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Got News is intended to transform journalism by empowering everyday people and experts to break news, share the links, and earn income. Got News is in stage one of its rollout, where we will publish our own stories as well as those of select researchers and citizen journalists. In stage two, users can join the site and start posting stories to earn income based on web traffic. Users can also earn income from the traffic they generate to Got News (with a unique ID) by posting Got News stories on social media and other sites.

Investigative journalist Charles C Johnson got the idea for Got News after he stopped writing for the Daily Caller in January 2014. Johnson was frustrated with the lack of serious investigative journalism, and the adversity to risk of the national media. He recognized that most published stories were only partially true, while other important stories were never told at all. Meanwhile, Johnson received a constant stream of information from part time researchers around the country who were eager for an outlet for their work.

Got News adheres to the Journalist Creed which maintains that:

  1. Journalists must be public trustees with the full measure of responsibility to the public
  2. Accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism
  3. A single standard of truth must prevail for all
  4. Suppression of the news is indefensible
  5. Journalism must be independent, unbiased by personal opinion, and always unafraid.

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