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Gov. Gary Johnson

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President Obama is fond of issuing Executive Orders. While he's at it, I would strongly suggest issuing one to put an end to Super Bowl parties and golf tournaments for federal staffers -- on the taxpayers' tab.
Cruise-boat dinners, Super Bowl parties and golf tournaments were part of Department of Energy conferences that cost taxpayers more than $21 million over a 16-month span, according to a new report from the department’s inspector general.
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Gov. Gary Johnson won't run unless we can have a fair election! Let's support our America. let's not have special interest groups be in charge of our best interests. Including partying on tax payer money. Why can't they use their own money? It is our money we pay his salary too. The two-party system has got to go. we can't have a fair election in this country for president I presidents are bought and paid for. Gary Johnson is a lot like Pres. Kennedy was I believe Gary Johnson cannot be bought. Pres. Kennedy was our last real president.
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Gov. Gary Johnson

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Wednesday evening, I faced what may be the easiest question I've encountered from the national news media. Neil Cavuto asked if the states should be pushing back against federal overreach. Well...YES.
Former Gov. Gary Johnson, (R-NM), and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on limiting federal government powers and the 2016 election.
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Your stock is dropping, Gary.

If our country can't produce 100 good Senators, how will 50 states ever find enough good leaders?

So 'united we stand' is no longer convenient?

Federal overreach...does that mean 'law'?

There was this war back in the 1860's. Mean old Abe Lincoln threw a huge fit over States' thinking hey could make it better on their own. Then, a few years later, WWII proved him right.

It seems those who dislike the rules that constrain them are usually crooks. 

If Fox is your new brand, I'll thank you for letting us know who you've become. And I'll judge you accordingly.
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Gov. Gary Johnson

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+Keith Dart Yep I was mega pissed at bush gsus jr for denying the Kurds their own state. We should have gone with them they most closely match our own culture. We still could but too many Saudi banker whores in charge of our country. 
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Gov. Gary Johnson

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Help us change the Presidential debates. Please share this post and make a donation today.…
Join Our America Initiative in the fight to allow more than TWO MAJOR PARTY PARTICIPANTS in the Presidential Debates. This is the most important politic...
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+Van D.
He's been hanging out with Jill too much, the socialism is rubbing off.
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Gov. Gary Johnson

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Gov. Gary Johnson

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The Our America Initiative has joined a coalition of more than 50 organizations to let Congress know of our strong opposition to any increases in the federal gas tax.
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Gov. Gary Johnson

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Security vendor Kaspersky outs a group capable of inserting spying software onto hard drives around the world, while Reuters fingers the NSA as the culprit.
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Gary should loudly pursue Edward Snowden for his Vice Presidential candidate.
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Gov. Gary Johnson

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Van D.
The ugly reality that the Libertarian Party wont face, is that too many of the public dont want to be free.  Too many of the public are accomplices to the oppression all around us.

But the LP exists to play the democracy game, and they know they'll never get elected by telling the voters the truth - that the voters are part of the problem, and in fact have become their own worst enemy.

One of the great weaknesses of democracy is being a garbage-in, garbage-out system.

In promoting the philosophy of liberty to the American voting majority and expecting to win any election in our lifetimes, they might as well be trying to teach calculus to chimps and expecting to see correct answers.

Maybe the LP can win a presidential election in the next 100 years, that's a real possibility.  But it wont be within the next 20 years at least.  And it sure as hell wont be 2016.

I was a devout registered check-writing soap-box-preaching Libertarian from the late 90s through Ron Paul's 3rd run in 2008.  Dont think for one second I dont believe in the cause of liberty.

I just dont believe in the American voter anymore.
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Gov. Gary Johnson

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It appears that our President wants to replace "mindless austerity" with more mindless spending. Is thoughtful austerity not an option?? - Gov. Gary Johnson
Republicans say the budget includes too many tax hikes and too much spending.
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how about austerity for the corporations that started the problems? why should i tighten my belt if they get to add notches to theirs?
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Gov. Gary Johnson

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Our America's Honorary Chairman Gov. Gary Johnson had a great opportunity last week to speak to the Wisconsin Forum. Great folks, great questions, a great evening.
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Need a heads up next time on when you're on you're way.
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Honorary Chairman of Our America Initiative
  • Our America Initiative
    Honorary Chairman, 2013 - present
  • Gary Johnson 2012
    Libertarian Presidential Candidate, 2011 - 2013
  • Big J Enterprises
    Founder/CEO, 1976 - 1996
  • State of New Mexico
    Governor, 1995 - 2003
  • Our America Initiative
    Honorary Chairman, 2008 - 2011
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Taos, New Mexico
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PO Box 1985, Salt Lake City, UT 84110
Honorary Chairmain of Our America Initiative | 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate & two-term Governor of New Mexico.
About Governor Gary Johnson: A two-term governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003, Gary Johnson has been a consistent advocate for limited, efficient government and personal liberty. As the Libertarian candidate for President in 2012, he received more votes than any Libertarian candidate in history. An outspoken pro-Constitution libertarian, Johnson opposes American involvement in foreign conflicts with no clear U.S. interest. He opposes the failed multi-billion dollar war on drugs and demands greater transparency at the Federal Reserve. Johnson advocates cutting federal spending dramatically to achieve a balanced budget and make government live within its means without raising taxes. He believes real job creation and economic opportunity can be best achieved through smaller government and less regulation. The National Review rated Johnson as "#1" in job creation as governor. An avid skier and bicyclist, he has reached the highest peaks on five of the seven continents, including Mount Everest and, recently, Aconcagua in Argentina.
Bragging rights
I have two great kids: my son, Erik, and daughter, Seah, who both help out with the campaign. I've completed over 30 triathlons, competed in the Hawaii Iron Man competition, and have summitted four of the world's highest peaks, including Mt. Everest. As Governor of New Mexico, I vetoed about as many bills as the other 49 Governors--combined. I was one of only 4 Governors in the country to leave my state with a balanced budget, and I created that surplus while cutting taxes 14 times. A recent National Review report showed that out of all the Governors running for the Republican presidential nomination this year, job growth was highest under my watch than anyone else's.
  • Sandia High School
    1968 - 1971
  • University of New Mexico
    1971 - 1975
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