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Technology enthusiast Media consultant Pragmatic conservative


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Big Bang "star" protests

Another Hollywood dimwit is protesting the ban on potential terrorists entering the country. So, now I have to decide to boycott his show or watch him make $1M per episode and not house, feed, clothe and be responsible for any of them.

That settles it - BOYCOTT.

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The Dem Fake News About GOP Electors is . . . *FALSE*

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PBS could be on the chopping block. A budget cut I would agree with.

Google starting to block anti-Hillary posts. Just had two blocked.
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Trump may sue NBC

Donald Trump may sue NBC over the tape of his "locker room" talk with Billy Bush. He would certainly have standing and could win. If he and Bush were the only people on the bus, Trump may have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Yes, he was their to tape a show, but the interview was not on the bus.

Could he win? Possibly, but many times lawsuits are filed for a settlement not a judgement.

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More alleged groping

If Golria Allred is involved, most of this is fake and false.

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Congressional RINOs Have Just Turned Their Back on the Will of the People . . . AGAIN!

Time to vote them all out of office.

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Obama to veto 9/11 bill

The WH is planning (threatening) to veto the 9/11 bill almost unanimously passed by Congress. Thus showing his affinity and loyalty to Muslims and Islam

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Lochte Dumped

It appears there are consequences for lying and acting like a fool. The entitled drunken frat boy, Ryan Lochte, has been dumped by two major companies. Let's hope there are more. Let's also hope USA Swimming and the USOC take action to get this guy out of any future competitions. End his career now.
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