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Gordon Makryllos
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Gordon Makryllos

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Gordon Makryllos

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Gordon Makryllos

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Why You Hate Work 
Excessive demands are leading to burnout everywhere.
Holistic approach to good #leadership 
Thinking outside the box is greatbut turning one's gaze inward can produce surprising results.
Executive Leader focused on Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Innovation, Alliances, IT, Telecommunications, Security, Data Centers, Cloud, Power Management & Infrastructure, Services
With extensive experience derived from diverse leadership roles with global organisations, Gordon's success includes executive roles with IBM, Telstra, APC by Schneider Electric and Orange Business Services. Gordon has demonstrated a successful track record in leading the transformation of teams into the market leaders of the region.

With a focus on strategy, innovation, alliances, marketing, team culture and employee engagement, he has led and coached teams that have exceeded market expectations. Gordon is a recognised ICT thought leader, having various articles published on the ICT opportunities and challenges faced by CEOs & CIOs. 

Gordon has earned a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales, an MBA plus a Master of Organisational Coaching from the University of Sydney. His Director accreditation includes graduating with a GAICD from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and awarded Fellow accreditation as FAICD.

B Eng (Elec. Eng.), M.B.A., M.Org.Coaching, FAICD, FAIM
Bragging rights
  • University of Sydney
    Executive Coaching
    Master of Organisational Coaching
  • Univerity of Sydney
    Marketing & Finance
    Masters Of Business Administration
  • Harvard Business School
    Strategy & Alliances
    Transformation of Global Organisations
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors
    Non-Executive Director
  • University of New South Wales
    Computer Science
    B.E. (Elec Eng)
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Looking for
Leader in Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Innovation, Alliances, Multi-Channels, Digital, Security, Cloud, Power Management & Infrastructure, Services & Partnerships
  • ICT Industry
    Executive Leader
    Leader in Strategy, Marketing & Sales Innovation, Alliances, Channels, Digital, Cloud, Mobile, Power Management & Infrastructure, Social, Services.
  • Orange Business Services
    Managing Director
    CEO for Australasia
  • Schneider Electric
    Vice President
    CEO for APC Australasia & VP for Schneider Electric, Pacific
  • IBM
    Strategy & Alliances
  • Telstra
    Strategy & Alliances
  • PictureTel Corp.
    Managing Director
    CEO for Australasia
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Sydney, Australia
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