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Google Enterprise hung out with 3 people. #hangoutsonairTeresa Wu, Jonathan Rochelle, and Jeff Harris
Google Enterprise Hangout On Air
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Can you recommend a way to track changes: See recent changes highlighted, get email notifications for changes on a Document (I know it can be done easily in Spreadsheets, but how about Writer...)?
How can i take part in this Hangout??? i dont see the link???
I've got a Google Docs question. I'm a school teacher and I use Docs with my students. I also use the instant upload feature to take pics and videos of them working. I love how the pics I've taken are available for the students to easily put them in the documents and presentations they make. Question: Is there any plans to allow the videos that are loaded via the instant-upload feature to be integrated the same way the pics have been integrated?
Oh, and another question. With my 3rd graders, I have them log in to the same Google account simultaneously (since they aren't old enough to have their own gmail accounts). It would be a great feature to add a simple PIN to the folders. I use the folders in docs to help the students keep their personal projects organized. Sometimes, some of the students go into other students projects and change or delete them. If the administrator could add a PIN to each folder, this would help curb this problem. Question: Is a feature like this already in development?
What was that called again? I couldn't understand.
Nice to see the demo being done using a Chromebook!
Any chance of getting a way to print mail merge results and more particularly envelopes an labels, it is one of the few things I need to use a desktop program for, I can't get a few people via e-mail still need paper labels and envelopes!!
When will we get the ability to migrate our data from a account to a Google Apps account? That feature has been promised since last October IIRC...

BTW: Trying to start the video only shows a "This video is not available" for me.
J Sal
This is excellent
contextual spell check... nice!
Loving the hangout, but I may have to leave earlier than I would like. Please do keep these types of hangouts going!! It is very helpful.
Terrific!! Thank you very much. I truly appreciated the feedback from an Enterprise user. I'm currently trying to convince my company to switch and hearing some of the comments from Trump Hotels really helped.
Just tried out the "open folder" of Drive and while very interesting it was a bit frustrating to find out that it lacks search!
What is Google doing to lure lawyers? Make the transition from word we need to have pleading paper and pleading templates.
Thanks +Joe Tierney ...I will be checking on that over the summer. (I think there was an email sent to us about that at the beginning of the year)
+Al Elliott you bet. It's a no brainer. If you get push back from IT, you need a new IT team ;-)
I just emailed him about it "we're currently working on that..." was the response. Hopefully there will be an email sent over the summer.; )
+Al Elliott Well that's good! Just so you know, that's a project that should take weeks, not months so you can keep them honest.
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