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We are excited for the start of May and for International Workers Day. This holiday is celebrated differently around the world. Tell us where you are and a little something about how you are celebrating.
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At home,nagging......(^-^)
South Africa, on support shift so had some work related stuff to do, otherwise relaxed in the comfort of my home.
Czech Republic - we care more about our local day of lovers because of writer K.H. Mácha. But there are meetings of politics who I met on a walk with my girlfriend.
This May we are concentrating on New Media and Urban Anthropology in the arts. Our focus is Baltimore where we met up with Street Artist, Gaia the organizer of Open Walls and with New Media Artist, Mina Cheon who introduces the term POLIPOP. We are now on Google+ so please follow us, or we will miss your news in our feed. We will follow you back, of course.
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