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Google Apps for Work / School Learning Center

Using Google Apps at work or school:

Get help using your mail, calendar, documents, and other Google Apps!
Share your own best tips & tricks.

Learn more from Google:

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Nel Pa
+Gplus Expertise, Thanks!!
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Hangouts On Air features and apps

You have control over other filmstrip participants as a Hangout host:
Check the Control room list below!

- Google+ Help

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Gplus Expertise

Communities tips  - 
Control what you see in your Home stream from Communities:
Leave a Google+ community

If you don’t want to be part of a Google+ community anymore, you can leave at any time. After you leave a community, you won’t see its updates in your stream, and you won’t get email or notifications from the community.

If you’d like to stop getting notifications from a community, but remain a member, you can adjust your settings on the community’s page...

Learn more about communities - Google+ Help

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Gplus Expertise

Google+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Lots of questions about changing your name on Google+:

Here are the instructions from +Google+ Top Contributors 

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How to change your name on Google+

Important: changing your name on Google+ will change it in all Google products like Gmail and Google Wallet.

Google+ profiles are meant for individual people. That’s why we recommend using your first and last name on your profile. It will help friends and family find you online, and help you connect with people you know.

If you want to use Google+ to represent something like your business, your band, your family, or your pet, a Google+ page may work better for you.

You can change your name three times every 90 days. If you recently changed your name three times, you may need to wait up to three months to change it again.

Learn more from Google, also how to change name on a mobile device:

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Bad exp
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Measure your "engine" performance!

The Web has evolved. So should JavaScript benchmarks.

"Octane 2.0 is a modern benchmark that measures a JavaScript engine’s performance by running a suite of tests representative of today’s complex and demanding web applications.

Octane‘s goal is to measure the performance of JavaScript code found in large, real-world web applications, running on modern mobile and desktop browsers..."

Learn more about Octane 2.0 — Google Developers

#Javascript #Benchmark #Performance #Test
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Gplus Expertise

Google+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Manage your Google products in one place

- in your own Dashboard.
Thanks +Google+ Top Contributors !

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Your Google Account Dashboard

View your data and account activity in the Google Dashboard!

In Google Dashboard, you can see data on how you use Google products like Gmail, Search, Chrome, and Youtube. You can also edit your product settings.

✫ Open your Google Dashboard.
✫ Sign in with your Google account username and password.
✫ Click the name of the product whose settings you’d like to edit.

You’ll see links in the product’s section to manage your settings.

Selecting a link will bring you directly to a page in that product where you can see more details and edit settings.

Learn more from Google:

Sign in to see the Dashboard here:

#Google #Account #Settings #Privacy #Dashboard
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Sir/madam may i discontinue on google + thanks
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Gplus Expertise

**MODERATOR - messages from our mods!  - 
Great info for all Android / Google+ users!

#Android     #Googleplustips  
Google+ Android App Help Center

Learn about:

➼ Photos
➼ Your profile & pages
➼ Settings & notifications
➼ Sharing & your Home page
➼ Circles & people
➼ Communities & events

Lots of good information! See for yourself:

#Android #Googleplus #Photos #Hangouts
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Have them in circles
167,826 people
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This is the best of the recent speculative articles: the writer actually knows his Google+!
I don't agree with quite everything but he's on the right track...

Google+ as We Knew It Is Dead, But Google Is Still a Social Network

A snippet:

"Google as a social network is very much alive. Pichai told Forbes that Google+ was always at least as much about identity as socializing—the goal was to connect and cohere who you are across all its different products.

In that sense, Google+ worked; from your horrifically racist YouTube comments to your Blogger blog to your Gmail, you’re the same person everywhere. That helps Google know more about you so that it can place more and better ads in front of you. And it makes your social experience more cohesive.

The difference with these changes is that your social, interactive experience isn’t relegated to a single screen with too much white space and not enough people.

It’s everywhere, on every platform, based around what we want to share, where, and with whom. And it makes automatic GIFs out of your photos. If that can’t be a successful social network, well, I don’t know what can..."

Read the article in full: WIRED

#Googleplus #Changes #Photos #Communications #Social
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Help is at hand for Google+

The Help Center has a nice new look.
"Send Feedback to Google" has moved, now it's at the bottom of the "Help" link.

#Googleplus     #Help     #Jaanatip  
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I have. On several occasions.
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Google wants its billion-plus Android users to bring their phones to work

"Android has been oft-criticized for not being secure enough — it's why Apple's more locked-down approach has made iOS a success in business, and it's the reason that BlackBerry still manages to sell phones at all.

Google's Android OEM partners have attempted to shore things up on their end through things like Samsung Knox, but now Google is taking matters into its own hands in a big way with Android for Work..."

| The Verge

#Android #Work #Business #Security
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Nel Pa
+Gplus Expertise, Thank you ! 
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Exclusive: Sundar Pichai's Plan To Keep Google Almighty

- I'm so looking forward to the #GoogleIO in May... Google just bought the TLD .apps...
Hangouts and Photos may be turned into stand-alone products... Google+ is here to stay...

Snippets from the article:

"While Google routinely reviews products and culls its portfolio, Pichai said he didn’t expect any of Google’s major products to disappear. But he suggested that Google+, the company’s much maligned social network, may over time be broken up into components. Most outsiders believe that Google+ has been a flop, but Pichai disputes that notion.

“Google+ has always meant two things for us,” Pichai said. “There’s the stream in the product that you see.” But Google+ also provided a way for the company to ensure users were signed in to its services with “a common identity across our products,” he said. “The second part was in many ways even more important than the first part. That part has worked really well for us.”

But Pichai said that two important parts of Google+, Photos and Hangouts, may soon be separated from the main product. “I think increasingly you’ll see us focus on communications, photos and the Google+ Stream as three important areas, rather than being thought of as one area,” he said."

Read the whole interview:

#Android #Apps #Hangouts #Photos #Googleplus
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Tis a ghost town that deserves to be razed.
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Gplus Expertise

Tips about Google products  - 
Good news for #Android    and #Calendar  users!
Improvements to Google Calendar for Android

Over the next few days, you'll see lots of improvements to the new Google Calendar app based on your feedback with more coming soon. Here are some of the highlights:

● See more events at a glance with 7-day week view and pinch-to-zoom
● Add Google Drive files to events. Drive will even check if everyone can open them. 
● Control whether birthdays from Google+ are shown in settings. You'll also see the same changes on the web next week.
● A new option to show week numbers in settings.
● Import .ics files sent to you in Gmail and other apps

You can download the app on Google Play:

PS: Yes, we're still working on Google Calendar for iPhone.  Stay tuned!
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Yay to switching of google+ birthdays. Birthday calendar has been unusable for months due to this.
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Sharing the Google+ knowledge since 2011!
Advice from Google+ users!

This page is unofficial and a place where voluntary fellow Plussers help each other.  The opinions and views are our own. 
The official page for Google+ Help where the Google community managers answer your questions is +Google+ Help.

Circle of Helpful Google+ Community Members 
- by +Google+ Help Official Page 

* * *

Our blog in English, Gplus Expertise

The hopefully helpful suggestions in the blog and posts come from our long experience on Google+, as First Generation plussers.

We are not here to dictate how you should use Google+, but to show ways how you could use it.

There is no must on Google+

If you don't agree with our advice or opinions we suggest that you uncircle the Page.

Many of the users know more about the technical side of computers like cookies and things than we do, so we concentrate on other matters. 
We give advice about the better use of Google+, not troubleshooting your computer or fixing the possible bugs in Google+.

Feedback to Google

Send Feedback about bugs and problems.  When you have the problem, this reporting system takes a screenshot of it.

Google Product Forums

If you have a problem with Google products that are not directly in Google+, please post your query in one of the official forums.

What is Google+?

Google+ is different from other platforms and needs a bit more work than, lets say Pinterest. But once you've understood what the idea behind Circles is, the rewards are great. Don't wait for your friends and family to join you but venture outside your comfort zone and you might be surprised!

ALL our posts in Timeline format HERE!

What about Google+, why would I create a new social media account?

For the newcomers to Google+ the place might look like a desert. Your stream is empty, your friends haven’t joined in, the whole place feels strange and even its UI is a bit baffling. Where to start?

Please finish your profile, make it a first priority.

When you add me to your Circles I always try to check who you are, to see if you're worth circling back. Without public posts and a good 'Information' text on your profile it's very difficult to determine what your likes are...

The same if I find you commenting on someone else's post: Make your profile image striking for attracting the attention, if that's what you'd like, that is.

Posts, profile, photo... If there is nothing showing, I'll not even think of circling you back, sorry.

Use the Google+ search

Search Google+ for your favorite authors, artists, celebrities, sports stars. Search for your preferred hobby or anything you are interested in, then circle those who say things that grab your attention. Check who they have circled or who has circled them. Select abundantly and soon you’ll find yourself splashing in streams of thoughts, tips and news about the very things that interest you. Search for #hashtags and save the search for later easy use.

Be yourself and post about the topics you like:
It's just a question of finding your niche. And making an effort.
My 5 C:s are: Circle, curate, create, communicate & consume!

Google+ is what you make of it...

Circle time:
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