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Restore a YouTube channel that was hidden after deleting the connected Google+ Profile

If you deleted your Google+ Profile, not realizing the connected YouTube channel would be hidden, you can easily restore your channel. Watch +The Lady from Uncle's video

and learn more in the YouTube Help Center:

Unfortunately if you directly deleted your channel, rather than just your Google+ Profile, it probably cannot be restored:

#YouTube #Googleplus #Plushelp
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How-to add text to a photo on a desktop

✽ Click open a new post.
✽ Click on the Photos icon.

✽ On bottom right it says "Your Google+ photos", click that.

✽ Choose "Albums", click on the one you want, click on the photo and "Add" from bottom left.
✽ Then click on "Add" again and now you get the photo already in the post.

Under the photo there are icons: "Auto enhance", "Add text" and "Flip image" as well as "Delete".

✽ Click on the T icon:
On top right you see a drop-down where you can change the font, only uses 1 font at a time for all three text boxes. But if you "Save" the image and then click again on the text, you can use another font. You can even rotate the image and add more text.

✽ Add your text, click on save and share the post after adding some txt in the body of the post, perhaps.

The image has to be shared from a new post share box, not directly from the album, mind!

#Photos #Googleplustips #TCpost #Jaanatip #Meme

Here are a couple of Photos tutorials for Google+, I hope they are of use to you:

Google+ and albums

Google+ and your photos

They're a bit long but take a quick look and then go back for bite sized chunks.

More about Photos from Google+:

More about the Auto backup:

Your Google Photos in numbers:

Here are the instructions, how to delete photos:

How to recover photos on your SD card after deletion:
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Tips for using the Auto Backup

A great way to make sure your pics are safe in the cloud:
Choose either standard size which does not take any storage space, or full size which does.

So, you’ve turned on auto backup for Google+; now what can you do? Pull together some Auto Backup photos and do something with them! Create new albums, edit, delete, copy or simply share from your desktop or mobile device.

Manage your Auto Backup photos in 3 steps:

1) Whether you're on Google+ on desktop or the Google+ mobile app, see all of your Auto Backup photos at a glance by searching in the Photos section of Google+. You can also search in the Google Photos app for Android.

2) Found photos you’ve been meaning to share? Great! On your phone, choose photos by pressing and holding the thumbnail to select, and continue to select multiple thumbnails if you want to share more than one photo.

On desktop, select multiple photos by clicking the checkmark at the top left corner of the thumbnail.

3) With your selected photos, you can choose to add (copy only) them to a new album, share, delete, edit and even download (for desktop only).

Ta-dah! This is a great way to explore your Auto Backup photos. Maybe it’s your foodie moments of 2015, or a holiday collection of you and your family -- whatever it is, share your story with the people you care about!

Read more about backing up your photos, from Google

Change Auto Backup upload setting between full & standard size

You have control over whether your uploaded and Auto Backup photos are stored at standard size, which is great for sharing on the web, or full size print quality, which uses more storage space.

The photos that are backed up are always private and visible only to you, until you decide to share them. If your device is stolen or smashed, your photos will still be safe in the cloud.

You can upload an unlimited amount of standard size photos, but full size photos will count against your Google Drive storage quota.

The Drive storage prices came down: 100 Gb is 1.99 USD per month:

To see instructions for the Auto backup, choose your device

Delete the Auto backup photos on your computer

Delete photos from your phone

Turn the Auto backup off or on

Problems? Troubleshooting tips

Learn more about Google+

#AutoBackup #Photos #Googleplus #Plushelp
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Android Lollipop Priority mode and Interruptions settings

- automate your device to be silent at bed time!

#Android Authority
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14 More Google Search Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

"Originally intended as a way to easily find websites, Google’s engineers have quietly slipped secret functionalities into Google Search to do even more for its 1.17 billion users.

These hidden tricks, when used properly, can transform Google Search into a one-stop-shop of instantly accessible services..."

| The Gooru

#Google #Search #Tips
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I'm not super intelligent what I'm trying to say is I don't understand this. Maybe I need to go over it and read it slower , I don't know I really don't get it I know lol
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Google+ Collections - Hot or Not?

"Have you read any articles from top tech news sites about Google+ Collections?

I have: they've generally been a bunch of crap. From the uninformed to abusive.

So I thought I'd write some pointers on what collections are and how you can use them for the benefit of both you and your followers.

But first a bit of a rant ..."

Read the blog post by +Robert Wallis

"Tech journos" again... Incompetents.
How can one trust anything they write if even a slightest bit of product knowledge is not expected of them?

Now The Verge & The Register join the ranks of BS rags I don't read with Mashable, Forbes and TechCrunch. I'll just follow Mike Elgan and Marques Brownlee (and other experts on Google+) for the real good stuff.

#Googleplus #Collections #Sharing #Learning #Interests
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I've found the most useful feature is allowing my followers to filter out what they do not want to see from me in their feeds:
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Make the Switch

"Thinking of switching? Already have one?

Either way, get to know Chromebooks and learn how you can do everything you need and love to do..."

Learn more:

#Chromebooks #ChromeOS #Google #Laptop
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already got one - samsung
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Clear your app caches to clear up #Android phone issues

"It can be easy to forget that your smartphone is just as much of a computer at the PC sitting on your desk. And like all computers, things sometimes go wrong. Files get corrupted. Apps that worked fine a week ago decide to crap out.

If an app on your Android phone has suddenly stopped working correctly and relaunching the app didn’t help, clearing the app caches may get things working properly again..."

Learn more:

#Cache #Mobile
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Or you can do it for all apps - in Settings - Storage - tap on item that means data stored in cache (I am not on English version so I do not know the term used in English version) and it should offer you clearing all data stored by apps in cache.
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The Google Apps for Business

Meetings | Calendar, Hangouts | The Apps Show

Watch it:

#Business #GoogleApps #Hangouts
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+Gplus Expertise  Thanks for the pointer
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Chromecast: Awesome For Homework Help... Who Knew?!

"So I finally bought a Chromecast.

I know, I’m about YEARS behind the times on this. I’d been planning to get one for ages, and then tonight I was meandering around BestBuy and decided to take the plunge.

It was the best 35 bucks I have ever spent. As soon as I got home, my kiddo hooked it up to her laptop. She asked me to proofread her art essay.

Instead of me cowering over her shoulder, stressing her out, she cast it up on our TV. I proofread and she made changes as I went! No stress, no hovering, no elbow banging discomfort, just parental homework assistance without encroaching on personal space. Frustration levels went from a typical 90 to about a 10 on her part..."

Read on:

#Chromecast #Google #Homework #TV
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Bad idea

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Change your GooglePlus notification settings

"Google+ notifications let you know about things like photos, messages, events, or other things that are shared with you or that might interest you.

For example, you might be notified if someone +1’s your photo, comments after you on a post, or invites you to an event.

You might also see notifications about product updates..."

Learn more - Google+ Help

#TCpost #Googleplustips #Settings
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+Sergio Bravo Can I suggest to report the post first, then block the user? It worked for me. Used to get them on my stream constantly. 
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All the Awesome Stuff You Can Do with Google+ Photos

"First off, Google+ Photos conveniently backs up the photos and videos on your phone or computer. With auto backup turned on, you don't need to worry about uploading them manually to the cloud.

Other online storage services, like Dropbox, do this too, but Google offers one important feature the others don't: unlimited storage space, as long as your photos and videos are uploaded at a standard size.

For photos, that means anything under 2048 x 2048 pixels, and for videos, anything under 15 minutes long. If your photos or videos are larger than that, they will count towards your 15GB of free Google account space, shared by Gmail and Google Drive..."

Learn more about Google+ Photos:

#Photos #Googleplus #Plushelp
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