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Gopinath Karunamoorthy
Attract, Assess, Engage & Hire Top Talents for Career Opportunities @ Verizon!
Attract, Assess, Engage & Hire Top Talents for Career Opportunities @ Verizon!


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Thinking Matters!
The ability to think in other's perspective is key, when nurturing / building a relationship!  # ThinkingMatters   # GopiKaruna

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To-do-list & Wish-list!
Differences in my viewpoint: To-do list - you've to work on them and you'll not be efficient if you pile them up & Wish list - you can pile them and if you work for it, you'll be more effective in what you do!

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Change & Time!
Difficult times always come by and it doesn't matter whether you know how to swim but need to know how to float to get yourself to shore! # GopiKaruna

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Love yourself before you start spreading Love!  # FreeHug   # ShadowHugger

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You're Unique!
If you're thinking that you're no match to someone, you already are! Do believe that everyone has a standard to deliver and do live up to yours!!! # GopiKaruna   # BPositive

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'Wisdom' does not have to depend on our age but by the "Experience" we have gained in life. 

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There is nothing much better than a Hug from your loved ones, when you needed the most!  # BearHugger   # FreeHug   # Love

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Be a Trendsetter!
People will follow You, if you Lead them as an example or you will just be walking in front of them as many others do, without making any impact! Be a Trendsetter!!

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Food for thought!
There is always good & bad in every aspect of life; Scoop the good and Scrap the rest to fill your life with colors!!!  # BColorful

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Lesson from OS upgrade!
As we grow, we discover different versions of behavior in handling a situation in personal/professional life. If we work on fixes in our earlier versions, we get better day by day!!!   # UpgradeYourself # BPositive   # BBetterEveryday   # BetterMatters
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