To block or not to block - that is the question

Blocking is quite extreme: This means the person won't see any of your posts unless reshared, cannot comment on your threads or participate in a Hangout if you are there.  Or, if they are in a Hangout and you'd like to join, you cannot...

Blocking should only be used on spammers, stalkers, trolls and those losers who suggest sex on the Interwebz.
Or if you feel that someone is a real jerk and you don't want to have anything to do with them.
You can unblock someone later.

Just removing someone from circles is much better if you have no reason for blocking:

When you hover your mouse over a person's name you see the hovercard: From there you can untick all the circle boxes in one go. Or you can visit their profile page and uncircle from the top.

One way to uncircle is to go to your Circles page and remove the profile from all the circles they are in.  Just removing them from one circle leaves the profile on possible other circles.

Blocking should never be done lightly!

To block someone:

Go to their profile.
On the side of the profile click Block [person's name].
Confirm that you want to block that person.

The following are the results of blocking someone

Keep in mind that the limits placed upon the person you've blocked are only enforced when they're logged in. For instance, if someone you've blocked is signed in, they won't be able to see your public posts, but if they aren't signed in, they may be able to see those posts.

When you block someone:
You won't see their content in your stream (even though you'll remain in their circles).
They'll be removed from any circles of yours that they appear in.
They'll be removed from your extended circles, even if you have mutual connections.
They won't be able to add new comments to your content. However, comments they made before you blocked them will still be visible and can be deleted or reported.
They won't be able to see your comments on other people's posts.
They won't be able to view any of your posts that you share after blocking them.
They won't be able to mention you in posts or comments.

After you block someone, the content you've previously shared with them will still be visible in their Home page. They can't engage with the post (comment, etc.)

When you block someone, Google won't proactively notify them (unless you block them from within a hangout). But since blocking someone limits the interactions that person can have with you, they may figure out that they've been blocked.
You cannot join a Hangout if someone already there has blocked you and no-one you have blocked may join a Hangout where you already are.

To see the list of people you've blocked, click the 'Actions' menu on your Circles page, then select View blocked.

The new feature 'mute' works on those who spam harmless content and are not in your circles. By muting them you won't see their +mentions again.

About ignoring and muting:

What are your thoughts on this?

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