10 ways how to thrive on Google+

1. Fill in your profile, add profile pictures

2. Add people to your circles

3. Engage and interact in posts; comment, +1 and share

4. Find you own topic & niche, post in public about what interests you

5. Use photos on posts

6. Use the search with keywords and #hashtags to find interesting content 

7. Be polite, positive and nice, don't argue = fight (on other people's post threads)

8. Don't troll, spam or act childishly

9. Respect others and they'll respect you

10. Be yourself!


EDIT:    There is no must on Google+

Freedom of speech is repeatedly brought up in defense of the ones using foul language or being obnoxious.
'I can do whatever I want' - I hear that a lot.

That's the point really, we all have different uses for Google+ and we enjoy different things.  
There's also  freedom to expect a certain standard in our interactions and the comment threads of our posts. Whatever lights one up.  But I don't think anyone has been shunned or blocked for being nice?

For the majority there's always the blocking option for those whose behaviour we don't like, as there's no must on Google+ - also when approached from the other angle: We don't have to have anything to do with the users we find distasteful.

I don't mean the differences in opinion here, a nice debate is always welcome as long it stays polite.

But politeness is perhaps a passing virtue, or what do you think?

'Success' can mean a variety of things, depends on the person.  
Here it means getting interesting new connections, being able to interact with them publicly and make new friends even.  If one has a business, getting inside many circles surely helps.

These are guidelines for NEW users, there's no need to take any of this personally or even follow them.

Typing the letter J jumps you to the next post if you don't like this one! :-) 

Does this image really irritate you and if it does, why?

Numbers 7 & 8 seem to be the ones that cause most opposition. I thought we learn those things on our mothers knee...  

The 'Don't argue' point came from being the manager of a Page for instance, and keeping one's calm.

Perhaps they should be rephrased, any suggestions?  Thoughts?

Thank you all for the great comments!
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