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Setting up a page with age restriction:

When you set up a page, you are prompted to choose whether the page has an age restriction for the audience.

Pages with age restricted audiences are unable to create communities at the moment.

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What if you change your mind. My content isn't sexual but there are things that I wouldn't want  young children to see. Let's face it, most parents have no idea of what their children do on the internet! How can you change the setting after the page is already set up? 
Note to Google+ : Maybe they can create a Content Rating Option for individual posts?
^ Thanks for the help. That's a lot of work. Would be easier to create a second page. Maybe G+ can look into my above idea of Individual Post Ratings.
+Matthew Kastor This is not an official Google Page, so it's not a question of not caring but rather being unable to do anything about it.

She asked a hypothetical (what if) question and got the answer according to what can be done.
This is why posting about these things and sharing information is important to us.
How can I change/Remove the Age Restriction from my Google Page now that it has been created?
+alain hernandez read all the comments above your comment. There you will find your answer .
Even if google+ lets us change this for only once, it'll be good. Not even once? That sucks.
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