Notable notes from the captains meeting:

388 teams currently registered. Regular bibs are orange. Ultra bibs are green. There's one two-man team (both Ragnar employees) with fluorescent pink bibs.

Leg changes due to road construction: Leg 13's road is torn up, so it goes from 5.1 miles to 6.0 miles. Leg 14 goes from 3.5 miles to 5.7 miles but goes over a "pretty cool trail." Leg 30's trail is having a bus station installed, so it goes from 6.0 miles to 3.5 miles. RagMag will have an insert with updates. Our updated runner schedule is below.

Legs 3,8,32 are nonsupport. There is one water station for each 4 miles of nonsupport. They'll add more water stations or misters or ice cups if the heat index is high.

Night hours (lights and vests) are 8 PM to 6:30 AM. What matters is what time you start your leg. Race officials may text us to keep our night gear on longer in the morning if it is foggy. Knuckle lights are acceptable in place of headlamps.

Petzl is a sponsor. They'll do free battery checks/replacements at the starting line.

Run against traffic unless indicated. Leg 24 is with traffic.

Don't swap out runners in the middle of a leg if someone gets hurt. Just drive them to the next exchange.

Indoor showers, but the schools might sell towels or soap.

Indoor sleeping. Ex 6,30 may rent or give out a limited number of yoga mats. Ex 6,12 are gym floors. Ex 24 is a wrestling room.

Food being sold as fundraisers at all major exchanges but no food at exchange 12. Ex 6 is burritos. Ex 18 will be pasta. Ex 24 will be baked potato bar, maybe soups when it gets colder.

Ex 5 parking will be tough, so follow volunteer directions carefully. It's at a church, and the pastor's daughter's wedding will be happening at the same time. Wedding starts at 4, but they'll be taking pictures all day.

Thank the police and ham radio operators for their help. The radio people are pure volunteers. Be respectful of residents. Often have noise complaints around Ex 18,31.

There will be medics within 100 yards of each major exchange. Blisters are usually the main issue. Bringing hand sanitizer or wipes is often useful.

Let the race officials know if signs are missing. There are about 760 signs along the course. The 14 officials each have about 50 extras in their vehicles.

The ferry runs every 30 minutes. They'll try to post wait times at the finish line.
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