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It's National Volunteer Week and we want to hear from everyone!

If you're a nonprofit, how are you thanking your volunteers this week?

If you're a volunteer, tell is what organization you volunteer with and what you love about them. Plus mention the organization with your comment to share the love.
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I volunteer with the Minneapolis Market which is a No Cost Food Club in Minneapolis. We are trying to innovate the food shelf model so we give members a gift card with "points" on it to actually shop for the food we give them. They have dignity in shopping for what they want instead of just getting charity hand outs. I love this organization because of the dignity they are bringing to the poor and that they are focusing on nutrition and healthy foods!
Zoo Atlanta volunteers contributed over 51,000 hours. We're grateful for their dedication, hard work and generosity! We're thanking them by having a trivia, cookies and a "fun night"
I use to Volunteers here is Rochester NY about Make a difference Program, Help the Lilac festival give pamphlet for directions, clean up the neighborhood program.
We support our local chapter (NAMI Eastside) of National Alliance on Mental Illness +Dianne Bengtson , a partner in +Ability Multimedia , is a facilitator in NAMI Family-to-Family classes. These classes provide training for families with newly diagnosed loved ones. They are shown to improve the outcome of mental illness diagnoses for ill family members. Since the organization is largely volunteer run, contributions go to the programs where they do the most good. NAMI is making a difference for so many people through education programs for families, medical professionals, law enforcement agencies and ill individuals and helping foster understanding of illnesses and people who struggle with them. We are proud to be part of this effort.
I volunteer with as a Loan Editor and, as of June, will be part of their latest class of Fellows going into the field to work with local microfinance institutions, helping borrowers connect to Kiva lenders!

Kiva is a fantastic way to support small-scale entrepreneurs around the world - sign up and lend today at!
I volunteer with Shelter 2.0 and we have designed a transitional shelter that flat packs and is easily assembled. We recently got back from setting up shelters in Haiti and will be setting one up locally in Virginia next month.
I volunteer with the League of Women Voters. I can't believe it has been 10 years! The mission is deeply meaningful to me. I love being with other members who are just as idealistic... yet pragmatic enough to really get to work and make progress. Informed and active participation by all is critical to making our communities strong, safe, just and vibrant. I think the League is one of the most trusted, dedicated organizations still working with such a broad theory of change.
Volunteering with Northeastern Pennsylvania Veterans Multicare Alliance allows me to meet heroes and the families that stand with them, on a daily basis
We had 1,385 volunteers, who gave 42,410 hours in 2010-11. We are having a 25th Anniversary Dinner at a lovely restaurant in Pittsburgh.
Last year, volunteers generously gave 125,097 hours of their time to help our patient families. We're honoring these 1,820 volunteers this week with cookies and ice cream every day between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. We'll also honor them in May at an annual brunch at the Portage Country Club in Akron.
We thank our volunteers on a daily basis for their hard work and dedication to our food bank and mission. We provide them with snacks at break times everyday and always let them know what a difference they are making. In 2011, our volunteers gave 43,071 hours of their time to help children, families and seniors in East Texas.
Took all our volunteers to the Lt. Governor's Conference on Volunteering this week and helped the whole conference with 3 separate service projects!
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