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Secret Santa
Create and share wishlists with the Google+ Community!
Create and share wishlists with the Google+ Community!


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WOO HOO!!!!! We are at 100 lists!

Santa gifts are beginning to roll in! Please remember to share a photo of your gift, and tag Santa and his elves using #Santagift. That gives us all a chance to bask in the warmth of this, my favorite season!!!

Here's how it works:
- Go to here: (tough one I know :D)
- Sign in with Google on the sign up page.
- Add your wishlist with an explanation of why Secret Santa is important to you. (remember my elves have to verify your list before it will show up on the main page)
- Search, browse, and gift your friends or a stranger!

Create your Amazon wishlist here:
one suggestion is add gift cards to your list.

Make sure you add a shipping address!!!!!!!!

Find our "How-to video" on managing your wishlists here:

If you need any help, remember to + mention Secret Santa or one of our elves:

Kyla Myers -
LaDonna Pride -

Happy Secret Santa 2017! #GplusSanta #SecretSanta

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Sorry for the bed selfie, resting my back. Just want to thank +Secret Santa​ for this gift that arrived today! I'm wearing it, and it smells SO GOOD too. THANK YOU!!!

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This makes me happy :)

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My elves tell me there are 6 people who have wishlists without a shipping address.

PLEASE check the email you registered with to see if one of my elves has sent you a message. That message will contain instructions on how to add your shipping address.

My gifting elves cannot send you anything unless there is someplace to ship it too.

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Have you signed up yet?

Secret Santa is up and running for another year!
My coder elf has done some serious magic and the website looks fantastic! We are already at 50 registrations....and gifts have begun to arrive already!

If you have problems my elves are:
+Kyla Myers
+LaDonna Pride
they will do their best to help, and if needed they will escalate the problem to my coder elf.

When you sign in, there is a wonderful button called "tutorials" go there for step by step instructions.

Something to remember....when you sign up you will not see your name on the list. We promise it is there for everyone else. Instead you will see a fancy "registered" button once your registration is complete. Don't forget my elves have to verify your registration, we look to make sure your wishlist link works and there is a shipping address as well. (keep an eye out for an e-mail from an elf, if we find a problem that is how we will contact you)

Remember that you can have more than one Amazon wish list so feel free to make one just for Secret Santa and you can have individual lists for your children and pets, too. Make sure they are public if you want the Elves to be able to see them. While you're at it, be sure your list has an address. You may not realize it but just because you have an address on Amazon, doesn't mean it's attached to your wishlist. Wishlist's can have different addresses. So, if your college age child is not living with you his or her address can be attached to that list.

Our new site has a great search feature. You can look up specific names, specific words like, kids, vets etc. You can also sort by country and add a specified random number of people to your recipient list.

Also new this year.... you can edit the reason Secret Santa is important to you. Go to the "My account" button and when you change the reason, a little update button will appear.

One last thing....When you receive a gift, go to the "My Account" button and there is a counter at the very bottom on the left. Just use that to indicate you have received your gift.

....and don't forget to share a photo of your gift and tag it with #santagift

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Our Coder Elf, +David Butler is busy clearing out last year's information from the Santa database. We see that a few of you have already registered! Elf +Kyla Myers and Elf +LaDonna Pride are ready for another fun season of Secret Santa. We hope some of you will join us again this year!

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This is what makes all the effort worth it for Santa and his elves!!!
I am having so much fun sending +Secret Santa gifts to complete and total strangers! Gift giving has always been a stressful thing for me, so being able to give with no expectations or strings attached is remarkably liberating. Just sent some last minute gifts (one won't arrive until next week, but that just continues the fun for people!)


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Just 2 days left for free shipping on physical gifts!!!

P.S. PLEASE check the e-mail you used to sign up for Secret Santa! That is how the elves will contact you if needed. We have 6 people who we have been unable to verify and they appear to be ignoring our daily messages. Until we verify any submission, you will not show up in the list and people will be unable to give.

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Only 4 days left for shipping physical gifts to arrive before Christmas day!

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Important information here regarding ebooks

I'm not sure if you're aware, but here on G+, some of us do +Secret Santa each year. And by "some," I mean "several hundred of us." We post our Amazon Wishlists, and then we buy each other stuff off the wishlists for the holidays. I'm sure we're not the only group online that does this; I'm sure there are dozens, though probably not as large as the G+SS.

Here's the thing, though...while normally, someone buys me an eBook and sends it as a gift, I get a certificate, I click on the link, I claim my gift...that's not been happening this year. I click on the "Gift Claim" link (the wording is different than normal), input the code (normally the code is part of the link and I don't have to copy and paste it), and then it takes me to the book that's been given to me, but then asks me to pay for it? This is the second eBook I've received this year, and it's happened with both of them. At least with the first one, I knew who it was from, so I could message them and they fixed it. Yes, I will be calling the Kindle support if I can't get it fixed simply by switching from mobile to desktop in a bit. But I shouldn't have to. I'm not sure what's up this year with eBook giving.

So...if you've been giving people eBooks for Secret Santa, please make sure they were actually able to claim them without paying for them. If you've been "receiving" eBooks that make you pay, please let Amazon (and the giver) know. If you gave me a book called Jefferson Lies about Thomas Jefferson, please let me know so that we can fix it.

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