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To fix the speculation that we are isolating ourselves, we only shift gears to better utilize our resources. Back to "Not following..."
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What the Ever Living &(&# is going on RCMP???

Harassing legal users - shutting down legal storefronts (Semi legal only because of a poorly enforced Government program with loopholes like crazy)

The current government is legalizing the product they are shutting them down for. THIS MUST STOP!


+MMJ Total Health Care

The RCMP have followed through on their threats and raided three Nanaimo cannabis dispensaries.

Three weeks after cease-and-desist letters ordered city dispensaries to be shut down, the RCMP have moved against the businesses.

Phoenix Pain Management Society, Nature’s Source Society and Trees Dispensary have been reported to have been raided.

Phoenix Pain Management Society operator Matthew O’Donnell said he wasn’t on the premises when police entered with a search warrant, but two volunteers were detained.

“Both of them were senior citizens,” said O’Donnell. “Can you imagine what’s going through their minds as they’re being thrown into a cop car because they’re senior citizens that use medicinal cannabis, both of whom have licences and cards?”

O’Donnell said police are currently in his business and have restricted access to only RCMP.

“They took everybody out and now they’re doing whatever they want in there,” said O’Donnell. “We don’t know what they’re doing.”

“I can confirm that today, Nanaimo RCMP have executed search warrants at three storefronts,” said Cpl. Jon Stuart in an issued statement. “These warrants were judicially authorized and Nanaimo RCMP has worked closely with the Public Prosecution Service Canada (PPSC), from the start of these investigations.”

“We believe issuing the notification was a fair and measured approach, providing time for consultation and compliance.”

In the statement, Stuart said the raids came after police received complaints from the pubic.

“For instance, we had a grandmother allege her 15 year old grandchild had purchased marihuana from a storefront,” Stuart’s statement read. “Some of the storefronts were actively soliciting business by having sales people stand outside and/or waving signs to solicit customers, whether or not they had prescriptions.”

“When I have reports of storefronts selling marihuana to youth and concerned community members approaching me about it, we are compelled to take enforcement action,” said Supt. Mark Fisher.

O’Donnell said the complaint in the press release was so vague that he questioned its authenticity.

“We saw their ridiculous press release this morning,” said O’Donnell. “It’s grasping at straws. Go ahead and make these ridiculous claims — people aren’t stupid, they know how ridiculous that sounds.”

Stuart said the RCMP looked at the dispensaries the same way they would treat alcohol or prescription medicine being sold on a street corner.

“We cannot permit an illegal substance to be sold in a similar manner, particularly when people have complained about it,” Stuart stated. “There is no legal mechanism in Canada which allows for ‘medicinal marihuana dispensaries’ or ‘compassion clubs’ to sell or gift to the public.”

With three dispensaries currently being searched by police and two that had chosen to shut down before the RCMP’s deadline, five businesses remain in operation, for now.

“You made this threat to all the dispensaries and now you’re just targeting three?” said O’Donnell. “It makes me curious if maybe they’re using it to try and pick people off one by one.”

O’Donnell said the Nanaimo Cannabis Coalition remains strong and united but is disappointed with the actions of the RCMP that seem to contradict public and political opinion.

“I hate to sound over dramatic, but it sounds like a police state to me.”

“For the RCMP to do this is a waste of money and a waste of resources,” said O’Donnell. “They’re wasting all this tax money to bust these medicinal cannabis users but at the same time, in about six months from now we’re going to be contributing through tax revenue. The hypocrisy is just massive.”

RCMP have said they will not be commenting further on the issue.
The RCMP have raided at least three of Nanaimo cannabis dispensaries.
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Gord Birch

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Hope you enjoy this. 
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Gord Birch

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Gord Birch

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‘Gas & Grass’ #Marijuana Gas Station Now Open In #Colorado . #MMJTHC
Native Roots, a Colorado chain of marijuana dispensaries recently opened a marijuana gas station next to one of its Colorado Springs locations.
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A year ago :) 
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Gord Birch

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Sharing this again, over and over my friends, great place, lovely glass
We are giving away a THOUSAND dollars in glass! There are many many ways to enter. Share this post daily, tag +SmokinJsLLC and hash #JsRealm to enter online. For more ways to win check out our blog:
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Join in :)
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Gord Birch

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Statistically correct. 
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Gord Birch

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Found on road, can anyone identify this? Hahaha
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And it could contain all kinds of stuff. That was back when space was precious and no one abused it.


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Gord Birch

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+Damien Boath so very true 
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They should allow zero stars for BELOW HATED! Yuri the new owner hates people, and should not be in the business at all They drive around looking for people making 'infractions' of the rules and get in arguments with them - Our Family (EXTENDED over 100 strong) have gone to this campground through 6 owners, for over 30 years, and my Parents have lived ON the campground for 26. This campground has attracted us year after year as a place of fun, panning, playing, a Museum, great food in the Cafe, etc... ---------- NOW - it is a horrible time, with an overbearing owner and his wife, coming down and screaming at customers for infractions (ANY) of rules, parking wrong, 2 people on a trampoline, or trying to park for 1 hour for free at a memorial service. We had my mother's memorial service there (God rest her soul) and he fought with 3 different people NOT including me, whom I had to tell him to leave the members of the memorial alone from that point on - no personal threat ever made but a PROMISE was made - to tell EVERYONE who could read - that they SHOULD NOT stay at his campsite It will not be a nice stay, our family will never stay again, over 30 years and likely thousands of days of stays, STOPPED!
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I show up at the door, my 3rd head shop visit of the day, with my 6 year old son holding my hand and I am told right away rudely "You can't bring children in here" "But he is with me, you aren't selling anything illegal, and there is no law against it" "Leave now" I left, but they continued to PEER out the window at me and my son, waving as we left, more MOCKING?? Wow eh? And not ONE of their websites are up for complaint, but I hear from the other headshop owners it will go nowhere. ------------- I am a legal, Medical Cannabis patient - and education of our children is an important part of this new future, but this store is now on my boycott list, and as a PRIME proponent and advocate to the future of cannabis in Alberta, I will do what I can to ensure they change their policy.
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I love this place, open great hours, and the staff are down to earth, and always willing to help. Wouldn't mind the prices on Gecko's going 'down' a bit, but they have a small store, and I understand overhead :)
Public - a year ago
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Everything from taste to friendliness, spot on!
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
29 reviews
This is by far not the cheapest but the best, because of the people, they KNOW what they are doing, they KNOW the products they sell, and they are friendly, I always hang out for a while and just talk
Public - 12 months ago
reviewed 12 months ago
The facilities are old, but service makes up for that
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Back to what I expected, they were not good a couple times in the past, but this Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon was perfect
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago