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The Federal Reserve has destroyed the buying power of the U.S. dollar and weakened our economic position in the world. It's time to audit the Fed, kick out the bad actors, reform and restore the strength of our currency. Gary Johnson gets it. He'll end the Fed's funny money scam. Help him. Gary Johnson for President 2012

Gary Johnson Live Free of the FED
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To correct the trade imbalance with China, we need to LOWER the value of the dollar, compared to the Chinese Yuan.
Why does a private corporation control our money the Fed is just a cartel. Let me coin there money and I will run there country!
Create inflation enslave a nation!
The Federal Reserve Bank funds the American way of life and provides protection for the American people by providing the massive investments needed to fund the worlds largest companies. These companies provide much needed stability in many regions of the world because of their powerful influence and economic strength. These are American companies not interested in a war in the US...Therefore it will not happen. Do you think 3M or DuPont or Disney will be funding an American war that provides no additional market penetration?........Think about it and pay attention. By the way. Say goodbye to your entire banking system including check clearing and internet transactions not to mention wire transfers and card to card as the Fed provides these services to all US banks not to mention Social Security. Before you cast your vote for anyone wanting to eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank you should consider the American way of life without the protection and services they provide. If you know more about the Moon than the Federal Reserve Bank maybe you should consider Astronomy and leave running the country to others with more exposure and experience in such things.
If printing money makes people wealthy, why doesn't the Fed just write everyone a $1 million dollar check?
+Gary Johnson That actually isn't accurate at all. The reduction in competitions is what has destroyed American buying power. If we define buying power as wage/price index, the ratio has fallen by around 80% since 1978.

Wages have stagnated since 78 thanks to mergers and acquisitions, such that despite worker production increasing, wage didn't. In a competitive market, this is impossible.

Prices have skyrocketed by 11x since 1978, despite an almost 75% reduction in costs (price index, and cost estimates from non-partisan institutions). If markets were competitive enough, prices would be driven down, not up.

There are 2 primary reasons for these effects. The minor reason is population increase from immigration and China pegging their currency to ours and subsidizing their industry, the major reason is that the number of businesses through which 95% of GDP passes went from 6000+ in 1950 to only 60 today, using brand loyalty, economies of scale, barriers to entry, artificial scarcity, among other devious methods, competition has become extremely reduced in America, preventing a fair wage and increasing prices.

In fact, the only reason Americans still can afford so much stuff is because of the cheapness of debt caused by China's currency peg.

Yet, +Gary Johnson , I don't see any policy positions dedicated to fixing it. Instead, they seem to be doing absolutely nothing but slowly reducing the size of government, removing public services, and letting these companies get worse. A responsible candidate who cares about their country would implement tax and regulation systems that are scaled to the size of a company and its impact, such that small companies have less of a burden and the extra burden on large companies is enough to make economies of scale not worth it, and institute subsidies only for small businesses and start ups, not for large corporations of any kind. Yet I see absolutely no mention of such a policy from any of the candidates, because of libertarian garbage demonizing the fed, the federal government, and a variety of other parties who have been problematic, but are a mere noon-day shadow compared to the real problem: the us of economic force by mega-industry to lower the quality of life of American citizens for profit.
+Larry Henderson Actually you are just a tiny bit off. Yes, Americans have maintained a growing purchasing ability over the past 30 years due to cheaper debt caused by China's currency peg to the US which involves them buying massive amounts of bonds, notes, etc, making debt cheap.

In reality, the mergers and acquisitions since 1978 have caused a drop in competitiveness of companies in America that has seen wages stagnate despite workers producing twice as much on average, and prices have increased by 11x since 1978 despite a 75% drop in costs. Both of these things are completely impossible in a competitive market, and the number of companies processing 95% of American GDP has dropped from 6000+ in 1950 to only 60 today.

So really you can blame companies like Koch Industries, Cargail, and the 58 other top companies for our present situation, not the people, not the fed.
You can't see monetary economy apart from the rest of the economy. The buying power of the Dollar is better as the one in Europe. And to keep the Dollar weak against the Euro has its advantages. It keeps the imports lower and helps the export. I would guess that the main reason to keep the Dollar low against other currencies is, because of US foreign debts.
I removed my selfless-self+1. Thanks Larry. Itchy touch pad. The American enterprise system is the best in the world and I love it. It is working as designed using your statistics as evidence Christopher. These 60 companies have fully utilized the American enterprise system and are proven leaders of industries and government. They in fact also control the Federal Reserve Bank by way of Presidential appointment called Governors. The Federal Reserve Bank represents the vested interest of these 60 companies and ultimately the American way of life by providing the funding required to create the circumstance that allow the use of Military action to grow democracy. Freedom is neither Free nor Cheap. Without the combined revenues and collaboration of these 60 companies along with their need for new and emerging economies there would be no revenue to sponsor democratic action which would threaten the American way of life. The Federal Reserve Bank must remain to assure our freedom and preserve the American enterprise system.
Yes and no, +Tommy Spencer . There are a few mainly US-companies that are stronger than the US-government, who are the real rulers. But this has nothing to do with democracy.
What is being referred to is government overspending and is a separate issue. Believe me when I say that the 60 companies and the Federal Reserve Bank also desire a more efficient government. This must be pursued through legislation, election and voting and has nothing to do with eliminating the Federal Reserve Bank. To do so would only eliminate the required funding that assures the American enterprise system and the American way of life and ultimately does nothing to eliminate government overspending. Also please do not forget that the Federal Reserve Bank provides the infrastructure for the entire banking system and is the operational arm for most of the services your local branch would have you believe is a service they uniquely provide but in truth they too simply pay the Federal Reserve Bank for those services. The Federal Reserve Bank is invaluable to the American way of life calling for all Americans to assure they vote in a manner that creates change in governmental spending practices while preserving the Federal Reserve Bank and the funding required to promote freedom and Democracy. Can we agree that the Federal Reserve Bank must stay and through funding at least is critical to Democracy?
america simply cannot fix their monetary system without returning to the gold standard and starting again.

The US financial system is fraud, a scam, and the dollar is worthless.
No, the dollar is not at all worthles, +Grodon Murphy. And +Larry Henderson , I don't need to know the names of the companies who profit with war. But 60% of GDP? And money for education is just a fraction, right?
There is a lot which is great about the USA.
But, when you are proud that the US has elections. What choice do you guys have? Two parties and behind both are some strong industries. That's not a choice, it's a joke!
The greatness about the USA is that anyone has endless opportunities.
Would you know what it takes to start a company in Austria compared to the USA, you would go and celebrate to live in the USA. = You don't need years of school to get the license to be allowed to work and make money.
It's absolutely fraud, and every dollar you make is already vastly in debt. So before you tell me 'It's not" +Christa Herzog , please back it up.

Or are you still 'in god we trust'... hows that working out for you?
oh fuck off cunt. If you can't see that the reserve bank is a privatised company, charging your government TAX on every dollar they produce (how can that EVER be paid off.. fucking PLEASE think about that), then you deserve to go down with the ship.
A trillion in debt.... would you buy shares in that? no? then why the fuck would you pay tax.

You're a blind, lost sheep.
Wow. I didn't think this was possible, because in general I consider you to be one of the most rational, level-headed candidates and you had been my first choice, but I think this just lost you my vote.
Don't talk to me about 'how money goes into circulation' when you pay tax to a private company on every dollar.

You, Sir, need the education.

Maybe google it, not read the textbooks your government supplies you with.
but hey, call my words drivel, propaganda, whatever.

You probably believe in God... enough said.
+Larry Henderson The debt is very much a problem and will present more future problems, and because interest on it is so much we can't spend as much making our country better. But the impact on our everyday lives has been very minor in comparison to the anti-competitive attitudes of the American markets. But cutting domestic spending is bad, because that spending on welfare programs props of demand and helps the poor survive. Without it, suddenly they can't buy things, and you have a demand crisis that drives our economy down in cities and slowly expands into suburbs. The solution is to scale back military spending, and make our tax system more fair so that the biggest companies and people pay the most taxes, not the least. Then we would collect enough to work towards eliminating the debt, while still having a strong domestic economy. If we increase domestic spending even more on infrastructure and education using some of the savings, we can cause economic growth and an increase in the quality of life. Especially if we fight the non-competitive markets.
+Tommy Spencer Life in America would be substantially easier if those 60 companies were broken up into at least 600 companies total. The increased competition would force prices down and wages up, and the only people not profiting as much would be a few CEOs and wall street. Free enterprise essentially means eventually you lose that competition, and while the methods of getting to that point may be grand, once they are there, behavior is not subject to remain, and the companies become abusive. If they didn't, the productivity/wage gap wouldn't exist, and neither would the cost/price one. Our markets need to become competitive again, not just for the good of the people, but for the American dream of social mobility and for the sake of innovation and especially for freedom.
Jimney Crickets people. MONEY and BANKERS are the cause of ALL the economic problems we are having. The bankers who control the money control the masses. War brings more money to the rich. They bet on both sides that way they win either way. DAMN PEOPLE GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND!!! If you are not going to use the internet for educational purposes as well as whatever else you use it for GET OFFLINE!!!
+Gordon Murphy In order to maintain a trade imbalance and stop its economy from crashing, China has pegged their currency to ours by buying up massive amounts of US dollars, and so as to not waste them, they buy bonds, treasury notes, etc in order to make some money off of it. The massive amount of debt they continue to buy up has kept debt cheap for America and Americans for quite some time now. The gold standard allows certain parties to remove money from circulation (hoarding) and screw over the population, and while the fed is a terrible institution and is relatively evil, if they fuck us over, they too get fucked, so it is in their best interest to keep things running smoothly, causing inflation or hyperinflation is not in these interests. Stop trolling.
+Christopher Sudlik , have they not already screwed you over twice in history? hoarding the gold is effectively exactly what your banks are currently doing, but your dollar, based on this system, IS effectively bonds... they hold no value at all if it's ever called in. over a trillion in debt; you've got to be concerned that something massive like that is bound to happen, right?
It is imperative that we remain focused on improved government. The Federal Reserve Bank provides the funding for the expansion and security of democracy. It is government overspending and miss allocation of provided funds that you speak of. The Federal Reserve Bank is actually a private business with a sitting Board of Governors and is a not for profit group that after providing the global banking systems with the operations we all require like check cashing or wire transfers along with much much more deposits the remainder into the US Department of Treasury checking account to fund social security, welfare, military and all else to the tune of nearly 100 BILLION DOLLARS. Not bad for a not for profit agency that actually has zero debt. It is the US Government that is in debt. Can we agree that the Federal Reserve Bank is very much needed and it is governmental efficiency that we seek?
And by the way...Speaking about companies that profit from war how about Hershey, Jeep, GM, ALCOA to name a few historical names but did no one notice the 100 Million dollar pay off Facebook just received for supporting the Libya, Egypt, Tunisia revolutions using its platform? Please realize that the Arab markets historically have not used Facebook and represent an unbelievably huge new and emerging economy that will supply the future growth of Facebook and increase its usage in these markets to match the US but this would not be possible if these oppressive governments in these regions remain so they had to go. US covert operations assisted by Facebook enables three revolutions collapsing three governments providing the mutual benefit of expanded Democracy and Increased market share. What was Facebooks reward for advancing Democracy? 100 Million dollars almost exactly 1 year later via a public stock offering that you should be able to see through by now. Democracy Wins and our freedoms are protected. These companies and the Federal Reserve Bank are indeed protecting our freedoms and fund liberty. As Christopher mentions above they have our best interest in heart as our collapse is theirs. It is governmental spending that requires correction and this can only be achieved through elections and legislation. Can we agree that the Federal Reserve Bank must stay?
+Gordon Murphy Private US citizens own more than 50% of our debt, and it is so safe that it won't be called in. China is the next biggest holder, and if they try to cash in the get FUCKED. Their entire economy is built on an artificial trade imbalance maintained through buying our debt. If they cash in, they lose everything. It is in nobodies interest to give up the awesome, low risk, decent yield interest our debt has.
most of you claiming was crisis. But you americans has created this. It seems from far distance or from outside that, americans are spending in war. But no question what's their benefit? It's must be true that, they are indirectly earning from war. Westerns are destroying the world. Lets protect our world. Ami buzhi na media keno 100 percent tader support e.
+robert west What candidates have you voted for in the past? I am curious because Ron Paul is not a fan of the fed nor is Kucinich who was similar to Ron Paul (not sure if they are anymore but Kucinich was going to pick Paul as VP). Due to the similarities between the 3 candidates I am not surprised that GJ feels this way. Why would you want to keep it around?
+Rezoan Ahmed It's not the Americans who created this, but the government. I never blame the civilians for what a government does. At this point though, I think few Americans can claim ignorance anymore (many have just voted how they were raised to vote and so on). The wars should have opened all Americans eyes to what they have been deceived to vote for. They need to vote to fix things not continue it as it has been. Course there is still concern that everything is rigged and no one's vote actually counts. But we aren't going to get our country back from crooked politicians without a fight.
Sorry for another comment, but I wanted to check out +Gordon Murphy profile and see where he is from. Gordon, since you are from Oz I was curious about something. I heard Australia is commodity based. But I also read today that Oz is the world's third biggest exporter of gold. I don't know why that wasn't more widely reported when I researched this before (I research all world currencies due to concern over the USD), but am I understanding this right that Australia basically has the gold standard then? Everything I read had always said oil before. This site states that the correlation between the Australian dollar and gold is 80%.
+Jenn Dodd My above points still stand on why Gary is wrong about the actual source of the problem. Sure the fed is problematic, but the real problem he completely ignores.
+Christopher Sudlik I agree. It isn't just the federal reserve. But they are a big part of the problem. A Revelation- The Fed Grants $7.77 Trillion in Secret Bank Loans It's also the current tax system, the money wasted on the military (yes, we need one, but we don't need to be policing the world), the outsourcing of jobs, the out of control health care costs and it goes on. Gary Johnson is for the fair tax system. He is going to cut the military budget. It is going to take congress to take on the health care costs so I guess it's time to vote out a lot of the current politicians. To bring back jobs, buy American. And of course there is the issue with regulations that reward big businesses and hurt the small and reduces competition like you say. No need to keep the fed around.
The Governor is calling for an audit of the Fed and transparency going forward. He recognizes that ending the Fed would only leave it to the Department of the Treasury to step in where the Fed got shoved off. As far as the military goes, just getting their arms around how funding is managed and monitored will go a long way toward reducing the Defense budget, unnecessary redundancy for example. Besides, Defense is one of our Constitutionally mandated public services to citizens. Now, the Department of Education? Not so much. Whatever is saved from getting rid of that agency adds to the pot as well. I do feel though that some international touch-points are necessary if for no reason other than to know thy enemy. And, for taxes: why shouldn't everyone pay a fair share? A flat 23% consumption tax on new goods and services levels the playing field. Visitor, citizen, business (including not-for-profit), illegal, whatever... and I really like the part about getting rid of the IRS because I get to decide how to spend my whole paycheck. And a free market gives me lots of choices. He may not make sense to you, but he does to me.
Our military is funded with about 15% more than that of every other country on earth put together, well over double the next best funded military. Yes, we need a military, but can we settle for just 15% bigger than the next biggest? Its not like we are going to fight every country on earth at the same time.

Yea the Fed is actually a TINY part of the problem, and the massive loans were not secret, they are standard business, it is the FEDs job to loan out that kind of money and get paid back by institutions entirely capable of doing so. In fact, it is the basis of our economy at the moment, it is how operating capital works.

But please, don't let reality ruin your fun.
+Christopher Sudlik I do not know who your comment was for, but your "I am right everyone else is wrong" attitude I've read in every post you have written on GJ's google + is what is not realistic.  Sometimes you have really good points and sometimes you don't, sir.  Someone even agrees with you on a point and you are so set on arguing that you don't even notice.  You can post all you want on this page obviously, but I for one will not be paying attention to it anymore.  Gary Johnson 2012 and that is where I stand!
+Jenn Dodd , I write about these issues because they determine whether I'm forced to the streets by libertarian policy ensuring I can no longer afford education, aid, scholarship, tuition costs, housing prices, and everything else. Gary's policies are just extremist versions of the economics around since 1976, which have not worked, have no reason to work, show no signs of working, can not work and will not work. They will not work on a boat, they will not make our economy float. Repackaging the ultra-anti-middle-class ideas that would literally, by every reasonable simulation,  drive up prices by at least 20x over within 5 years and result in wages dropping by at least 50% within that same 5 years, and cause irreversible economic destruction, shantytowns, and poverty not seen outside of south east asia right here in America. 

In other words, I'm not going to take a step back and be all "sure, maybe this guy isn't terrible" when the facts show otherwise in every possible way. I love humanity, I love America, and I love my neighbors. I am tired of seeing them struggle and being helpless, I am tired of disgustingly anti-American wealthy bastards working to maximize profits at the expense of human life, pride, freedom, and dignity. These issues are too important to let slide.

+Danny Baker , his policies are just extremist versions of republican policy, minus social control. Having him in the polls would be pointless as he doesn't represent a big enough number to be relevant, and having him in the debates is redundant because we have already seen a massive failure of Republican policy, moving further in that direction is clearly NOT the answer.
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