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Tech Geek, Sports, Science, and Politics Follower

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First day as an intern at Rosetta..... what a view of Cleveland
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Well I think we can safely say now, Cleveland LET'S GO! To the Finals now! #cavs  

They said they shouldn't be there, they said they weren't good enough. But they did.... not with #1 quarterback, not with #2 quarterback, but with the #3 quarterback and they beat the three Heisman finalists in a row to win it all. A well deserved championship for the Bucks. Finally won and done! GGWP Oregon #O -H #OSU   #BUCKEYES  

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Most but I do like the direction that MS is taking with Spartan. It looks like they are adding some really neat features from other browsers. Cortana will add Google now functionality that really makes searching simple and the grouping capability of Firefox, I really wish chrome had this. Spartan has my attention but its still not there enough to make me consider switching. Chrome has incredible account tie ins that make it easy to use and the extension support is there. Firefox has a much more personal browsing experience, which I love as you can change damn near anything to make it how you want it. So MS good job, Spartan looks a whole lot more interesting now, continue with this and I really want to try it out soon!

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I wouldn't say most advanced browser ever but I do like the direction that MS is taking with Spartan. I use Chrome mainly and I really love the grouping of Firefox so Spartan bringing them together is a nice addition. It also seems they are adding some Cortana stuff like Google Now functions in the browser. So far, I like it but I still want to see more, its got my attention but not enough to warrant a switch. The account integration of Chrome and its ease of use with countless extensions make it my favorite and Firefox is a close second allowing me a more personal use with its large selection of extensions to customize everything so MS good job, I can't wait to see more and really try it out. #Spartan  

Stuart, Thank You for so many great years in sports. Watching you on NFL Countdown, Sportscenter, NBA Finals, etc. was amazing, you made them your own. You will be greatly missed and you will always be cooler than the other side of the pillow.  #StuartScott  

The buckeyes like to keep us on the edge, but YES, Oregon you're next!

Happy new year! Let's make 2015 a great year! #2015

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At this point, we may have to see what other Halo name projects MS has running... Project Halo, Project ODST....

The Interview was a pretty good film. A bromance film with Rogen and Franco, which I personally like after Pineapple Express and This is the End. More importantly, I hope people who are looking to watch the film purchase it digitally. If this film gets enough through digital distribution, more movies might come to digital day one. This film could usher in digital movie distribution. For the US its $6 to rent and $15 to buy so it isn't that bad considering ticket prices cost just as much if not more.
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