How to verify your Google+ business page

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These steps may help but are not certain: The final verification is still up to Google.

- 1000 followers minimum, this varies
- Business website linked and containing the G+ badge
- Email verified

About G+ badge or code snippet:

Here is the link to the application form:

While you're at it, check your Author information:

I have tried to get the +Google+ Helper page verified but no luck there...
Perhaps the moon phase was wrong when I applied, or the tide was too low?
:-)  Or maybe the name containing Google is not accepted...

Create a separate Google account for your Page:

Google+ Local pages verification:

If you have a Google Local page, then you can just request a PIN:

Problems with Local PIN or Pages?
Google and Your Business Help Forum!forum/business

The difference between a Local page and a business page

Google Places (Business listing) was the platform through which businesses could manage their listings in Google’s maps and local search results. Users could leave reviews of the business, to help other users decide whether or not to visit the business.

Google Places became Google+ Local a little while ago, which added a wealth of new features and functionality to business owners, making it a more valuable platform.

Some businesses may still have legacy Google Places pages as Google goes through the migration process. However, these will be moved to the Google+ Local format in the near future. All new Google Places pages will be created in the Google+ Local format.

- See more at:

The Finnish page +Gplussa is already verified:

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