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Google's Horowitz: "No, Google Plus Is Not Dead."

"In fact, it’s got more signs of life than it’s had in some time," says Google's vice president of photos, streams and sharing..."

Read more:

#GooglePlus #SocialMedia
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This collective mega link is making one remarkable difference for G+1  global networking.  Literally Insulted for what?  24/7 Melodies is not a dead page!! Really audit all these channels between my comments, for a accurate data analysis. Obviously, my profile followers is incorrect pulling these high profile networks between these trendy topics.   #ThankYou   #HorowitzAtGoogle   #GooglePlus   #SocialMedia   #googlepluslife   +Gplus Expertise   +Google+  +Google Ventures   +Virgin   +Arianna Huffington   +Air Force Reserve   
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Web apps and the Chrome Web Store

Fun and useful extensions for work and recreation:

#Chromebook #ChromeOS #Chrome #Extensions
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Google Photos is going on a multi-city tour, wants to give you free grub for using Photos

"With the newly launched Google Photos probably being your go-to choice for backing up pictures and videos, not everyone knows about it.

To help spread the word, Google Photos is now teasing an upcoming promotion for July 29th in New York City using the hashtag #paywithaphoto. No, it’s not some kind of new mobile payments service (thank god), or anything really having to do with payments at all..."

USA only, learn more:

#GooglePhotos #Food #Foodtruck #Google #USA
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Google Product Forums: Search or ask!

"Google Product Forums allow you to collaborate with other users and get help quickly.

It's easy to get started: search or browse for topics that interest you and jump in to the conversation.

Not sure what you are looking for? Our forum experts can help you find the right answer.."

See all the product Forums:

Google+ based official Help Communities

Google+ Help:

Google Photos Help:

Google+ Collections community:

#Google #Help #TCpost #Googleplus #Support
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Nice we all can use help once in awhile 
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Google+ Photos shutting down August 1 to make way for Google Photos

"If you’ve been using Google Photos in lieu of Google Plus Photos, you’re probably not alone. Today, Google announced it will begin shutting down Google Plus Photos on August 1.

The shutdown will hit Android first, then iOS and the Web “soon thereafter.” Google also notes users have been seeing prompts in Plus to switch to the new Google Photos service, so many have likely migrated or are using both.

This isn’t much of a surprise, though. At a small event after Google I/O this year, Google’s Vice President of Products Bradley Horowitz said its social arm was going through a “renaissance in thinking of what Plus is and for.” For Horowitz, Plus should be about connecting people with similar interests together, not a catch-all social service.

Google says those still using Google Plus Photos should download the Google Photos app soon “for uninterrupted access to all your photos, videos and albums.” If you fail to switch ahead of August 1, Google says you can find your photos and videos at its photos portal, and they’ll be available for export using Google Takeout."


Learn more

Google Photos Help Center:

What's happening to Google+ photos:

Picasa Web Albums Help Center:
(PWA was used for G+ photos)

Download your photos via Takeout:

#Photos #GooglePlus #GooglePhotos #Download #Takeout
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After trying it for a while, I really dislike Google Photos when compared to the easier and more intuitive Picasaweb. I hope that Google does not abandon Picasaweb in favor of their latest shiny object.

Google Photos image URLs don't even have image-type suffixes (PNG, JPG, etc.) so they are unusable in many online forums.
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Calling all Google enthusiasts: Top Contributors help others and learn lots about the Google products!

I was in the previous Mountain View summit in California 2013:
Since then there have been two local meet-ups in Europe.  2014 in London and 2015 in Dublin.

Great fun!

Read more about first becoming a Google product Rising Star and then a fully fledged Top Contributor:

#TCsummit     #TCsummit2015     #Google  

+Google+ Top Contributors 
+Google Top Contributor Program 
In October we're bringing together Google+ Top Contributors and passionate Google+ users that help thousands of other users, and we couldn't be more excited! #tcsummit
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ㅘ good.'s great. .☆☆☆☆☆.
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Using YouTube Without Google+ (July 2015)

Taking a first closer look at the news which broke 27th July 2015:

Google+ will become to YouTube what any other Google product is to YouTube, nothing more. Meaning that we wont need Google+ Profiles and, eventually, Google+ Pages in order to use YouTube.

Google+ will be just another Google product, no link!


#YouTube #GooglePlus
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I love using Google+ for sharing Youtube videos. Youtube is great for many new, trending or topical subjects to exploare videos. It also has entertaining and educational videos. Thanks Youtube.
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Looking at Google Account/YouTube Channel Security

Part 2 of 3

#Security #Google #YouTube
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Update on the Community profile photo size:

It used to be 250x250 px but the new required size is 960x540 px minimum.
A logo style image cannot be used anymore. The cropped area is really small... At least on a square photo. The bigger the original photo, the better.

Got a good tip from +Dustin W. Stout :

"The dimensions I recommend are 1036 x 1036. Bigger is better because it's better to scale down than scale up. Keep all the important stuff in the middle 836px (so leave a padding of 100px on each side)."

#Communities #Googleplus #Jaanatip
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Time to make new logos
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Look around you!

360 degree photo spheres + audio = Story Spheres

Learn more:

#Google #Photospheres #360degrees
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Věry nice
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How to deal with Trolls

What is trolling? Who is a troll?

Obviously to someone the meaning is different than to others ...

Is trolling or trollish behavior:

- An obnoxious way to try and get attention in strangers' comment threads, usually very negative, aggressive and rude texts

- Fighting with anyone that disagrees

- Someone trying to get even with the world no matter how.

- Getting a feeling of power from antagonistic behavior

- Someone with a lousy self-esteem

- Someone who likes to hurt people. A warped mind, perhaps

Bantering among friends is not trolling, you know your friends and how much they can take. But do you know the limit when you might hurt someone?

What is trolling to you?
How would you define it? Have you come up against many trolls on Google+?

Let's discuss this without trololoos, shall we? :-)

Read on to get the troll management tips:

#Internet #Trolls #Harassment #Rude #Lewd
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... try not feeding them, eh?
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Manage your Google Maps in Google Drive

See all your My Maps in Google Drive, both those you created and those shared with you. Use Drive's features to manage your maps along with your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides - and like Docs, Sheets and Slides, your maps don't use any of your storage quota.

How to create a map in Google Drive

1. Make sure you're signed in to your Google Account.
2. Open Google Drive.
3. Click New > More > Google My Maps.

Also available for Google for Work accounts.

Google Drive Help Center: Manage your maps in Google Drive

Official Google announcement blog post:

#GoogleMaps #MyMaps #Maps #GoogleDrive
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