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Big updates to Google Apps Script

Today at #io12, we announced some big updates to Google Apps Script. It's now easier for you to create and share what you build with Apps Script. 

* Your projects are now stored in Google Drive and can be shared just like a documents and spreadsheets.
* You can now build apps with HTML and JavaScript.
* You’re now able to publish your apps to the Chrome Web Store.

Check out the new site at, and read up on everything new on the Apps Developers blog:
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That cinches it! Apps Script SIS, here I come!
Absolutely awesome to see, can't wait to start playing with the new features!
Those who are familiar with this... can I develop a chrome extension using this?
Maybe it'll let us upload bytecode/cils, so that we can compile from .net? Otherwise, its like vendor lock-in, even if free.
Ok now that you can build apps with html and javascript. Will apps built strictly on these technologies still be eligible for the Google Apps Challenge ?
+Jonathan Ballard this is just html+js I can't see how this could be vendor locked.
+Andrea Doimo Apps Script is JS, but ties heavily into Google Apps. There is a little lock in there.
+Andrea Doimo Likewise, App Engine is Python, but you can't really run your App Engine app anywhere else. 
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