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I do not agree with us sending our men and women, to be peace keepers, in elections, when the necessary protocols have not taken place, such as the constitutional talks, they are not even started, or even divisions made - thus any elections cannot be validated?

We are again supporting a governance of hodge podge criminals backed by a government south of us that has continued to make International mistakes, of International scale, for what seems like an "International amount of time"
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Gord Birch

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Yes, that is a Banana Popsicle! :) Yes! 
Frozen yummy peelable outside, and ice-cream inside!!!
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+Christine Glew Yes, it is fully edible and yummy, and bendible and wow
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Gord Birch

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Be informed! Please
As I said, I have people on a CBC share, saying how dangerous Pot is, I also shared a Adam Kokesh Video where he talks with a person who is positive that keeping it illegal is the only way to solve a "Safety" issue that he never in the talk, fully defines, and could never explain how it compares to alcohol

Well here it is :) And I do not, in any way - say to make Alcohol illegal, no way - we have to make informed choices. Period. 

Marijuana is just Safer! 
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I had enough people, sorry to delete her last message, but I asked her over and over to put and end to this, and leave this to others to discuss, she seemed to want to be the star of this show, and she is not

We will move on
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Gord Birch

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Cat Yoga - Never mind Dirty Dog!
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Gord Birch

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+CBC News yesterday put out a good news article calling on people to talk about the legalization in Canada, the article is worth looking up, as there are a lot of naysayers on it, but a few in particular calling pot dangerous. 

Many attempts to get some data on this call, have resulted in name calling, and flaming, but yet, no data - SOOOO...

I put this out there, for all you Naysayers - use this, to post your Proof of danger of pot to us or the public

Remember: Not one death has ever been attributed to POT - if it was, you know our health officials or government would be all over it.
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I tried that a couple of days ago...not really sure how I felt about it, was just a test. Dry-herb atomizer. Was different, but I'd have to sit and, you know, burn one to decide, lol.

+Gord Birch I could use the lasts longer but I'm quitting for a bit anyway to save up some cash.
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Gord Birch

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Just damned pretty! 
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That's my kind of awesomeness! I hope our cactus blooms again this year!
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Oh No Putin, I did not know you had "High Level Sanction Technology"

Haha, I know it is old, but it is good :) 
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Gord Birch

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Have you ever balanced a Gecko on your Head?
I have done it, cause fun is good
you should try it, I wish you would :) 
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The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it (Orwell)
I am first, and foremost - a Dad - this will always take precedent in my life

I am an Opinionated "I call Bullshit!!!" kind of man, who stands up for what is right - and I don't like labels... so I won't wear one...

I am not here to make people like me, although friends make the world go around, I have a clear goal and that is to help people love each other - I (Myself) - am irrelevant to that - except as a facilitator - I teach through life by this I mean - If through my life lessons and stories, I can help you tomorrow, to look at people differently, more openly - and with more love in your heart - then I am successful - only then, am I relevant  

I dig being a great Father to Cari-lynn, and Cristi (In their early 30's) and +Gord Birch III who is late 20's and Young Pasha who is almost 5, and Grampa to 5 kids and I dig peace and love and spreading that in a very non intrusive way. 

If you think you find emotion in my post, it must be yours, because I don't put it in mine, unless the post says it is one - learn to read text like a Vulcan

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Trollers and Haters (Manners on the web?)
I am so tired of those who think that because an opinion is different than the one they have, that the other person is a Fool, or Deluded, and many other words I don't use - Do you speak to your mother with that tongue? - Time to call a Troll a Troll 

Manners is all it takes, show respect is all I ask, and... I will call out everyone I see showing disrespect.

I write a blog called Snippets of Life (See link at the right) and I write about anything my readers want to know about, name it, ask me, I will research and write. 

I am also a Photographer, one who lives outside the rules of boring snap and shoot photography. I do mostly Landscape HDR photography and some Architectural HDR as well. I also love to do a lot of Transport Pictures.

 I love people, but mostly I don't shoot people. I have always been a rule breaker, so teach me more about photography, so I have more rules I can break. On the right is the link to both my Business Moon Wind and my 2 blogs, one which shows my art, and one where I go on about many subjects I find close to me.

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