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Introducing Google Drive, the newest member of Google Apps. Drive is a place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your work with the same business-ready security and reliability benefits you’re used to with Google Apps.
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I'm curious how this will interact with Google Music, since that already allows (for free) much more storage given its 20,000 song limit. Hopefully those don't get pulled into this and used against the overall "cloud" storage limit imposed by Google Drive.
We'll see how it matches with Skydrive and it's 25 Go ???
Finally!!! Thank you!
+Guillaume Bret You can choose to upgrade to 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month or even 1TB for $49.99/month. When you upgrade to a paid account, your Gmail account storage will also expand to 25GB.
+Raj Harie Yes my friend, that's the point. Free for Crosoft, not free for Google... I am kind of disappointed...

Furthermore, I think the all picture is getting messy with the services and the storage...
Google + / Picasaweb (free space for videos <15min, and pictures under a certain size), but if you put pictures or videos on drive, it seems to count against the limit. Google Docs for free, but excel counts... I think that a rationalization would be a good thing to simplify the message sent to the customers...
+Guillaume Bret Agreed buddy... MS did reduce the size of Skydrive to 7Gb this week though. Old accounts can still request the up to 25Gb.
The storage is getting messy...but since I use Google Apps, it kind of makes #GDrive a no-brainer though.
Will there be a solution for Mac Drive app to add more than 1 account?
In the Android App I can switch between my accounts (@gmail and but in the Mac app I can't find out how to add more than 1 drive.
+Raj Harie if you have not noticed for enterprise customers i.e google apps version of google drive the storage is expensive than normal google drive i.e. $4/month for 20gb(equivalent to what dropbox costs, google gets gready here) and not $2.49/month for 25gb(this is for consumers and not enterprise).
+Kartik Negi I noticed that earlier. It does separate private and enterprise. Privately you can purchase storage using your own credit card on a google apps account. The business can also pay for storage for their users but this comes with the standard sla of 99.99% for the storage. The admin can also allocate storage and there is also a reseller margin in it. If the user leaves, storage can be reallocated and documents transferred to another user.

That being said I don't know why it warrants such a big price differential, but I have also not read through the Drive for Business information thoroughly enough. It's still early and there's a lot of info to trawl through.
It also only applies to Goggle Apps for Business, Edu and Org accounts and not Standard. 
I have not been able to enable Google Drive for my Google Apps work account. I don't get anything about invites or anything else.. just that it is not enabled yet :(
Thank you for such a swift response! I did not know that there was the rapid-release option. I have changed that on my domain. I figure it will take some time to propagate.
+Google Enterprise My domain is on the Rapid Release track already, and I see the new options for Drive in the admin control panel—but I’m still seeing the “Your Google Drive is not ready yet” message on
(Not that I could really use it yet, anyways, without Linux support?)
Finally ,the Google Drive has launched.
+Raj Harie Do tell me also when you figure out what are the differentiators between enterprise and consumer version of google drive which could justify the price difference between them.

I did not find any functional difference between them, it is just that they want to gain more(more than double) from enterprise customers and at the same time scale in consumer model by offering reasonable rated extra storage. There is no justification at all of more than double price of enterprise version of google drive. As simple as that.
+Kartik Negi From what I have managed to get my hands on, the price differential is due to the following:
- Ability to centrally manage the storage
- Assign storage to users and remove if necessary
- 99.99% SLA
- Pay for the additional storage via the monthly billing cycle process.
- Automatically assign storage amounts to new users
- The storage sizes are a little different too. GDrive for Biz breaks down as follows: 20Gb, 50Gb, 200Gb, 400Gb, 1Tb 2, 4, 8, 16 TB

The differential being the same as Gmail vs Google Apps for Business. Enterprises want that extra level of comfort and management and maybe willing to pay a premium for it.
I like the new google drive, but please give us a pincode protection on our mobile. Thanks..!
+Jan Stokholm Its a good idea but none of the other apps have this functionality that I am aware of, on iOS especially. I have Sharefile, Skydrive, Dropbox, Box apps and actively use Sharefile and Dropbox and none have a timeout on the login or a security feature. You can activate a Pin to take the device out of standby which may help.

If the device goes missing, within Google Admin console you can reset the cookies on all devices and also change password. With Find my iPhone you can remote lock and even remote wipe the device and there is mobile management functionality for Android devices within the Google Apps Admin console.
+Raj Harie Yes I know I can control this from Admin. I'm also using Dropbox and here I can turn on a 4 digit pincode to open my Dropbox. This feature would be nice on google drive for mobile as well. Eg. my kids are sometimes using my mobile and it would be nice if they can't access my business files on google drive.
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