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How to format text on Google+ posts and comments:

Take notice of the spaces between words! Sometimes it does not work...
Google's chief G+ architect is working on this, so let's be patient!

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When you have a post up, and have a link can you also add a picture link to the post so that it appears as the picture and not just the link address??  Also, can you add pictures to replys?
Lynn H
If you block someone, will they be notified that you blocked them? 
i should have a try   :)
this is great *this is great*  this is great
is there a shortcut key to expand or collapse the comments?
+Kin Chau No, just some extensions that you can search for in the Chrome web store. Like Plus Minus?
How can we add link on the post? I'm curious about this post
+Ramdziana F Y You can just copypaste a link to the text part and then remove it if you wish it to show at the bottom of the post or then use the link share box when you open a new post.
Useful post, very well crafted - but these are essential tips, much more than just how to "format text on Google+ posts and comments." /Me thinks the Cheat Sheet post needs a new author intro.
I need verbatim section to print text as is.
It's essential for my bash scripts with a lot of dashes.
I'm wondering if I can put an entire sentence in italics.

And back to normal.

_How about an entire section crossing multiple paragraphs?

This paragraph continues the previous section, and should also be in italics._
testing then testing multiple words bold and testing bold
Can I have an url but having a linked keyword showing rather than showing a domain?
Only the domain is used to create the Custom URL for Pages.
I mean, in a post. say for instance instead of saying "check out my page", can I have "Check out my work here" and "here" is a link in the post.
Thank you +Gplus Expertise - before seeing this I had spent far too much time trying to bold a headline! - Great stuff
"quoting a line of text" quoting a line of tex
+Blinc Pics - Family Photography  If you give a +1 to a post inside Google+, you can find it here: Settings -> Google+ -> Apps & activities -> Log
or click through:

When you recommend a site or a blog post outside of Google+ by giving them a +1 and perhaps sharing the article via the +1 button or Chrome extension, you'll find those on your Google+ profile's +1 tab:öm/plusones

I hope this helps!
Also, you can create bullet lists by pressing Alt + 7 for closed bullets, and Alt + 9 for open bullets like this:
• item 1
• item 2
• item 3
○ item A
○ item B
○ item C
With Alt+7 and Alt+9 you are simply inserting some "special" characters.
The paragraph isn't formatted as a real bullet list (a real bullet list indent the bullet character).
I think in google plus you can use any unicode character (e.g. some greek char: Σ, Ω, arrows: ⇨, ↻) but these are only characters and do not change the formatting of the characters (underline, color, size, etc...) or of the paragraph (bullets, numbered list, margin, alignment, etc...).

in windows, unicode characters can be inserted with some Alt codes (, with the charmap (hit ⌘Win+R then type charmap then hit ⌅ Enter) or can be copied and pasted from any unicode table (
I just tried to use the above strikethrough in a post (not comment) and it fails, works OK in comments?
"Return = Start Comment" didn't work here.
Cantonese JyutJyu
+Neil Paterson
Many people use *'s around a word e.g. "Nice work! (Highfives)" to denote an action. This has now become impossible :C
testing with multiple words in between
What if I want to use these minus signs - but i don't want them to strikethrough the text - How do I make it stop?
noticed that :)
is it possible to do this without spaces
What if you want double strikethrough? 

Will -text- work?
Multiple words or multiple words?  
They are working both ways. I can use multiple words between asterisks.
OK, so how to DISABLE (or escape) this the formatting characters? For example, I want to write a globbed URL with '/' with a '*' either side of it, but without making it bold? eg '*:////*' - the first * / * (without spaces) will be bolded.
+Gplus Expertise is there a way to underline text? beng able to strike out, italicize and bold is awesome, but adding the ability to underline would be useful.
Sometimes it does not work... Google's chief G+ architect is working on this, so let's be patient!

S/he's sure been working on it a long time now...
+Stian Lund
 Is G+ shorthand for   Gone a lot?

double spaces between formats/changes, btw.
So, does this work for multiple words?
that's great tips. any one knows how to add an hyperlink for text in the post ?
testing testing testing testing

Line below test
E Yuri lp
Mm l :) 5 degree f2f Finn SEE renewed rdo yet another rD net h Bert rtf yt?
Apparently they nerfed striketrough

Strange, didn't work on YT but it does here?
Wow, this is pretty awesome, should have guessed the bold formatting would be similar to Skype's but at the same time it's Microsoft Google.
Does anyone know how to add a credit link to a google+ user if there profile doesn't come up in the drop down menu when typing +(their profile name)?
+Ravi Teja G Ah ha! It didn't hyperlink until after I hit the "post comment" button. Not used to that. Just have to have faith that it will work. Thanks for your help.
+Ethan Boyle The google+ user's name was very common, so when I typed it in, lots of avatars would show up in the drop down with the same name, but not the one I wanted. But when I replied to his post, Google+ figured it out and he was the first one listed in the drop down menu. So you're suggestion did work like a charm. Thanks.
I already knew bold, italics & strikethrough, but I was looking for how to underline and guided here. Has there been an update since 2012 regarding underlining text in Google+? ...without using #underline ?
now, if only hex codes worked here,
#FF0000  hex
i think there s way to underline text in color, im just not sure on how to do it, here a script;  " onmouseover="'#00ff00';'#ffffff'" 
Google ruins everything it touches. And that includes YouTube layout, how YouTube works, and the YouTube comment section.

Fuck you Google, you money hungry cunts.
bruce b
My formatting was not working on youtube. This is a ~test~.
bruce b
Well at least it ~half~  worked.
_"Hellow.  Why not "GO".  I onc eleft the cryper
credit hall._
Is it possible to do unordered list in posts?  I've tried everything I can think of and can't figure it out.
hi nevermind me _ just testing_
Also trying multiword bold
Ron Ray
test   (all formatting on one word... Probably won't work...?)
is there a way to make g+ ignore they strike through command? For example if you are sharing a piece of code? something like putting a /  in front of the the minus sign?
it's for code/excel formulas so a space will break it.  :(
"*Why is my text not bold inside quotes?*"
nice stuff bruh
<_< hope it worked as I can't preview this stuff.
bold words italised words strikedthrough words combo styled words ... Thanks!!
Anyone know how to underline words in google plus, if it's possible?
How to format color text on Google+ posts and comments?
how can i add images between text?
I am so glad to have come across How to format text on Google+ posts and comments: These tips are very helpful indeed.
does any one know how to comment with link but not showing the link just words to click on it for the link
Yes, it works! Great!
Just what the Dr. ordered. Many thanks
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Cool, so what escape character do I need to add to prevent my text from being corrupted?
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One, two, three...
Welp, it works! Thank you so much. ^^
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+lori wolf what feedback i was just testing the font, italic, bold and dashed word at the sametime.......sorry for your losses.
..I shan't give up!
Tho I wonder why it wouldn't be included here if it were possible..........
+1.Vanagyan Kalakode Can You Please Stop Texting Me On Google + I'm Not Upset ,So ThankYou ..
Is there no way to use underlining? I could really use that to vamp up my text when I am writing for my group page
+Kevin Stagg you really dont need the underlining because the other styles point out your words.
Another test: italic: followed by bold
+Alyssa Taylor
Y̲o̲u̲ ̲c̲a̲n̲ ̲u̲n̲d̲e̲r̲l̲i̲n̲e̲ ̲a̲l̲t̲h̲o̲u̲g̲h̲ ̲i̲t̲ ̲d̲o̲e̲s̲ ̲t̲a̲k̲e̲ ̲a̲ ̲l̲i̲t̲t̲l̲e̲ ̲b̲i̲t̲ ̲o̲f̲ ̲c̲h̲e̲a̲t̲i̲n̲g̲.̲
+Tony England And why not just say how instead of just showing it ??? I sometimes wonder why people reply to questions to they seem to know an answer many or most others dont know, but only say that there is a way but not say how. Unbelievable.
+Gerhard Wolf
I sometimes wonder why people like you don't just say "That's cool, how did you do it?" 
I'd have happily explained how if you'd simply asked instead of being a dick. Next time, get some manners and ask politely.  It'll get you better results than being a smartarsed wanker.
How to output the raw text? What if I want underbar, installed of formatted as __italic__, `__italic__`
How do you make:
* a bullet point?
there should be a Text format for underline ...
does not work tried it 50 times before it could work
how to escape formatting please i notice you can break formatting by surrounding the asterisk with certain symbols &*notbold*& but how to do so without adding extra symbols
Adding a <code> and </code> formatting option would be welcomed my a great many.
You can do all three at the same time
gary l

Waterman Rd 55 pen
How to disable this? I want the plain text, not formatted.
Testing Testing Testing

1. Testing.
2. Testing.
3. Testing.

I have seen it done however I understand it takes a chrome extension. I asked +Tony England because I saw he had used it but didn't say how. With me not having chrome I just wondered if he knew another way. I see my original reply went to the dark side.
 I shall try again.
I would very much like to know how to underline and any other tid bits you could share. Please let me know and thank you in advance.
    Mike (o\!/o)+Tony England
ǝsn oʇ ƃuᴉsnɯɐ punoɟ ǝʌɐɥ I ǝʇᴉs ɐ sᴉ sᴉɥ┴
    Mike (o\!/o)
B. Alvn
so no way to change font sizes or add headers?
- test
- test
- test
this is actually called strong this is italic and this is strike through
This is a g r e a t post, & such a happy page! Thank You!!!
+Angela Christine, if +Mike Herold were typing on a mobile device, plenty of third-party keyboards are around that offer all sorts of text transformations, such as upside-down, mirror image, etc. That's my guess.

On a desktop, you can use the built in character viewer (both Windows and Mac have one). It can show you every text-based character you never knew existed.

Then just copy-n-paste... 🅣Ⓐ🅓Ⓐ ‼︎
how d͔͍̻̭̥ͣ͒͋͛̀͞ȍ̥͓̰ͧ͘͏̨̫͇̰̟̞̊ͦ͗̔̈́̒ͦ̊͘̚͜ ̭̗̀̅̄̽ͣy̢͎͈͙͔̞͎ͧ̽̉̐̃ͦ͊ͬ̈́̎̍͒͟Ő̢͙̮̜̩̥ͭ̅́̑̈́̀ͦ̀ͣ̎͂͢U̶̢̠̝̗̦̱̱̟͎̬̭̺̥̘̅́͑͗̾̓͛̓̓̇̍ͯ͗͡ͅ͏̷̵̾̀ do something like this then?
Are these three fonts/formats the only ones there are on G+?
this si cool!!!
can someone please tell me how we get the greek type of font? i badly want to use it.
This is an italic test.
\t‍ry‍ing\ to \escape\ formatting \syntax‍\
* t‍ry‍ing * to _ escape _ formatting - syntax‍ -
 ⃰t‍ry‍ing⃰  to ‗escape‗ formatting −syntax‍−
​*‌t‍ry‍ing‌​* to ​_‌escape‌​_ formatting ​-‌syntax‍‌​-
*t‍ry‍ing* to _escape_ formatting -syntax‍-

EDIT: holy crap! I didn't expect that last one to work! in case anyone was wondering I used the unicode character U+206B (activate symmetric swapping) before the "*" "_" & "-". (example: [U+206B]​*Hello world![U+206B]​*)

EDIT2: retried the 4th line, which originally used U+200B between the "*" "_" & "-" and the nearest chatacter (example: ​*[U+200B]hello world![U+200B]​*). However, it seems to work exactly as U+206B does as detailed in the above edit and would probably be a more preferred method as it is actually an empty space character instead of a modifying character. It would be so much more simply if we could just use backslash to get out of the formatting, but whatever.
+Николай Иванов
name referencing seems to fail
This is a strike test.
How do u write like this " ρεσρℓε"?

"This is a test." This is a test. This is a test.

Lots of people find this helpful..... Brill
How to escape the formatting characters? I want to see underscore word underscore instead of italic word.
How do you Underline?
Is is possible to escape \asterisks\ around a word? Apparently not. It's either all *bold* or you have * spaces * around the word.
How about asterisks around *multiple words*? Same.
When you're watching a live YouTube show with a chat window on the right that has peoples comments scrolling upwards, how do you highlight someone's name in color when you want to respond to them in the chat window so that the person can more easily see I'm responding to them? I've seen this done by people in the chat window.
+Tim Schroeder
Unfortunately, that's not it but that would be fine if it worked in a chat window with scrolling replies from watchers.
What I saw a few times was like highlighting a viewer's name in color inside a reply with a highlight pen.
2/3 settings don't work
Thanks for posting this thing
no, not like that..i mean like the text is hyperlinked not the website itself
I don't know what hyperlinked is. Sorry
+A Noob Youtuber It is the part of the text that you can click on, normally appearing blue /underlined when you place the mouse over it
email me with the above step by step info to;
+TheP2PGibus What you gave was the address text, linked to the website. What he wanted was some other text, such as "Google Inc.", linked to the website. For HTML it's <a href="">Google Inc.</a>.
Is there one for increasing font size? Because I need something bigger than THESE LETTERS
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