 of my best tips for utilizing lists as well as a bonus growth hack that involves Twitter lists and a bit of +IFTTT integration.

The big takeaway though is this: use Twitter to find relevant people and interact with them like normal human beings.

#socialmedia   #twitter   #marketing  
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