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Upload a photo to Google+ post, choose the album to house it!

No more Photos from posts (PFP) album when you use the "Upload from computer" or "Your Google+ photos" on the new post:

Now you can decide where to place the photo, keeping all the interaction in one place. Before sharing, click on the Add to album and choose one.

The image will not appear on Photos from posts anymore.
Works for images shared to Communities, too!

There are a few privacy complications though: Check the blog tutorial and see the screenshots!

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For the standard size photos (max 2048 pix wide) there is no limit or quota in storing them to Google+. You can also share very large images but full size uploads will count against your Google Drive storage quota.  (15 GB fr...
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Also able to load items from Google Drive. But I wish that there was a (mobile) choice to allocate a folder & make them private.
I will be making a public comment about the latest "update" later +Google+ Helper - already filled 2 notepad pages & they aren't complimentary. (
+David Henry Pipe  There's always room for improvement:
Don's shoot the messenger though!
I'm only reporting the findings.

Giving Feedback is great, that's where this update came from, too.
Hmm, your reply didn't turn up in notifications, only on GMail. Must admit the new system seems to be very buggy.

I'm not shooting the messenger, just using the contacts I know to report where others can see & maybe agree / disagree.

"Edit" your reply has just come through, along with 30 odd plusses on posts I did over an hour ago. (
If I move all photos from "Photos from Posts" into one album will all +1 and comments be retained?
This is a useful update. Really appreciate it.
+Brian Matiash, I meant I couldn't see any mentioning for those updates in any official Google post.
Could we now share photos from albums over and over in different posts without creating any duplication?
+Royi Avital To my knowledge and tests, the shared images still create a duplicate when shared from your existing Google+ albums.

When you upload a new image, you can decide in which album you wish to keep the photo, instead of photos from posts.

Same with the existing images: Choosing the album for the duplicate or just leaving it in the "Photos from posts" became possible.

I explained this in the tutorial. 
Too bad.
I was hoping for the concept of Virtual Copy.
The same image could be shared in different context (Albums, Tagged Based Albums, Posts).
As long as the user just adds new circles and never removes previous all comments, +1 are retained.

Maybe next time...
+Royi Avital   Good suggestion!  Google are constantly improving the Photos section: Just noticed another update...  :-)

Latest improvements to Google+ Photos:

When you upload photos to a Google+ album:  The share box that pops out used to bewilder people.
Now there's an improvement: Instead of "Cancel" the box now offers the possibility to either "Share" or "Skip".
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