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+Invisible Children is using social media and YouTube to promote their Kony 2012 campaign in a very powerful way. Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about the fight to stop Joseph Kony's rebel war in central Africa. Also check out how UCLA is using Google+ to support the campaign by creating the +Kony 2012 UCLA page.
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Yes even Google has got involved :D :D Great!!!
Invisible Children is far from the ideal charity.
“As a registered not-for-profit, its finances are public. Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614 Only 32 per cent went to direct services (page 6), with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production. This is far from ideal for an issue which arguably needs action and aid, not awareness, and Charity Navigator rates their accountability 2/4 stars because they lack an external audit committee. But it goes way deeper than that.”
Joseph Kony and 'The Lords resistance Army' (Christian extremists if you like) started as a resistance movement fighting against the central Uganda government. Uganda, as all the other African countries, have been 'made up' by forcing different tribes, old kingdoms and regions into becoming one country and to live together governed by a central government.

In the film Kony 2012 the end says: 'Join our army for peace'. Be aware that this army they ask you to join is the civilian supporters of the Uganda army with a few American military advisors. This Uganda army are going to find Joseph Kony who are now hiding, and moving around, in Uganda's neighboring countries!

I would be very careful to join this "army for peace". They are going to haunt down Joseph Kony and his soldiers, and many of them are children!

I'm not convinced that Uganda's neighbors, The South Sudan, The Democratic Republic of Congo and The Central African Republic will welcome the Uganda army at their territories!

The good thing about this 'Kony 2012' movie is the awareness it causes to this cause, but the danger is the way it describes it as a simple and easy way of solving this highly difficult conflict.

Some background info on Uganda can be found in the attached link from the UNHCR. I hope some of you would like to dig a bit deeper into this, but unfortunately Uganda isn't the only country in Africa with huge internal problems. topic,463af2212,469f2f8d2,469f38ebc,0,,,.html

My personal view on Africa is that we should start treating African countries and the African people as equal to us. Get to know some Africans locally were you live, let our countries start doing business with countries in Africa, we have a lot to learn from people around the world. In Africa there are a lot of nice, high quality products they can sell to us. Trade is good, trade make local business grow. Local business is good for local communities. Local communities that are happy will not fight, they want to enjoy life, just like all of us.
We wanted to share this example of how a group is using social media in innovative ways to raise awareness and drive action. How has your nonprofit used social media to increase visibility for your cause?
we are working on posters to put up in DC right now to help get the word out.
This is BS! Ask a Uganden for there opinion
Someone do something to stop this jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHy wiuld anybody slit someones brothers throat in front of them!!!!
FORGET THE CAUSE.......this is a significant use of SM as a campaign management and coalescence center. Kudos to +Google for Nonprofits for highlighting it. its being run impressively. US political engines would do well to mimic many of these concepts.
Google for nonprofits? A strange choice of name as it could mislead you to think this is somewhat related to some sorts of non profit organisations. Promoting the Kony 2012 political campaign in here is strange, as there seem to be too much money involved to call it a non profit organisation and political it sure is. I know it's said that 55 millions have seen the Kony 2012 movie, but not all of them support or agree to the view of the filmmakers. Anyway, the internet is full of critical articles about this campaign.
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