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Report spam, abuse, or inappropriate content on Google+

"You can report inappropriate posts, photos, videos, or profiles on Google+. We’ll take action on content that we find violates our User Content and Conduct Policy.

For example, we might remove content or even ban users.


If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please contact local law enforcement.
It may be helpful to keep a record of the abuse to show them. You can create a record by taking a screenshot or printing the threatening material..."

Learn more from Google:

#Spam #Abuse #Communities #Posts #Profiles
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i hear it has already become an issue in overdrive with all the brand new "porn" collections being posted
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GooglePlus Helper:
Posts you see in your Google+ Home stream

There are many types of posts on Google+:
Explained in this post.

Learn how to be in control of your Stream:

#Posts #Googleplus #Plushelp
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Open Location Code: Addresses for everything, everywhere

"Accurate street addresses are taken for granted in much of the world.

But in many areas, formal street names and addresses don't exist and the only real alternative is to use addresses of the form "behind the old bus stop".

Without a street address, it's difficult to organise deliveries, to receive visitors or to find businesses. And street addresses only work where there are named and numbered streets - without these, there's no easy way to provide someone with a location..."

Except now:

#PlusCodes #Maps #Google #Locations
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The Android mobile guide to Google+

"Google+ is the social backbone of the Google platform and a pretty decent social network for the millions of users who inhabit it.

Thanks to its ties to Hangouts, Google+ can also become your own personal podcast, meeting space, or impromptu concert.

Google+ Photos's freedoms and features have attracted photographers from around the world, and its simple editing tools and ability to share beautiful, full-size photos both with your friends and with the world have made it one of the better photo services out there today..."

Read the full guide:

#Googleplus #Android #SocialTool #Mobile
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"Nobody loves me, it's true..."
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Tips about Photos  - 
Tips for downloading photos from Google+:

#Photos   #Download   #Albums  
Download photos using GooglePlus

Instructions: Save photos and download your albums using Google+.
The people you share your photos with will also be able to download your photos using Google+ unless you change your settings...

- Google+ Help

Download photos with / without the Auto Enhance:

#Photos #Googleplustips #Download #TCpost
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How to: Quick tutorial for Google Drive

Use Google Drive on the web to store and organize all your files. You get 15 GB of free storage across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. If you run out, you can buy more storage.

With Google Drive on the web, you can:

➪ Create, add, or upload a file with a single button.
➪ Easily find and add shared files.
➪ Single-click a file to select it and double-click to open it.
➪ Drag and drop files and folders, just like you do on your desktop.
➪ Share files with others and choose what they can do with them: view, comment, or edit.
➪ Access your files even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Learn more about Drive from the Google Drive Help Center:

Watch the video in YouTube:

#Drive #Docs #Tutorial #Google
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-> Lose all your files overnight when Google decides they don't like you, or if you attempt to store non-Google-approved literature.
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Have them in circles
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New on Google+: Collections!

On Google+, you can use collections to share posts about specific interests with only the people who share those interests.

You can create collections, and your followers can choose which ones to follow based on what they want to see in their stream.

Read more and see the screenshots for help:

#Collections     #Plushelp   #Interests  
Jaana Nyström originally shared:
Collections have arrived!

Every collection is a focused set of posts on a particular topic, providing an easy way for you to organize all the things you’re into.
You can move your old posts to collections without needing to reshare them. You can start sharing new posts directly into collections.

Each collection can be shared publicly, privately, or with a custom set of people. Once you create your first collection, your profile will display a new tab where other people can find and follow your collections.

An enhancement to our posts, blogs and content creation, be it photos or text.

People can choose what they want to see from you: They can follow their interests and skip uninteresting topics.
Pages can have collections too:

Your interests, easy to share:

For instance, I can separate my main topics into collections. 
- Google+ , Google tools, Photos, Scuba, Garden, Finland, Caturday...öm/collections

The default is: all who follow you, follow all your Collections.

If someone doesn't want to read about Finland, they can unfollow those posts / Collection.  
Cats? Follow / unfollow the  collection.

If you Edit the Collection and uncheck "People that have you in circles automatically follow this collection." then those posts are visible only on your profile and in the streams of those who follow that Collection.

I did that to my Finnish language Collection "Postauksia suomeksi".

Collections best cover image  16:9 or  2,120 x 712 pixels.

Don't forget that there are more and more full HD or 4K used, so feel free to put at least 1,920 pixels wide!

Naming the Collections is important! Keep it short.
You get a 2-second pitch with the Collection name and cover. People need to see immediately what the Collection is all about.

If a collection is suspended for violating any terms of service (hate speech, illegal content, copyright infringement, etc.), it will only be visible to its owner and the content will be deleted after 2 months. Owners can adjust the content of the collection and apply to have it restored.

I see Collections as a way to improve social media - not something which will replace blogs.  Take your time, run some tests, play around...  
You'll find a good use for them eventually. :-) No hurry.

Learn more from the Google+ Help Center:

See the collections stream:

See all my screenshots and captions in the album below: Desktop & Android.

#Collections   #Googleplus  #Update #Interests 
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Today have seen: "How does your brand innovate with G+?
Tell us your story and get featured in our newsletter" - And followed the prompts and Filled the Form - What its full relevance, Please ?
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Link your brand page to your website

"Linking your brand page and website is useful because:

It helps you connect with your friends, fans, and customers.
It provides Google with information that we can use to help determine the relevancy of your site to a user query on Google Search.

Interested in linking a local Google+ page? If you have a local Google+ page, you should use the local verification process to add your business information to Google Maps and display the verification badge on a Google+ page. You can add your website to your business information by following these steps.

Note: It’s no longer possible to directly link your website by inserting a snippet of code on your website.
Instead, verify your website using Webmaster Tools by following the steps below."

- Google My Business Help

#Pages #Business #Googleplus #Website #Webmaster
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How to free up Google Drive space

"Google gives you 15GB of free space in Google Drive, which seems like a pretty good deal compared to Dropbox's 2GB and Box's 10GB. But there's a catch -- that 15GB limit includes not only your Google Drive, but also your Gmail account (messages and attachments) and Google+ Photos.

If you use Gmail as one of your primary email accounts, you've probably found yourself bumping up against that 15GB limit more frequently than you'd like.

Here's how you can hunt down the files, messages, attachments, and media that's taking up valuable gigabytes and reclaim that Google Drive space for yourself..."


#Google #Drive #Storage
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Thanks for the share +Gplus Expertise just what I need to know :o)
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Learn more about the Google+ stream

When you visit Google+ you will see posts from the people you've added to your circles.

You can view all your circles' content in your home stream, or view individual circles' streams like your Friends stream or Co-workers stream.

Read on - Google+ Help

#Home #Stream #Googleplus #TCpost
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Basics for beginners**  - 
Good info about setting up your birthday on Google+:

#Birthday     #Plushelp     #Googleplustips  
Jaana Nyström originally shared:
Google+ and your birth date or birthday

"When you sign up for Google+, we’ll ask you to provide your date of birth so that we can provide you with features like age-appropriate settings when you use Google services and personalised content.

If you already have a date of birth associated with your Google account, you won't be prompted to enter your date of birth.

By default, your date of birth (day and month only) will be visible to people in Your Circles. You can always edit who can see it on your profile."


When people are trying to change their birth date in a manner that would change their age from under 18 to 18 or older, or from 18 or older to under 18 - it cannot be done. 

Google does prohibit those changes as part of its enforcement required by laws such as the US Federal Law named the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). 

You can change your age to remain under 18 and wait for that “birthday” (before you can make changes as being over 18) 
or to remain 18 or older, but not to cross that line.  

Read more from Google:

#Birthday     #Birthdate     #Googleplus     #Jaanatip  
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How To Add A Google+ Page Password For Third Party Tools

"OK- this one is not easy to get your head around but a Google+ Page is a sub-account and, as such, has its own "username" which is a weird looking "email" which doesn't work like a regular email and which needs a password before it will work for third party tools and (I believe) apps.

So- watch this and weep. Nah, joking. :P seriously though- watch it and learn how to turn your YouTube channel's Google+ Page "email" username into something memorable while adding a password to identify it with!"

Watch the video:

#Googleplus #Business #Page #Plushelp
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+Gplus Expertise, Thanks 
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Sharing the Google+ knowledge since 2011!
Advice from Google+ users!

This page is unofficial and a place where voluntary fellow Plussers help each other.  The opinions and views are our own. 
The official page for Google+ Help where the Google community managers answer your questions is +Google+ Help.

Circle of Helpful Google+ Community Members 
- by +Google+ Help Official Page 

* * *

Our blog in English, Gplus Expertise

The hopefully helpful suggestions in the blog and posts come from our long experience on Google+, as First Generation plussers.

We are not here to dictate how you should use Google+, but to show ways how you could use it.

There is no must on Google+

If you don't agree with our advice or opinions we suggest that you uncircle the Page.

Many of the users know more about the technical side of computers like cookies and things than we do, so we concentrate on other matters. 
We give advice about the better use of Google+, not troubleshooting your computer or fixing the possible bugs in Google+.

Feedback to Google

Send Feedback about bugs and problems.  When you have the problem, this reporting system takes a screenshot of it.

Google Product Forums

If you have a problem with Google products that are not directly in Google+, please post your query in one of the official forums.

What is Google+?

Google+ is different from other platforms and needs a bit more work than, lets say Pinterest. But once you've understood what the idea behind Circles is, the rewards are great. Don't wait for your friends and family to join you but venture outside your comfort zone and you might be surprised!

ALL our posts in Timeline format HERE!

What about Google+, why would I create a new social media account?

For the newcomers to Google+ the place might look like a desert. Your stream is empty, your friends haven’t joined in, the whole place feels strange and even its UI is a bit baffling. Where to start?

Please finish your profile, make it a first priority.

When you add me to your Circles I always try to check who you are, to see if you're worth circling back. Without public posts and a good 'Information' text on your profile it's very difficult to determine what your likes are...

The same if I find you commenting on someone else's post: Make your profile image striking for attracting the attention, if that's what you'd like, that is.

Posts, profile, photo... If there is nothing showing, I'll not even think of circling you back, sorry.

Use the Google+ search

Search Google+ for your favorite authors, artists, celebrities, sports stars. Search for your preferred hobby or anything you are interested in, then circle those who say things that grab your attention. Check who they have circled or who has circled them. Select abundantly and soon you’ll find yourself splashing in streams of thoughts, tips and news about the very things that interest you. Search for #hashtags and save the search for later easy use.

Be yourself and post about the topics you like:
It's just a question of finding your niche. And making an effort.
My 5 C:s are: Circle, curate, create, communicate & consume!

Google+ is what you make of it...

Circle time:
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