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Mentioning people on posts

Type a + or @ and start typing the name immediately after it.  You get a list suggesting profiles or pages which are relevant to you or wrote the original post you are commenting on.  Click on the name you want.

A private post / PM is created when you just +mention one person or email address in your post.  If you disable the shares, then the recipient cannot add anyone else to the post.

Remember to check the bottom of the post so that no other sharing can be seen there, like "Public" or any of your circles.


Sometimes Google+ does not find the person you are trying to +mention (many of the same name, for instance), so what you can do is to right-click on a post's timestamp, copy the URL and paste it someplace, then cut the 21 digit number (Google+ ID) and paste it immediately after the +.
When the post or comment is saved, it will become a +name.

If a post has been saved once, you cannot edit & add someone in the main body of the post - or you can, but they are not notified.

I use this feature quite a lot: I post about something and just write the name of the Page / profile I wish to have a clickable link to. Then I open the post in edit mode and add the +mention.  Same works for comments: If you wish to mention & notify someone, it has to be in an original comment.

Like this: I just write Gplus Expertise in the original post and save.
EDITing: I change the name to  +Gplus Expertise   and now they won't get a notification but it's easy for people to circle the page or click through to their profile.
Avoid unnecessary notifying of the more popular Pages or profiles if you don't actually wish to call out to them.

If you +mention someone in a comment and post it, but later decide to delete the comment: They still get the notification.

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