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My favourite way to save posts, articles and ideas!
I have started a very secret and private community.

Members: Me + my Pages as moderators, all can share with community

Use: Storing data (posts) from Google+ and using the +1 button also from the Interwebz

Categories: Several. From Drafts to tips to Google tools, only part of the topics is visible in the screenshot.

Alerts & post visibility in streams: Off.

Benefit:  All pages can save good stuff in one place, inside Google+

Resharing:  Easy between pages and profile.
Works also from tablets and mobile phones!

Using a private community for saving posts is a matter of taste, there are many ways of saving data.
Pocket, Evernote, empty circles...
I'm a bit wary about the starring extensions because the older ones lost all posts when Google+ UI changed.  Perhaps this +Favorite Posts works better: Version 2.0 -

I have many places where I collect data from the Interwebz:

I've been using the empty circles but with the Community I can share good stuff when browsing the posts on all my Pages, too. They all had their empty circles but now I can have everything in one place.
There is a problem every time major updates happen on Google+: The empty circles seem to lose posts...

Why using general hashtags is not a good idea: Other people use them too, also shared posts come up in search.

Resharing between the community, profile and pages

When you share a post to your private community there are 2 ways to do it: Regular sharing via the Share arrow button OR left clicking the posts' timestamp and copypasting the URL of the post as a link.

If you reshare a post from a private community, then just by clicking on the "originally shared" on top of the post will take you to the original post and you can further share that one.  

Or, if you save a post as a link by clicking it open from the time stamp / clicking the drop down and choosing to copy the link to the post, then just re-open the post and share.

But sharing first to public and then to your private community works better.

If you share something to the community from your profile, you can reshare it from the community as your page as I explained above.

Sharing from your profile to your page or vice versa

 You can also reshare anything from your own profile by sharing the post with your page or by +mentioning the page in the comments of the post thus creating a notification.  Then the page can reshare the post.  However if your page and profile have same followers, sharing the same post simultaneously everywhere is not a good idea.

That's when the community becomes useful: You can create a "Later" category and share posts from there - well later. Perhaps deleting them from the community after the resharing.

Public Community as landing stage

I have hidden the community posts from my personal profile.
Thus when I share a post first in Public perhaps and then later to the Google+ Helper Community there aren't any double posts visible on my profile. (All my pages are moderators / owners.)
Then I can later reshare that post directly from the community to my Page, as my Page.  
The Public community works as a landing stage between profile and Page getting the maximum visibility for the post.

Private communities in business use

A similar community is a great method of messaging within a company or a project.

If you wish to use a Public community just for sharing information without all the people in your enterprise being able to post there, appoint your key people as members / moderators and just share the link to the community with others. They cannot comment or share the posts, only read and +1 them.
But the content may be visible to anyone, when a private community's posts are only visible to members.

What is your favourite way of saving Google+ posts?

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communities are a dying fad. hopefully they will soon quietly disappear & posts about them will stop clogging my feed.
Thanks for the mention, +Google+ Helper! With regards to losing your favorites: I'm just about to add an additional "Takeout" feature which lets you safely download all your starred posts in a file at any time you like :)
+Chris Fink I so disagree with you...  We are only finding more ways to use Communities. For instance lots of businesses use them as intra's inside the company.

If you follow someone because of their Android -related posts, you will also get the cats or gardening posts, or political ones. With communities you can concentrate on following the topic, not the person.

It requires a new kind of thinking.
I save my stuff that way. It's fast and simple and I share only with my family (of course, I invited them to the community) 
I would like to be able to store them in albums. If only google would allow the contents of albums to actually show the original post and not just the comments. This is why Jari's way of displaying our posts is so brilliant.
At the moment I privately share to themed empty circles but for quick retrieval I want a pinterest style display. I may look into secret pinterest boards.
Basically I think google plus should have a pinterest style view option. Usage would increase exponentially.
Perhaps the only use for communities I actually like thus far
Communities is the reason I started using Google+ more :)
+Shawndra Higgins Well, it's good we all have choices. I prefer not to use third party apps when I can work inside Google+...  :-)
I think this is a great idea and have made myself a community just for me. I like it so much, I might even start talking to myself in there if I'm not careful!
+Google+ Helper those companies who use communities as "intra's inside the company" as you say, will be in for some interesting surprises sooner or later. Closed groups/circles/communities in the cloud are never "intra". And that's not just due to the NSA.
+Jürgen Christoffel  Can you explain that surmise, why would something change?
Many companies use Google Apps and Google+ Premium communities. Are you questioning the security and privacy of Google Apps business accounts and Google+ Premium?
How long does G+ archive posts? I've made many posts to a circle containing no one but me, and it appears that anything over a few months is gone!
+Courtney Campbell  I have noticed something like this happening too, after the bigger updates: That's why I started saving posts to a private community.
I simply don't have time for communities or even doing a lot of posts.  I'm too busy doing actual work as a website developer and, when I have a few moments, it won't be in front of a computer.  FYI, 40+ years computer industry and techie! :)
Perfect idea. I've followed your model and created my own personal community as a type of categorized dropbox. Thank you for the idea.
One drawback is the low support for handling communities on mobile devices. For example, I don't seem to be able to create a community from the g+ app on Android. Correct? 
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+Gplus Expertise Just to clarify, in order to be able to reshare later after you have "saved" it to your community, the community would need to be public (ie. viewable) is that correct?
+Brad Howard If you reshare a post from a private community, then just by clicking on the "originally shared" on top of the post will take you to the original post and you can further share that one.  

Or, if you save a post as a link by clicking it open from the time stamp / clicking the drop down and choosing to copy the link to the post, then just re-open the post and share.

I hope this helps?
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