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Many of you may be noticing a new version of Google+ which is rolling out now. You can learn more info from +Vic Gundotra and on the Official Google Blog: What do you think of the new look?
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It is one but not the other, for me: nice to look at, but frustrating to use. I must scroll a lot more as I can only see 1.5 posts on screen at once.
I like to see all my circles on the left side.
Laura W
I'm slightly flustered... to be able to reasonably view my g+ stream I have to manually resize my chrome window to force the chat box to minimize, since everything is grey/white it's really distracting. I also have to move the window to the center of my screen so i'm not constantly looking left which bothers my neck. I'd love a setting to minimize the chat and all that white space where trending crud is...
Laura W
I encountered quite a few bugs yesterday... it was very un-google-like too.
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