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RaiserBot will be unavailable after November 30, 2016

Three years ago, we set out to provide an amazing toolkit and on-line predictive model for fundraisers, crowdfunders, non-profits and charities to help create a better world by empowering people with knowledge and tools they needed to plan their fundraising.

RaiserBot was a side project for each of us, planned and implemented on evenings and weekends. We were never able to devote the time we would have liked to growing the kind of community of users that would enable us to take RaiserBot to a sustainable level.

We wish all of you the best in your efforts to Fund the Future.

If you are a user of RaiserBot, we want to ease this transition for you.

Please log in ( to find a link that will allow you to download your data in the form of a set of CSV files that you can import into Excel or another spreadsheet or database application.

A newbie's first Rust program:

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Today I learned: if you are converting an old Asp.NET MVC project from SimpleMembership to Asp.NET Identity, and AuthorizeAttribute with roles is crashing trying to create a SimpleMembership database, turn off the RoleManager module in system.webServer/modules.

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Released version 4.0 of the IronMeta parser generator:

This release contains some refactoring for VS2015, and no longer tries to install the VS extension; instead, the extension is available in the VS Gallery:

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Due to an unforseen family medical situation, the founder of the startup I have been working for has been forced to put the business on hold.

So I am looking for opportunities, as they say. I have a wealth of experience in software development, from NLP, video games, full-stack desktop and web development, to compiler technology and virtual reality. I am voraciously curious and thrive on innovation, research and experimentation.

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A 102-year-old defends her thesis from the 1930's.

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"Fury Road is receiving a lot of buzz for being a feminist movie, which I think is code for “a film that doesn’t shit all over the entire idea of women.” Which we need a word for these days, and the fact that we need a word for that is probably why Miller made Furiosa the hero.

But if Fury Road elevates girls in film, it’s only so they can join the boys. It’s not at the expense of boys. Furiosa’s strength and drive doesn’t render Max redundant or irrelevant. It requires Max. The family, Miller is saying, needs both. The mother-figure and the father-figure. Even as someone from a single-parent home, that’s hard to argue with."

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