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Isn't this absurd? The area of an entire city required to provide less power than a single coal-fired turbine?

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Introducing the World’s Strongest and World’s Most Expensive Beer

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could also mention litter reduction, more NB imo
"Reusing a single plastic bag three times has the same environmental impact as using a cotton tote bag 393 times.

"The study found that the production of tote bags commonly marketed as sustainable actually had an environmental impact many times larger than that of a standard plastic HDPE bag."
Tote bags have become so ubiquitous that even men are carrying them around . Retailers started pushing tote bags as early as 2007 to promote sustainability, on the assumption that reusing the same bag can help curb customers’ carbon footprints.
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Good to see you again Kogelberg

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The Man in the High Castle?
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The World Nomad Games, Kyrgyzstan. 
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Through continued development, AlphaGo has created a unique and extremely powerful approach to the game of Go. To articulate its innovations as fully as possible, I enlisted the help of world champions Gu Li 9p and Zhou Ruiyang 9p. Together, we conducted an exhaustive analysis of the five games between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol, and of three games AlphaGo played against itself shortly before the match. We found its ideas both exciting and inspiring, and it became clear to us that AlphaGo represents not only a scientific and technological advancement, but also a milestone in human understanding of Go. Unconstrained by human biases, and free to experiment with radical new approaches, AlphaGo has demonstrated great open-mindedness and invigorated the game with creative new strategies. Of course, no one strategy can guarantee a player’s success, but learning from these games is sure to have a positive, enlightening impact on one’s Go strength and style.

You may note that some games are shown with Black's first stone in the lower left. Although this is not the traditional orientation, this commentary presents many of AlphaGo's own analyses, so we thought it would be interesting also to give a sense of AlphaGo's perspective. The following games are presented exactly as they were entered into AlphaGo, so the reader will experience the self-play games the same way they were created, and the five-game match just as Aja Huang did when sitting across from Lee Sedol.
English language version of the AlphaGo Games pages

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"Modern witchcraft is the Friends of the Earth at prayer." -- Terry Pratchett :D
I want to talk about magic, how magic is portrayed in fantasy, how fantasy literature has in fact contributed to a very distinct image of magic, and perhaps most importantly how the Western world in general has come to accept a very precise and extremely suspect image of magic users.
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