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Google App Engine lets you create apps that are easy to scale and manage since they're built on the same infrastructure that power Google's applications. App Engine serves more than 1 million applications, two trillion data store operations, and half of the world's active IP addresses each month, and continues its growth at #io12 with several new features and wider availability:

- EU datacenter: Host your application in EU-only datacenters for specified data location needs.
- Cloud Endpoints: Build robust mobile and web backend on Google App Engine using Cloud Endpoints and access your application data from any device.
- Cloud SQL open signups: Anyone can sign up for Google Cloud SQL.
- SSL for custom domains: Serve secure traffic from your App Engine application. SSL for custom domains is now generally available for everyone.
- PageSpeed Service (experimental): Speed up the loading time of your web pages with single click activation. 

It's exciting to see how our community of developers and businesses are pushing the platform into new areas and building some great applications. We look forward to seeing where you take it next!
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