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New Google Photos Ad Showcases Backup & Search Functions

"Capturing moments is now easier than ever, considering pretty much every smartphone has a decent camera.

With the ever increasing number of photos, it’s not exactly easy to keep track of all of them, and make sure you don’t lose them while they’re stored on your device.

This is where Google’s Photos app comes to play..."

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#GooglePhotos #Search #Photos
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Self explanatory!

Google Photos: Free Up Space


#GooglePhotos #Mobile
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Had my phone run outta space while at a NASA event.. it wasn't good
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Work the Google communities on your mobile!
Find your way around a Google+ Community on your mobile device

The screenshot below shows a Google+ Community in the Android Google+ app. The settings should be similar in the iOS G+ app.

>> Community Settings <<

1. Open the Community

2. Tap the 3 dot menu icon at top right

3. Tap Community Settings (or on iOS devices tap View on Web )

4. Change the settings:
> Amount of posts in your home stream
(the default is "Standard", but can range from "None" to "More")

> Notifications of new posts in the Community
(this option is also in the main Community menu)

> Leave the Community
(this option is also in the main Community menu)

>> Members <<

Tap the member icons below the Community header to view the Community members

>> About the Community <<

Tap the v menu icon to the right of the Community name to view information about the Community.

>> Categories or Filters <<

Tap "All posts" to filter the Community posts to see only those in a specific category.

>> Create a new post <<

Tap the pencil icon at bottom right to create a new post.
You will be prompted to select a category when you post.

>> Comment on a post <<

Tap the post, write your comment at the bottom of the screen, then tap the post icon.

You can get full instructions on how to navigate Google+ Communities on your Android or iOS device in the Google+ Help Center:


Find your way around a Google+ Community on your desktop computer
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Peggy K
Thanks for sharing +Gplus Expertise !
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Tango: See more with a new kind of phone


#Google #Tango #Surroundings
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Google's Art and Culture app turns your phone into a museum

"Art is a big subject. It embodies the values of humanity, preserves our culture and serves as a record of our very history.

Jumping into it can be daunting and scary, but Google just made it a little easier: the company's new Art and Culture app puts the works of over 1,000 museums in the palm of your hand.

The app is more than just an online gallery, however, it's a suite of tools that allows users to dive deep into each museum's collection and beyond -- borrowing the best of Google Photos, Streetview and 360-degree videos to bring history to life..."

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#Art #Google #Mobile #App
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Nobody can protect the reality of the trouth of which nudity comes first as valuable sculpture
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Google Photos 1.24 improves cropping and album sorting

"Google Photos has come a long way from its early days as a basic photo storage service. The app now serves as a fast and useful one-stop shop for editing, sorting, and searching through the scores of photos you take with your phone.

And while it's not meant to be a robust high-end image editing suite, even its basic tools have sometimes felt a little unpolished..."

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#Photos #GooglePhotos #Mobile #Desktop
The poor cropping interface was a sore spot in Google's otherwise great app.
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My photos are privet i choose what I want the world to see
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Add images to questions and answers in Google Forms

"Google Forms makes it easy to create, distribute, and analyze surveys. Starting today, you can craft even more effective forms by inserting images into survey questions or adding images as multiple choice or checkbox options in Forms on the web.

For example, a graphic designer might ask a business owner to to pick one of three different logos, pictures of which would be offered as multiple choice answers..."

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#Google #Images #GoogleForms
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Lol comments:')
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Let's see how this goes...

#HOA   #HangoutsOnAir  


Google is killing off Hangouts on Air in September

Users will have to use YouTube Live going forward...

#HOA #HangoutsOnAir #YouTubeLive 
Google has announced that Hangouts on Air — the live-streaming service once used by Barack Obama and Pope Francis — will be mostly discontinued next month. A new post over at Google's YouTube...
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Sure. You can stream your event.
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10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Drive Master

"Think you know Google’s online productivity suite back to front?

Whether you’ve been using Google Drive for five minutes or five years, there’s always more to learn, and in that spirit we present 10 valuable tips and tricks for mastering the service..."

See the tips:

#Google #Drive #gHelp
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24 Most Effective Free SEO Tools for Google, Bing & More

"I’ve collected a big sampling of the best free SEO tools on the market—tools with a wide variety of uses and covering a number of common needs.

These tools are fast, free, and easy-to-use. I hope you find one or two (or twenty) you can put to good use, today..."

See more | Buffer Blog

#Website #SEO #Analytics #Keywords
Check out our list of the best free SEO tools that can boost your organic rankings on Google & Bing and can lead to immediate gains in your marketing today:
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More ways to share your street smarts in Google Maps

"Each day, we make million of updates to Google Maps throughout the world. But it’s still not enough to ensure that every single restaurant, shop or landmark worldwide has the most accurate information possible.

That’s why we’ve been rolling out new, easy ways for you to help keep the neighborhoods and places where you hang out up-to-date..."

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#GoogleMaps #Business #Local
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Good night 
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5 Hacks To Get The Best Out Of Google Maps

"Imagine if Hansel and Gretel had Google Maps instead of breadcrumbs? Phew, we no longer need to rely on breadcrumbs to remember or find our way; all thanks to the technology called Google Maps.

An inevitable part of our lives, Google Maps can get a little annoying to use and make sense if you don’t learn how to use it the right. We are as good as the technology we use, so let’s make Google Maps easier and interesting..."

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#Maps #Google #GoogleMaps
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Anthony Thornton is in the house
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